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  1. This one is for all 9mm open shooters

    I'd vote for Freedom Gunworks - his guns are rock solid. Also, I have a Matt Cheely 9 Major that has run without a single malfunction for going on two years now (!!)
  2. Introducing PractiScore

    Yep, I could. But it would be kind of a pain to do, so in the mean time I have just been doing manual PractiScore updates.
  3. Introducing PractiScore

    I'd love to see some integrated in-app upgrade capability... I maintain 8 Nooks, and have them all set up with the same Google account; only a couple of them will let me download PractiScore updates from Google Play (long story, but it's apparently related to the devices thinking that it is already installed since it has already been downloaded/installed on the other Nooks set up on the same Google account). For all the others, I have to go to the PractiScore site, download the apk, and install manually.. not a big deal really, but annoying to have to do over and over again on multiple devices.
  4. Introducing PractiScore

    I think showing the HF on the list screen is a good idea - it verifies that a time was entered, and gives a good quick reference to verify that it's in the right ball park.
  5. 9 Major with 115s?

    I've tried MG 121s, Zero 125 JHPs and MG 115 JHPs. The 115s were definitely softer-shooting. As soon as I tried them, I knew there would be no going back... more powder = more gas = taking more advantage of the comp. I currently use Vectan SP2 - when I run out of that I'll either go back to Silhouette, or try HS-6. In terms of accuracy, the MG 121s were absolutely amazing... like 1.5" at 50yds. But the 125s and 115 were also very good.
  6. Swaro Z6i BRT

    A class from Mike would be awesome - I'm sure he's an encyclopedia of 3-gun knowledge. But as far as the basics of using the BRT reticle, there's not much too it... Chrono your loads, run your load data in one of the established ballistic calcs (like JB, or "Shooter" for Android), and figure out a center cross hair zero distance that also zeros you at 300 at the first hold-over line. (This will depend on your load, but for most that I've seen, the center cross-hair zero ends up between 150 and 200 yards.) With this approach, the drop is very linear out to 500 yards, so I am spot on at 300yds at the first hold-over (1 mil drop), right in there at the first hold-over dot (2 mil drop) at 400 yards, and damn close to the second hold-over line (3 mil drop) at 500 yards. And at medium range, pretty much any load will be very flat from about 75yards through about 200 yards, so there's no issue with holding center POA on steel all through this range at any magnification setting. There are some other tricks I use if I want to get real precise at any particular yardage, but the 1 mil spacing for the hold-overs on this scope makes the basics very easy to work with.
  7. Critique my Open Glock Idea

    What about an upgraded trigger?
  8. Swaro Z6i BRT

    I've found the data from the Swaro program to be a bit off... I called Swaro and had a good chat with both the reticle designer, and the software engineer, and confirmed this.
  9. Swaro Z6i BRT

    I've seen a lot of misinformation on the BRT measurements... the real data is as follows: Dot size is 1/3mil, or ~1.1moa at 6x... (2mil ~6.9moa at 1x) Cross hairs and hold-over lines subtend 1/8mil (~.43moa) at 6x; heavy posts subtend .5mil (~2moa) at 6x Hold-over dots are the same as the center dot; they subtend 1/3mil (~1.1moa) at 6x Distance between each hold-over point, center-to-center, is 1mil (~3.438moa) at 6x Bracket width from heavy post to heavy post is 12mil (41.3moa) at 6x Hold-over line widths are 2mil, 4mil, and 6mil at 6x (windage markers bisect each half of the hold-over lines)
  10. I wanna see video of you splits!

    That was fast... like Open-gun fast... but probably not sub-.10 Sweet stages in that match, by the way.
  11. I wanna see video of you splits!

    I guess doubling and bump-firing are different, and shouldn't be confused with one another... but whatever it's to be called, the two shots you're referring to in the first video do not appear to me to be two intentional "presses" of the trigger.
  12. I wanna see video of you splits!

    Nice shooting - those are some very fast splits in the second video... (which is impressive to me only due to the fact that they were combined with really fast transitions too) However... in the first video, it sounds like the gun doubled. And in the second video, I'm thinking that the timer must have picked up an echo... (I've seen doubles recorded at .08 on a timer before, and they sound distinctly different than fast splits.)
  13. Introducing PractiScore

    Well said, Mark. (And yes, my name is Aaron, and I'm still not complaining! : ) Our stage/squad-management process is exactly the same as you describe, which I think works well. Honestly, I can't say I ever really hear any whining about shooting order in our area. In terms of registration, we have made it a priority to minimize the steps the morning of the match in order to get on with the shooting as early as possible. To that end, I have found the following to work very well: -- Pre-register - and squad - via Shoot 'N Score It SSI is free, and it captures all the info needed to map-out a match.... including online self-squadding. (I keep an eye on the number of ROs pre-registering on each squad, and make sure there is even coverage) -- Export SSI pre-registration, import it directly into PractiScore. There is no need to use EWS at all as an intermediary here!! The PS folks have really done us a service with this one! SSI can export to an Excel file, which (after a few tweaks) can be saved as a .csv file that PS imports perfectly. -- Match Day - Register walk-ons, finalize squads There are inevitably some folks who don't pre-register, or who pre-register and don't show. But dealing with a few changes the morning of the match is MUCH faster and easier to manage than registering everyone as they come. At any rate, it sounds like Ken has already agreed to add a "random-per-stage" option that will work to everyone's satisfaction, so not much of a need to continue debating that. If it's not too technically challenging to implement, I for one would appreciate the capability to drag and drop shooters when in a particular squad on a stage scoring screen... this would take the stage-to-stage memorization out of dropping down one name in the order when switching stages for those that run squads this way. But as Mark said, there are more important fixes/tweaks that the PS folks are working on, so really no need to go nuts over shooting order options at this point.
  14. Introducing PractiScore

    Thanks for the heads-up - gald to hear it's on the list. At my club, we keep the Nooks with the squads... and I always assign shooters to squads before syncing all the Nooks and handing them out to each squad. I'm not sure why changing around the order would cause any issues, as it's really just a sort (?)
  15. Introducing PractiScore

    Would it be posible to allow us to maually re-order shooters? Since most squads start with a given order (be it randomized, by last name, by competitor number, etc.), but then move the first shooter to the end after each stage, it would be great to be able to drag-and-drop shooters into a custom order where so-desired.