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  1. Tanfoglio Stock 2 - Random Light Strikes???

    Dude has a 15.5 lb spring, it should light Winchester, CCI, anything American. His gun is messed up, plan and simple. You will never deform a primer to that depth with a 650 but pushing real hard does insure it is seated all the way and makes a difference. Your suggestion is a $1700 dollar fix that doesn't fix the actual problem.
  2. Tanfoglio Stock 2 - Random Light Strikes???

    You need a Titan hammer or you need to check for firing pin channel burr, firing pin hole burr, hammer contacting slide, and I did receive a bent Extreme firing pin. Check DA hammer stroke length and the harder you push on the 650 the harder it pushes on the primer. Don't know why someone would say it doesn't matter. The primer push rod will fully travel well past the shell plate.
  3. Hammer wear?

    Some of firing pin retainer plates are loose and can be pushed upward exposing the slide edge. You have to bevel the edge flush with plate pushed up. I had 1 gun that started to malfunction (failure to eject) due to the slide hanging up on the hammer because the slide chewed a groove into it. I just sanded the groove out the hammer and beveled the slide. It has shown no more wear.
  4. Trigger Shape - OEM Vs Xtreme

    I use the smooth Extreme. Moves the trigger face out roughly 1/8". Nice for longer fingers. I don't use the overtravel.
  5. Let's discuss fast reloads

    The majority of shooters have poor movement when a reload is required.
  6. Stock 2 burr on feed ramp

    It's a clearance cut for the extractor. If it is sharp just debur it.
  7. Stock2 trigger job just not working out

    If you have not fit the safety yet check for interference between the safety and sear leg with the safety off, this can happen.
  8. How flat does a Stock 2 shoot?

    I found the Shadow 1 to be faster cycling in general then the Stock 2, with maybe a little more muzzle flip. I think the G34 also cycles faster then a Stock 2 but with much more muzzle flip. I feel the Stock 2 settles back into a good sight picture more reliably for me then either the Shadow or the 34 and is easier to shoot accurately. Up really really close I shoot the Shadow probably a little faster then a Stock 2, like maybe .02 faster splits in general. Past 12-15 yards or very tight shots I crush everything else with the Stock 2.
  9. I'm oh, so close.

    The CZ P series with the large back strap installed is almost exactly the same profile from the side as the Stock 2 but the S2 is wider and the stock grip panels have a slight curve. The P series feels more like the Tanfo then it does the SPO1.
  10. Failure to exract Tanfoglio comped gun

    Polish the chamber.
  11. Check your extractor for smooth travel. The machining for the extractor slot in the slide is typically bad and you may have burrs in the slot and around the pin hole. You can also polish the chamber, some barrels have rather rough chambers. Just polish the high spots you won't get all the tooling marks out.
  12. Extractor Tuning

    Your slide is most likely travel to slowly reward and the case is still ejecting as the slide goes forward. If you are using the same recoil spring I would really go through the gun looking for and burrs or wear that could be causing slide impediment or timing issues with barrel unlocking.
  13. I have finally seen a need for a back up competition gun.

    Blue should work fine.Blue = shouldRed = deffinitely
  14. Recoil Spring Weight

    Not sure I follow the relationship between a recoil spring and a striker spring. The striker spring doesn't assist in bringing the gun into battery - that's all in the recoil spring. The only thing you might get with a lightened striker spring is light strikes on the primer - FTF's. Not failure to go into battery. What Braxton1 said was correct, the striker acts in the opposing direction of the recoil spring in a Glock. Don't know about other plastic guns.