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  1. Unusual Stoeger ejection failure and simple fix

    Sounds like the release is not timed properly. Bend the tab on the shell release lever.....the one by the trigger guard, where it contacts the hammer spring plunger, down just a bit. Disclaimer!! I don't know how brittle Stoeger parts are! I know you can do this with Benelli parts, but with old Stogies.....you never know! I do know I have seen several that weren't " timed" right.
  2. I was at one of Col. Cooper's rifle matches long ago. I was getting an ear full of how great the Scout rifle was compared to my trusty M-14 by several of the true believer untill I pointed out that I was waxing their butts with said M-14 and that I could ALWAYS shoot my M-14 as SLOW as they shot their Scout rifles, but they would never be able to shoot their Scout rifles as fast as my M-14. I think that is the point Tony is trying to make, and I know for sure I am. BTW the winning rifle at this match was Eddie Rhode's scoped SR-25, a very close second was my iron sighted M-14 and a very distant 3rd was the first Scout rifle.....like 63%.
  3. MOA Stoeger M3k tubes

    Best post of the year so far GunCat!!!
  4. Best 3-gun stock

  5. Either wise! But I was thinking mainly lengthwise. Some of these "tactical" shotguns are longer than an on shore casting rig for surf zone fishing. I once saw a young athlete ask to borrow one for the pole vault competition!!
  6. We have allowed box fed shotguns in our tactical classes since 2010 at the Oklahoma City Gun Club. We only require that it hold no more than division capacity at any time. It has never caused any trouble, and to date it has never been a deciding factor in the outcome of a match. To put this in perspective, we started the red dots allowed in tac limited or as we call it tac non magnified. It is simple little innovations that help grow the sport. Also as non useful as some of these Shotguns have become, I would willingly welcome a social shotgun that actually is short and handy and magazine fed!......at least it will fit inside the bed of a regular sized pick up truck!
  7. Benelli M-2 recoil spring

    Just a quick side note, the hammer spring plays a much larger part in how light a load that can be shot than the recoil spring. I have never used anything but the standard weight Benelli recoil spring. I don't feel like a lighter recoil spring does anything good, and in some cases it causes problems.
  8. M3k crappy

    No you didn't. I am talking about the slot the cam pin rides in on the bolt carrier. What you did on the barrel extension is just fine as long as there is still pleanty of engagement of the bt head and the slots they go into. 👍
  9. M3k crappy

    Sanding and polishing the transition is one of the worst things you can do. IT WILL induce problems in the future! That transition is there to keep the bolt carrier from compressing the inertia spring on closing and causing the bolt to bounce back out of battery. Two things on this one.....check the camera pin for cracks or burrs, and the extractor cut out and extension bolt locking slots for high spots or burrs. Hold the gun up horizontal looking at the ejection port. Drop the bolt from locked open and see if the bolt bounces back. It shouldn't hardly at all. If it is this is where your problem is and it is more than likely a defectively machined carrier....OR THE "TRANSITION" AREA IS ROUNDED OUT....like with sanding and polishing! Either way it is in this area
  10. 3 Gun Shotgun Ammo

    Hmmmm.......is that the same "box fed" shotgun that I haven't ever seen run 3 full magazines of any kind of ammo in a match, or is this the one that runs 100% of the time that you never bring to a match?
  11. 3 Gun Shotgun Ammo

    While there are some real fine loads from various makers I use Federal Gold Medal match. Federal ammo has won more Clay type matches than any other types combined and this speaks to their consistency. I found that I could run one choke step more open and get the same pattern I got from other brands more constricted. That is a great example of good construction and consistency that I haven't found in any other types of shell.
  12. I would shoot what ever shoots best in it.
  13. New jp15 question

    That is J B bore cleaning paste. JP doesn't make any cleaners they just supply a small jar of J B Bore compound as a courtesy for their customers to break in their barrels......if they choose to.
  14. App

    Wow!!! You guys really over think this! And over tech this! Now we need apps to figure out how to shoot? Old guy alert! Go shoot a bunch and then you just know! The problem with "tech shooting" is the minute you forget just one thing you "just looked up" everything goes away! Rather than just knowing through experience! It used to be called adult learning.....not "adult you tubing"......… although I've got to admit "adult you tubing pulls up some really HOT stuff!!.......it doesn't help your shooting!
  15. 870 Broken or Short Stroking?

    Ahhhh, the good old 870 double pumper! Yes it is a mechanical issue NOT short stroking! Unfortunately, I forget the particulars of the fix, something with the side bars not being staked properly, fit of trigger housing? Get a pm over to Stealthyblaga, he was the one who wrote up the fix for this a while ago I believe. If I remember anything I will post it up.