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  1. WST users anyone? (9mm Prod)

    Right. Canada. Carry on, and that's good to know.
  2. WST users anyone? (9mm Prod)

    Ouch. That steel uptick in velocity between 3.8 and 4.0 is a potential sign that things are... getting seriously sketchy and you're seeing a pressure spike. Or, it could be a small sample size and a fluke. Depends. But I'd be careful. Just in case. I'd be much more comfortable running it behind a coated bullet - 3.8gr would probably have you up around 133 PF.
  3. WST users anyone? (9mm Prod)

    Oh, and here's some WST data in 124, 130, and 135 for you.
  4. WST users anyone? (9mm Prod)

    Yet again, our preferences differ. Down here in the South it's easy to find a hot range day 80% of the year. So I like inverse temp sensitive powders: the new ammo Garran and I shot this weekend made 133pf with Prima V which is also inverse sensitive. So I know that if we go to a match this fall in Wisconsion, we're 100% good to go.
  5. Stock II 147gr N320?

    You're welcome. The only reason for the 1.130" OAL was because the ammo needed to fit into an M&P (their chambers are really short too) and I could get a 125gr BBI bullet to plunk at 1.150" ... so I backed off to 1.135-1.140" to know my very first batch would definitely feed in both guns. I plan to load some more 125s up to 1.110" and 1.150" and see if there's any gain in accuracy to be found in either direction.
  6. Stock II 147gr N320?

    You might also find you prefer the way the 124 feels when shot at speed. I do. There's no real difference in felt recoil - the weight of my gun masks that, unlike with G34 and M&P platforms. It just seems ... crisper or brisker.
  7. Stock II 147gr N320?

    I'm slightly obsessive over catalogging it. I still havent done a full load development on the 125 BBI (chose it over the 124 Acme because you can load it long as hell) with various powder charges and OALs to find the most accurate load. But I will. Look for the 124gr Acme and 150gr Bayou lines:
  8. Stock II 147gr N320?

    No kidding: 150gr SWC bayou (actually weigh 147gr) versus a 124gr ACME RN through a Stock 3 this weekend. Also note that 124s shot higher than the 147s, contrary to what I expected. I had to drop the rear sight 4 clicks to put the group in the center of the plate. The gun is probably more accurate than this, though. I did this test in a hurry after an 8hr long match in 95 degree temps. Patience was in short supply.
  9. 650 videos

    To learn to set the press up? I agree. The video from Dillon is the best resource. Just follow step by step. Dozens of YouTube videos out there are also worth watching, but in addition to the Dillon video. Not as a replacement for it.
  10. What affect does humidity have while reloading.

    I wouldn't blame it on something else either. I've just never had it happen with: titegroup clays solo 100 wst wsf prima v And maybe 2 or 3 others. Strange!
  11. What affect does humidity have while reloading.

    You get the same weather we do, and I've never loaded anywhere but here. My hopper has been continuously full for 8 solid years. I'm not sure what problem I'm supposed to be having with this...
  12. how to train to shoot Alphas

    You left the biggest factor out. Your grip. Grip harder. Grip hard as hell with the weak hand, and see how things change.
  13. EAA Witness Match Elite .45ACP??

    The Limtied would be worth over $1k if it weren't in .45 The Match isn't. First, 45ACP is by far the least desireable caliber to any competitive shooter - by sizeable margin. Second, the Limited has the competition frame and square trigger guard and the like. What it comes down to is that this is a rather ordinary gun. If you love and you want to buy it for you, you'll be happy. If you're simply trying to score a deal? Look elsewhere.
  14. Stock II 147gr N320?

    4.75" polygonal Stock 3 was about 20 fps faster than a 4.25" conventionally rifled M&P this weekend. I honestly didn't see much difference.
  15. CM 13-02

    It could be worse. Not having shot a gun in two full months, I shot this match with you and decided to go easy: 4.9 seconds with a mike on the DA first shot. Pushed it with trigger finger. 44% I beleive.