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  1. I wrote this note to Brian and he suggested I ask the folks here for guidence. Hope you can shed some light on this for me. have a question about my Limited. I'm having trouble installing the magazine. When I push it up very carefully, the mag seems to index most of the time, and I can drop the slide to put one in the chamber. This does not always work, sometimes I cannot get the slide to go forward and the only way that I can is to push down on the mag through the open chamber, or pull on the base pad, and then I hear a click and the slide will then go forward. If I load a mag like you normally would during a match it almost always will not let the slide go forward and won't until I push down on the mag. or pull down on the base pad. Can you help me with an idea as to what to do? Thank you, smoker
  2. Mag. loading problem

    Using a factory mag that came with the pistol. The mag will not index when pushed into position. The slide will not go forward to chamber a round. I can get around the problem by pushing down on the mag through the open chamber and then hear an audible 'click' and then the slide will go forward. I really don't want to go through the frustration of sending it back for repair so I thought I would try here first. Appreciate any help. Thanks, smoker
  3. Witness Limited Mag. Problems

    ken hebert, Great advice...seems I was trying to put 15 rounds in a 14 round mag. DUH!! I called EAA and talked to the smith, he informed me that the 15 round thing is right just that you need 14 in the mag and 1 up the tube. I didn't make the connection of why empty or 7 or 8 rounds would work fine but 15 wouldn't. Just came from the range...PERFECT!!! Thanks again, Phil
  4. I have a new 10MM Limited. I have the original factory magazine and have purchased additional factory made mag's. The mag's seem to go into detent when empty with no problem and fall when released. Mag's half full will do the same. I run into trouble when I try to load full mag's. They go in fine but will not completely go into detent. Seems like if I pull down, ( as if trying to pull it out ), you can hear the mag release go into dentent and all is well. This pistol runs beautifully and is very accurate so I am very hesitant to do anything that would affect the functional operation. Hope someone can shed some light on this. Thank you very much, smoker
  5. Thank you Henning. I was worried that it might fly off. Waiting for the weather to cooperate so I can get out and shoot. Thnks again, Phil
  6. Henning, I have a question. I have removed the rear sight to install a slide racker. The slide racker is installed into the dove tail leaving the undercut ( mountiing area ), exposed. There is a spring and plunger assy. that is now exposed and looks to be only 50% contained???? Phil
  7. Uplula Universal Pistol Magazine Loader

    Thank you folks. Appreciate your help. I have had a real problem with vendors getting the Witness and the Witness Limited confused. I'll check these out. So far I've had a Comp. holster, mag. loader, and mag. holder confused. I keeep telling them this is not a Witness but.....they just don't get it. The girl at the P.O. is starting to give me funny looks. Phil
  8. Uplula Universal Pistol Magazine Loader

    I have a Witness Limited in 10MM. Having a problem finding a mag loader that fits the 15 roung mag that came stock with this pistol. Arthritis is rasing hell with my fingers. Phil PS New on your site so I'll say hello from NYS