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  1. extraction issues, stock open gun

    If the owner doesn't mind, follow Bob's advice. http://www.brazoscustom.com/magart/ejection perfection.htm Problem usually goes away.
  2. Old School

    The 9x25 stays in the safe as the concussion generates too much RO hate (and that much N110 gets pricey)
  3. Old School

    Was shooting my old faithful steel framed caspian high cap for the last 2 years or so after i cracked a slide on the sti framed gun i was shooting..
  4. Glock 19 Open.

    A buddy who is a glockophile has an SJC built full house open glock with a standard upright cmore in 9mm major. With appropriate major ammo it is flat, fast and accurate. I don't like the sharp/harsh character of the recoil (gun isn't heavy enough for my taste) but with some practice it wouldn't hurt my scores any. But to be clear that SJC gun is as much a custom gun in most ways as my caspians/2011s are. that's not the same as randomly bolting parts to a glock diy.
  5. .223 recommendations

    Does anyone have a link to that rebate program.
  6. If you run the case into the die far enough to bump the shoulder it will size the neck. Without the decapping pin assembly/spindle it won't expand the neck back out.
  7. Re-designing my reloading bench

    Assuming that your bench has a structure that the top and legs attach to thats roughly a box... bolt through the part of that structure that touches/runs along the wall (assuming that your bench is wider that the stud spacing?)
  8. Anyone go back to a C-More from a mini?

    If your cmore is losing elevation adjustment its sometimes caused by a worn elevation adjustment lock screw. You can fix that by pulling the lock screw and roughing up the tip of the screw where it bears against the elevation screw (i use a triangular file to put some small teeth in the tip of the screw) Sorry for the slight thread detour
  9. Anyone go back to a C-More from a mini?

    Cmore drift can happen i have had it happen to me 3 or 4 times in a fair number of years of shooting open.I have seen it happen to others but i wouldn't characterize it as happening often. I witness mark the adjustment screws on ny scopes for my own sanity. A search on here would provide some suggestions as to how to fix the issue behind it.
  10. Open Minor, how would YOU build it?

    If i was building a dedicated minor open gun. I would want the lightest slide possible (in the 10 oz range or lighter.) I would want a bushing barrel/coned comp. I would want no more than a 7 to 8 lb recoil spring. I'd want a generously beveled firing point stop. A long firing pin. The lightest mainspring i could get to work reliably (talking a federal primer only kinda deal) I'd probably want a thumb shield to keep my fingers off the slide. Probably want the gun stroked as well for reliability (more tolerance for the mags to get the rounds up in time among other things) You'd have to keep on top of keeping all the springs changed and the gun very clean. Then I'd start with 90 to 95 grain bullets and work up a load to get the gun to track well.
  11. Hindsight is 20/20

    Yep that's the same advice i give new shooters who come to shoot with us. I feel it lets them focus more on navigating the stages safely with out adding an additional level of complexity.
  12. How to make a firework!

    Overkill really is underrated
  13. How did I do for $900?

    I approve this racegun....
  14. Old School Open Gun - What did I get?

    Very cool old gun.
  15. Most things are download and print then sand/trim/finish depending on the quality of your printer. Then depending on how you like it modify if you want.