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  1. Good OAL for new PSA AR9

    I load a Bayou coated 135 at 1.140" with good luck out of a throat reamed PSA
  2. my reload with a standard length Glock pistol mag is a lot quicker than with a 33 round Colt stick mag, and doesn't need special mag pouch...easier for me to load cartridges in my Glock 33 rounders with a TF 41 extension than with my Metalform Colt mags... the blue steel mags rust (I accidentally placed a sweaty wrist band on them in the gun bag)... I don't have a LRBHO in my Glock based PCC so don't have to worry about breaking the bolt catch like I did with my SBR and mag block....the front angle of my NFA lower is slanted at the same angle as needed to insert the mag and I use it as a visual reference Colt stick looks cooler, especially if you grew up watching "Combat" on TV as a kid
  3. pcc options

    TGibe....as Flatland has commented on many of his posts, be sure that your barrel will accept a 1.140" or so cartridge without you needing to throat ream, unless you plan to load short...my 16" PSA did need reaming, my 10" PSA did not....I would recommend about a 21oz bolt and buffer combination to start...I happen to prefer the NFA modular bolt with the AR15 extractor, but my PSA using a pistol style extractor has worked well also..
  4. pcc options

    give us a little more information... price range... do you currently shoot an AR style carbine?....do you reload?... if so what caliber? there are some pit falls we can probably help you avoid... regards and good luck in your search
  5. AR PCC 9MM W/A1-A2

    Leo the double spring system should work, but let me play Devil's advocate concerning the reliability when messing with inertia (I've been through this with my Benelli) I had a short stroke Sunday, and upon reflection was from not having the carbine shouldered tightly on stage 3 after moving up range....it would be nice if you were able to work the spring ratio out so that the bolt would fully cycle if the carbine is held loosely and allowed to free recoil...I've never allowed my PCC to free recoil, might have to give it a try....I took the easy way out for setting up my buffer travel length (rifle buffer and rifle spring), and used the New Frontier bumper that came with my lower, and fine tuned it with a quarter or two (don't remember,,,, crs)..please keep us informed... you have most likely started a cottage industry... I tried to get some enthusiasm for a chamber ring delayed extraction but got no takers.... but I notice a .45 is being offered by CMMG...
  6. AR PCC 9MM W/A1-A2

    DFABOVE... I use a short A1 stock on my PCC... the longer rifle buffer allowed me to experiment with different inserts ( brass, steel, lead shot) to play with buffer weights, and done cheaply...I have an A1 on my 3gun carbine also, as I like the way it balances, and the rounded butt plate ... I don't load tite group, but 3.6 WSF and a 135 Bayou coated gives me a 156 power factor out of the 16" carbine
  7. which bullet

    I'm not AirCooled6racer, but have over 2K of Bayou coated 135's through my PCC with a Miculek style comp from McDonald Precision... using WSF for propellant., the comp does build up lead, but appears to self clean, as the buildup doesn't seem to grow past a certain amount...
  8. I did my nitrided 16" PSA barrel (my PSA 10" and 7" were ok) to accommodate my 1.140 hand loads... I used a friend's throating reamer that had some use on it... could not get a "bite" using a standard T handle tap holder , and used the tail stock feed and lathe to complete the job
  9. Best Grip for PCC rifle

    when you are as slow as I am, you tend to finish at the low end of the prize table... from the A63G I picked up a couple of finger groove Hogue grips that I like quite well.... use a tennis wrist sweat band on both wrists... it is brutal shooting in Florida during July and August
  10. did you actually take the firing pin out and inspect it, or just push it forward.... my broken pin exhibited similar characteristics
  11. PCC Build New Frontier Arms

    1911Luvr...at one time I was fairly competitive with a single stack, but suffer from a pretty bad astigmatism...,over the years I've tried prescription poly carbonate safety glasses, which didn't work I believe due to difference in optical density trying to use my regular lens prescription... prescription inserts with wrap around poly carbonate... near prescription in the upper portion of my glasses and had to tilt head... and none were satisfactory... a friend commented that he had both near and far contact lens so he could work on transmissions at his job (he incidentally won Super Senior PCC at the Optic Nationals), and the idea was born... a shooter friend that was an optician, and his opthamologist had me bring my pistol into the office to get the correct distance measurement... we had previously moved the partition line up in my regular bi focals to help me read my class roll book... and added that to the mono vision glasses... I use these glasses when I shoot open sights, but the standard bi focal with the partition line up when I shoot shotgun or PCC... the SPARC just works out for me... most red dots do not (I've known L9x25 for about 20 years, and he tries to keep me honest)
  12. PCC Build New Frontier Arms

    1911luvr....for open sights I use mono vision glasses with my near prescription in the entire lens of my dominant eye, and regular bifocal in the non dominant, just with the partition line moved up a couple of millimeters... for PCC just the regular bifocal... I get a spherical dot with the SPARC with the upper distant lens portion, but some flaring with the near vision lower portion...
  13. Any love for mag block PCC's ???

    BBB... I use a Macon Armory (KAK has the same block for less) bottom load mag block, that is held in place with a single button head cap screw in my registered SBR lower... the 10" upper is fun to shoot, and sees some use at a run and gun carbine match with tight passage ways...I'm not a fan of the Colt style magazines, and much prefer my Glock NFA lower for PCC....if ATF were a little quicker on getting the tax stamps out, I'd probably SBR my PCC so I could run the 10" upper...
  14. PCC Build New Frontier Arms

    I'm very happy with my Vortex SPARC and Spitfire... the SPARC is a single dot that is spherical even with my pretty bad astigmatism... the Spitfire is busy with the extra concentric ring, but etched to the prism so is not dependent on illumination for an aim point
  15. PCC Build New Frontier Arms

    Jerry... if you are considering a red dot that use a tubular battery like a AAA that is in-line with the bore, the added recoil of the blow back 9mm may cause problems....a friend had problems with the factory battery spring allowing the battery to move, momentarily losing contact... causing fluctuation of the dot....I haven't had any problems with the 2032 style coin batteries in my SPARC or Spitfire