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  1. Custom Single Stack

    A Baer premier II is a pretty good buy. The only thing I don't like is the 30LPI frontstrap checkering. But add a magwell and it would be good to go
  2. STI Edge Factory or Tuned??

    I bought a brand new edge in 2000. Had feeding issues, I took it to a local guy and he lowered the barrel into the frame and that gun ran with anything I put in it. I also had other work done to it. Blended the beavertail better, serrated the rear of the slide at 40 LPI, new hammer and the trigger lightened up, STI magwell and a hard chrome job. That gun shot way better than I could. I'm sure it was capable of a national championship if I could do my part. Sold it about 2 years ago and bought a basically new ground up build on an SV frame from a friend. The guy I sold it too has had 0 issues with it. STI makes great guns and their customer service is also great.
  3. Footwork drills? Whatcha got?

    We made 3 shooting boxes and set them up in a triangular array such as 2 at 7 yards 10 yards apart then 1 at 10 yards between the 2. We would set 1 target basically in front of the 10 yard Box at the beep 2 shots from each box. You can vary the start box, the direction you go etc. I don't know if it helped us but it certainly didn't hurt us. We focused on getting out of a box and being ready to shoot as soon as possible upon entry into the next box. Of course your shots had to be there also.
  4. Interested Newbie

    What's an MPA?
  5. Winchester SX3

    Received a package in the mail yesterday, curious because I hadn't ordered anything. Opened the box and Winchester had sent me a brand new butt stock. They told me they would put me on a waiting list in April and they delivered. Great customer service from Winchester new fore end was already installed so I have a like new shotgun that is no longer sticky.
  6. Bought It Back.....

    You have to give us details. Who built it? parts used etc.
  7. The picture thread for rimfire rifles!

    That's a rimfire? that's a rifle?
  8. Every Sig Max I have seen, which hasn't been that many, the rear sight is elevated to a high position leaving an unsightly gap below it. external extractor too, solution to a non problem in my opinion. I have a Springfield ROOP great pistol and a Springfield Govt model that I bought in 1991 that has been completely worked over. It looks like a TGO 1, but mine was built before that model came out. both have been fine pistols and trouble free.
  9. Winchester SX3

    I called Winchester explained my problem and they are taking care of it.
  10. Winchester SX3

    I have a beautiful Winchester SX3 that has been worked over by Briley. The gun looks great and shoots better, It has plastic/hard rubber fore end and butt stock that has become very sticky. Has anybody else experienced this? An officer where I work has a Browning rifle with the same type stock and his did the same thing. I keep my shotgun in my safe in the house so I don't think heat is an issue. The stock wasn't like this when it was new.
  11. PCC will not be a recognized division.
  12. Space City Challenge is back. This match has the reputation for a great match with a reasonable match fee. https://practiscore.com/the-space-city-challenge/register
  13. Extra barrel to shoot SS Major?

    Do you handload? Why not just make you up some 10mm USPSA loads and save the cost of the barrel, fitting it up etc.?
  14. I agree on the weighing. I had the opposite problem, I thought I had a squib or 2 in the batch. Weighed them all on a digital scale and pulled out the light ones. No squibs found. There is just too much variance on case weights and bullet weights especially in pistol rounds to detect a 3-6 grain difference reliably. I now pull my completed rounds every 100 rounds or so that way if I have a problem its confined to that 100 round batch.
  15. My square deal started that and I fixed the problem by taking the piece that holds the primer cup out and pushing it down into the bar that holds it and retightening it. I think the cup and the sides of the cup were dragging on the bottom of the shell plate and flipping the primers. The stem of he primer cup just worked its way up slightly over time. I hope that makes sense, I probably don't have the right name for the pieces involved.