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  1. Ameriglo Fiber

    I use their rear sights almost exclusively. They are durable and inexpensive. I have a mix of Ameriglo and Dawson front sights. I haven't been to their website for a while, looks like they have some new products.
  2. Sprints -- Can someone help me with a plan?

    If you want to combine shooting and exercise do my 10x10x10 drill. The setup is box A has a target 10 yards in front of it box B is 10 yards to the right of box A, with a target 10 yards I front of it. The drill is, start in box A, on the buzzer run to box B and shoot 1 shot on target B. Run back to box A and repeat. Do this for 5 shots on each target and figure your hit factor. Doing the hit factor is important because it stresses speed and accuracy.
  3. Easing transition to plastic pistols?

    Try a large frame Glock. Converting a 10mm Glock to 40 for limited is pretty simple also.
  4. New SP-01 - Very accurate except 2" to the left

    I would move the sights. If you do have a flaw it is really consistent and probably won't be fixed overnight. In the meantime you don't want to develop a worse flaw of trying to remember to always aim to the right. As you practice you may notice the group moving to the right, at that point adjust them back.
  5. Dropped my effing pistol

    You were still in the course of fire. 8.3.8 and 10.5.3 apply. Should have been a DQ.
  6. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    Depending on the gun you have, the factory magwell may not fit. The guns that come from the factory with a magwell have the frame cut to fit the magwell. If your frame hasn't been cut, then the factory magwell won't fit. The Dawson magwell for Para Ordnance should fit.
  7. What we need is a new division. "Limited Minor".
  8. McAfee virus scan (for this site)

    I'm having the same issue on my android phone but not my IPhone.
  9. Rock island rear sight

    It is "sort of" a Novak cut. I put a Dawson fixed rear on mine and I had to file it to get it to fit.
  10. Glock Refires as Trigger Released to Reset

    I had the same issue but it came from switching uppers and lowers. I came to the conclusion that my trigger bar and striker were on the opposite ends of the allowable tolerances. I could induce my reset firing by pulling the trigger, racking and holding up on the rear of the slide as I released the trigger. This was done with an empty gun. I could make it happen every time with this particular striker/trigger bar combo. I replaced the trigger bar and striker and the problem ceased.
  11. 460 rowland loads

    It is the same consistency as titegroup. I looked back at the hodgdon website and longshot is the only powder that shows up for 460 Rowland. If you have never used a 460 conversion there are some things that I experienced that may be helpful. I bought mine to take to Alaska but I could never get it to be 100% reliable. I think that most of the unreliability was due to the slide locking back during recoil. I rounded off a slidestop and that took care of that but I still had a few failures to feed that left me uncomfortable using it for protection.
  12. 460 rowland loads

    I've used Hodgdon Longshot and got good results with a 230 gr bullet. Check their website for data. That is where I got my info from.
  13. G35 vs. G22 Limted

    I would go with the G22 since it free. From my experience the 22 will shoot as accurately as the 35. I know other people like the longer sight radius. I like the longer barrel length because it gives me extra power factor. If both were free I would go with the 35. I would however buy a factory 4.5# connector. The good news is you really can't go wrong either way.
  14. The goal here is to have fun. To me the shooting is fun whether it is with my .40, 9mm or .22 conversion. For local matches I shoot limited minor all the time and have a blast. It costs about 40% less to reload 9mm vs .40 and you can over come the PF disadvantage in a smaller pond. I do however shoot major at big matches to even it up a bit. So I can't really tell you not to buy one, but I can say that I would get the Tactical 4.15.
  15. I agree with what Bryan45 said. I don't think long range stages using straight time or IDPA style scoring will ever work very well. The problem is that the long range stage usually takes a lot longer time than the regular stages. You can beat the another competitor by 10% on the regular stages but if they beat you by 10% on the long range stage they will probably win. I think a long range stage that had a set time and ammo limit would work well in a points system. If you had 5 targets from 100 to 500 yard and gave the competitor 1-2 minutes and 30 rounds and let them get all the points they could by working through the targets from 100 to 500 and then starting over if they have time. Whoever hits the most gets the most stage points and there would be no need for penalties for not shooting at a target