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  1. Carry Optics dying out?

    Im getting into CO
  2. Groove in SG reciever M2

    Alls good again, I think it was the breech bolt latch, you could visibly see a difference. Shot 50 rounds today with no hang ups, going shoot a match tomorrow
  3. Mill depth CZ decocker

    Delta Point Pro,
  4. Mag break for CZ SP01

    No problem with mag changes? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. Mill depth CZ decocker

    How deep can the decocker model be milled? Using the bottom of the optic to keep the FP block retained? Has anyone done this if so I'd love to see pics and get an idea of depth of cut Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. SP01 Decocker lever no tension

    Thank you for the reply, Im sure thats what I did, I found a detailed thread on calguns,net that shows close up pics of my mistake
  7. SP01 Decocker lever no tension

    I installed a CGW Pro Package a few days ago, the trigger is awesome! My concern is before i did the install the decocker had a lot of spring tension, now with the new trigger the spring tension is almost completely gone, over half the travel down is no tension and it won't spring back and stay. Is this normal? the gun functions fine other than that.
  8. Groove in SG reciever M2

    I have a lifter spring coming along with a breech bolt latch and recoil spring, im going to install all those and see what happens.
  9. Groove in SG reciever M2

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. My M2 bolt started staying to the rear with a shell on the carrier, ive tried all the fixes [ i think] new mag spring, longer follower [OR3Gun] thinking the nose of the shell was catching on the lip coming out the tube, I took it apart to polish the bolt release lever another fix I found here, thats when i noticed the groove made by the rim o \f the shell as it rubbed against the side of the receiver along its path out the tube and up into position to be chambered, Im guessing less than 5000 rounds this cant be normal!? anyone else out there have this problem, whats the fix? Ive polished the groove and tapered it which has helped but i need to stop it from getting worse!
  11. Limited Gun Thumb Rest, Who else uses them?

    I have no use for a thumb rest! Lol
  12. I would 3-gun on mine, K1200RS, it did have bags though! A back pack is plenty big enough for a pistol match, as far as gear I would put my gloves in my helmet on my tank and cover it with my jacket, never had anything come up missing
  13. I love the reticle, FC-3G works great! its clear and bold enough that it doesn't need to be lit. My problem is its only a four power scope, I need a 1-6
  14. 7 Shooters you Know Video