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  1. WARNING: Independence 5.56 Ammo

    I say PIFFL to your scrawny master lock. Just sozs youz guyz know. it is damn hard to get a 55 grain bullet anywhere past 3300 without leaving lots of primer bits in the gun out of a 20" barrel. There simply isn't enough case capacity for powder to do this. Also in many instances more powder doesn't really relate to a lot more velocity, it just creates more pressure at the peak pressure. You can see this with boring regularity with a chrono. 223. will climb and climb in velocity until you hit the pressure plateau. Then you will flatten and drop primers and blow cases with less than a 50 FPS gain. Also if you had kept chronoing you would find significant velocity drops when the primer pierces and drops out due to leaking. If you all notice most all mil spec 223 brass has fairly loose primer pockets! HMMM wonder how close they are to the plateau?
  2. WARNING: Independence 5.56 Ammo

    Not that I really care, but I was involved in designing a range for the U.S. Marshall's service and several tribal police entities. They needed steel that could live at 15-25 yards (C zone sized). They had LOTS of M-855 and M-193 ball ammo. I found that if you could get the plate, think C zone, to lean at about 20-25 degrees from vertical, they "lived" for a very long time. All the splatter and frags went down, nothing came back, and training proceeded. This whole thread to me is pointless. The "service envelope" of 5.56x45mm has been well known since 1958 and only now people have "figured out" that the velocity is really high??? Plan for it! Design your target system around it, but at this late a date to post something as ignorant as saying " over speed" in relation to ammunition that meet the specification for military ammunition is.........well....... IGNORANT!
  3. All Miller's must hang! Careful though, Mom's maiden name was Anderson so we could be related Chuck. That would make you as culpable as any other. All that aside do you have any Unicorn feed? I hear it's hard to come by and it seems someone is in need!
  4. Whoa Chuck! I am not in anyway part of nor connected to C.D. Eric, Eric, Eric, it was Outzen in the fetching antebellum dress. SOOOOO HOT!!!??? Mark97se whom ever you might be, my last statement could and does fit a myriad of situations that I have observed at matches all across the world, why must you make it all about you or someone you feel was treated unfairly? It happens, be adult about it or seek the discount.
  5. Fair enough Chuck, but only one person seems to be B.H. in the posts about this match in regard to P.S.
  6. Lets recap. First concerns: 1. Fun "local match" for $30-40, disappointed for $300......personal perception, but valid point that does need to be addressed 2. Paper scoring and mail in check. Not everyone is enamored with Practi-Score. C.D. is one of those entities that is not. This gripe goes into the category of instant gratification and really has nothing to do with how the match was run, administered perhaps, but not run Second round of first concerns: 1. R.O. s allowing stages to be run different for different squads! VERY VALID concern. C.D. has historically used R.O.s on a volunteer basis, and these R.O.s may or may not be 3-gunners. They might be from the precision rifle side of their matches, or might just be a few guys that said they would help for a free match latter in the year. Definitely on C.D. 2.Paper score cards a joke......,.repeat and invalid as a concern on how the match was run 3.Stage design not up to par with ANY KIND of club level match..........Above it was indicated that it would indeed be a fun "local'match. These two statements conflict so we really can't take that as a concern, I mean which is it?? 4.1 on and 1 off scheduling. Very clearly stated in the match announcement, so again not valid as a concern. If a person hates that schedule that much and they tell you that is the way it is run, well exactly what does on expect. 5.Several of the R.O.s have been complete A Holes. This is a perception concern, and while valid, there are always two sides to these kind of things, and they are best taken care of by the parties concerned in private so each can understand the mind set of the other. 6. Alluding to Practi-Score again.......Repeat and once again invalid as to how the match was run. Third round of concerns: 1. Match staff has been less than accommodating for myself and many others. If I read this right, one is not getting what one expects in the way of explanation for the short coming one personally feels occurs. Valid to some degree C.D. has never been real responsive in this area, and I doubt that will change in this instance. After this it just becomes a jumble Until 3GunRiley post a very succinct to the point constructive review. It would be nice to see C.D. reply to those concerns, but alas I doubt they will. IN closing I must admit TGibson made me smile with his comment, and maybe the root of why some shooters were not present to enjoy a few days in Wyoming, a little detective work goes a long way in making for happy shooters. It is OFFICIAL!! Craig Outzen IS the hottest 3-gunner. If you didn't get a ballot it was because it wasn't on Ballot-o-score. Sorry it went out by snail mail. Now someone get a bucket of water and put him out!
  7. There is a shed full of props and targets at that facility, but they well as may be in Hungary if you are not allowed access to them. With that in mind, I am not defending C.D., but this one certainly is an example of way too many layers of inter-action. Private range, different production company, State putting the two together. Private range not liking their autonomy reduced, C.D. not planning ahead for lack of access to props......and away it goes! My only point was originally, is it isn't cool to gripe about the way the match was run, hour on hour off over 3 days, when they were very clear how it would run right from the start! Second, sometimes people do stuff that startles an R.O. and they yell at you. It is his perception at the time, right or wrong, and it is probably best handled by talking to the R.O. one one one after all involved have calmed down rather than broadcast your general displeasure to all within ear shot.....especially when the R.O. is still within ear shot. Everything else mentioned is good and constructive. 3-gunRieley did a great job of voicing concerns.
  8. Yep, calling a person a liar isn't a personal attack, it is a fair assessment of how a match is run and administered. Constructive interactions like that are always welcome and build a great relationship among shooters and match personnel, let alone the strong personal bonds that last a life time.
  9. "Gunslingers" - good or Nono?

