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  1. PCC firing pin spring

    On most 1911 guns, the firing pin spring absorbs the full impact of the firing pin when dry firing. They are usually driven to coil bind and that can lead to premature failure. On the AR9 bolts that I have seen, the firing pin bottoms out on the bolt and that saves a lot of work for the spring, at the expense of the firing pin itself. I would speculate that an AR9 firing pin return spring should last a lot longer than it's 1911 counterpart.
  2. He's definitely smarter than he looks!
  3. I honestly felt that the Hiperfire striking force was, at least, somewhat to blame, then broke my pin with a JP trigger with the reduced power hammer spring. That spring is not even powerful enough to consistently set off military primers.
  4. I think that is the key, that and making sure you are impacting the center of the pin.
  5. Taccom makes some extra-long springs that you can cut to size. They will work for over 60 rounds, so you might cut a few coils for 41. I use them on all of my extended mags.
  6. Ultralight jp

    I ended up doing the same, but not because of perceived weight. I liked the idea of having a complete spare rifle, over having a spare upper, since the additional cost to achieve that was minimal.
  7. Ultralight jp

    I have a GMR-13 and wanted to put it on a diet too, but had heard the stories about the red Loctite being used on the barrel nut and that worried me a little. Instead of messing with that, I purchased an NFA side charging upper (comes with LRBHO) and got a light 16" barrel and hand guard. That took right at 1 lb off of the upper and changed the feel of the rifle.
  8. Flat, that was more a description of me, than you. I likely got my "M" about 20 years ago, but am not shooting at that level anymore.
  9. Tim, a sight picture is just that ... a picture of the sight on the target. It does not mean that he cleaned it up in .15-.17, it just means that he saw it break and knows where it went. He knows if he needs a make-up shot, or if it was good enough. Unless I am mistaken, Flat has an M card, and that generally means that he knows something, or once knew something. As someone who once "knew something" myself, it kinda chaps you when someone who can't see something, tells you that you can't see what you are actually seeing.
  10. C-More confusion

    Click switch is available on aluminum bodies, I have one on my open pistol.
  11. You made me check, so far so good, my pin is not broken and it is not beating itself up anymore either.
  12. I run 2 ETS mags and the 1.170 FMJ 115's work fine, even with a 56 rd extension.
  13. I had a misfire during a match, went to the safe area and found the broken pin. There were some metal chips in the tunnel so I cleaned them out and dropped the two pieces back into the bolt. The pin allowed me to finish the match. I do not think it will slam fire because the heavy part of the pin is still retained by the spring. The broken part, that is not sprung, is very light and does not have enough energy to set off a primer.
  14. I assumed the same correlation with Hiperfire myself, then broke mine with a JP trigger with a reduced power hammer spring.