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  1. This Cat Tail also fits the 1-8x (30mm) ACSS series scopes
  2. Cat Tail Models

    Just sent you one to test. Charlie
  3. Cat Tail Models

    New Primary Arms Cat Tail in stock
  4. Burris MTAC - Cat Tail / Power Throw Lever

    MTAC Cat Tails back in stock.
  5. New Cat Tail for the Primary Arms 1-6x and the 1-8x 30mm scope
  6. Free Shipping on all Cat Tails (USA)

    Still offering free USPS First Class shipping in the US. Also have a few models on sale and at lower prices. Thanks, Charlie http://www.greenlightprecision.com/
  7. Cat Tail Model fits

    Sorry, I currently don't make on for that model scope. I normally design and machine my Cat Tails to fit an individual model scope. I do this only if I have that scope in hand to measure and prototype a new lever. Right now I have a few new scopes on my to do list. Charlie
  8. Burris MTAC - Cat Tail / Power Throw Lever

    Sorry I don't currently make one for the 1.5-6x Burris
  9. FDE Cat Tails - now in stock!

    FDE models: Leupold VX-6 Leupold MK6 Leupold MK4(i) - VX-R Vortex Strike Eagle Trijicon Acupoint TR Burris MTAC Burris Tac30
  10. FDE Cat Tails - now in stock!

    Got the first limited run of Flat Dark Earth Cat Tails back from W.E. Birdsong & Associates, Inc. today. I had them do a test run of 4 each of my top 7 selling models, so quantities are limited for now. http://www.greenlightprecision.com/collections/trijicon-scopes/products/cat-tail-accupoint-tr-fde Charlie
  11. I just sent off several of each of my most popular models to be finished FDE ( flat dark earth ) I will post pics and links when they are in stock. Charlie
  12. Cat Tail Models

    New Vortex Strike Eagle Cat Tails are done and ready to ship. This one is in the white - finished ones are anodized black. http://www.greenlightprecision.com/collections/vortex-cat-tails/products/cat-tail-vortex-strike-eagle
  13. Vortex Strike Eagle - Cat Tails

  14. Free Shipping on all Cat Tails (USA)

    Also keeping the sale price going on all Cat Tails http://www.greenlightprecision.com/ Charlie