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  1. indiana hi cap ban

    You must be thinking of Kalifornia
  2. INCREDIBLE deal on corn cob media

    I'm adding this link to my favorites. Good deal
  3. Powder choice with precision bullets 200gr?

    Red Dot and Unique have always worked for me. Probably since I have large supplies of powder
  4. Starting charge for Clays w/230gr plated bullet?

    3.9 or 4.0 seem to be the go to loads for my pistols
  5. 115gr 9mm hollow or round nose

    The 9mm was originally designed for 124 gr bullets. I find that 124 or 147 gr bullets are more accurate than 115 gr in my pistols
  6. 9mm Range brass and resizing

    The EGW die is the way to go. I also check with the Wilson gage
  7. ten-ring

    Dang, Got way more out of this thread than I ever imagined.
  8. Trigger Job on Colt M4 .22

    I am looking to see more responses to this post. Have been thinking about buying one but will hold off until I am confident it has been thoroughly debugged
  9. IonBond

    Wow, I had a hard time understanding my own response. My pistol was SS and I had it IonBonded. The finish looks great. It is sort of a gunmetal gray rather than more black as I would have supposed. Mone the less I like it and would do it again when I have a pistol that needs refinishing.
  10. IonBond

    I have had IonBond applied to one of my custom 45's. The pistol had polished side flats and matte everything else. When the pistol came back the end finish color was different than what I sent but the side polish came through just like the original finish. Tough stuff, I really like it.
  11. round butt option from wilson

    I have a Yost with the rounded butt. I like it a lot and will add it to every pistol I have built in the future. The bobtail doesn't feel natural to me.
  12. Browning Hi-Power Trigger Job

    Both Ted Yost and Don Williams offer their version of a short pull, short reset trigger. While the final product is not a 1911 they end up being very nice triggers.
  13. 1st gen glock

    I may have to try the Vanek trigger as a way to bond with my Glock. Hard to love a brick.
  14. Training

    I'm going to have to get my 22 conversion back out. I don't have the time to reload that much every week, let alone pay for the components.
  15. Dry firing drills?

    Pharaoh Benders video gave me a great start on dry firing drills. Looks like next is the book.