    And with abandonment barrels in 3-gun and the exuberance of today's "Hollywood" type of 3-gun competitor, it has taken on a whole new modern meaning!
  10. Maybe best insulated??? Disclaimer Oh man I can hear underwear bunching and scrunching from here......it is a joke folks!!!! It is not directed at anyone. Hot, insulated....etc. Have we forgotten to laugh in this sport as well???
  11. Are you kidding? He is an incredible hack!......Oh you know....it's an amigo thing!
  12. Perceptions aren't facts. No I wasn't at this match, and I haven't even talked to my brother yet, I have chatted with a couple of people in the squad that was shooting in front of the squad you must have been on, you know amigos and such, and their perception was a bit different than yours. I'm not saying your wrong or right, but there are usually several view points. To just come right out and accuse someone of malphesance, based on point of view, is a bit short sighted. I was offering up a different point of view, rather than just the rather dramatic one you posted. Did you take a lot of those free energy drinks home? You seem real edgy today. B.T.W. I am not lying, Craig IS the hottest 3-gunner!
  13. Weren't they fairly clear right up front that it was 8 stages in 3 days? The way I read it they were, so perhaps with that knowledge up front it is now a bit tawdry to gripe about that aspect now. I think if you had too many free energy drinks, anything would seem slow. Perhaps the world's hottest 3- Gunner should have enough experience not to start walking on to a stage that is actively being shot. A sense of "being entitled" does not stop a 5.56x 45mm bullet. When you have lots of "names" all over your shirt perhaps you shouldn't start cussing out the R.O. who just stopped you from being ballistic test media, it reflects badly on the "names" and the sport. Besides if Smoke Showing was there we KNOW who the hottest 3-gunner was!!! As for the rest, carry on! Probably all very valid.....oh, one more thing...what's an app?
  14. Barrel keyholing after rapid fire

    What ever 20-30 rounds will generate in about a minute. I doubt it was not properly heat treated. If it wasn't, it would be complete anomaly from the this maker. And besides, it worked perfectly for around 4000 rounds of the same type of 3-gun shooting.
  15. 1301 stock adjustment

    Shimming the stock may or may not make it shoot lower, but the bigger the number the more drop the stock has. From what I see, I would try the 65. Make sure you put it in in the right way so you don't change the cast, or left right, of your stock. I run a 65 equivalent on my Benellis and usually set them up that way for others.