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  1. Triggers...

    This will eliminate one of the biggest obstacles I hear from people choosing a trigger ... they are afraid that they will not get the JP trigger adjusted properly and have problems, since they have to do all of the adjustments themselves. This lets JP set everything up and you just drop it in and go.
  2. Popple Holes on a PCC Barrel

    Now you have done it, I have to clean my monitor from all of the cola I just blew all over it ...
  3. Popple Holes on a PCC Barrel

    Unknowingly, you have likely started a new trend ... soon everyone will be running to their gunsmith and asking for them to install one of them new "A-holes" to help eliminate the recoil and shoot all A's! ETA: You should likely trademark that name quickly, before someone else does ...
  4. Polite or not, I am sure they will take care of you. While 99% of their guns ship out with all of their parts, they have built a reputation for making things right when you are in the unlucky 1%. If you are not satisfied, ask to speak with John Paul and he will make it right.
  5. I would paint that tape black, to match the receiver, and call it a day. You don't want to fix what isn't broken do you?
  6. What you like best is mostly personal preference, or what method you use to determine what is best. Before getting the .223 Carbine spring, I was happy with the .308 Carbine spring since it felt much softer than the .308 Rifle spring. When I got the .223 Carbine spring, it felt better than the .308 Carbine spring, but the groups on the target were much tighter too. I could have shot either (feel wise) but the .223 Carbine spring was clearly better on target.
  7. Popple Holes on a PCC Barrel

    Nah, they just cut a hole in the weld used to cover the original hole and take the pin out. What I want to hear is what they mean by "make it right" ... the only thing I can think of is to have a new barrel there to replace the one they destroyed.
  8. Left side charger

    I've been shooting my NFA for a while now and have had no problems, and it looks/feels pretty durable. All that I did was replace the detent spring with something lighter and that made the function much smoother. With the factory spring it feels somewhat notchy to start cycling the bolt.
  9. Popple Holes on a PCC Barrel

    I'm sure the shroud is salvageable ...
  10. I would pull the bolt catch off and look in the hole to see what happened. Maybe the plunger is stuck inside of the hole? Maybe they neglected to install it? Maybe the spring collapsed? Check it out and let them know. Hopefully it is a simple fix where they just send you the spring/plunger and you are back in business.
  11. Sucks that they missed it, but it is an easy fix and will likely not cause a problem. Gravity should keep it down.
  12. It has a spring and plunger, just like any other AR, and should return on it's own.
  13. Looks just like mine, you should be fine. I thought the same thing the first time I saw mine.
  14. Ideal pcc

    Plus: TRIGGER: SINGLE STAGE MIL-SPEC ... add some more to that $1,500 for a decent trigger.
  15. It was my gun that he was swinging the hammer on ... and I gladly left the room.