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  1. What is the best AR-9 upper to buy or is building your own best?
  2. What are recommendations for a red dot & laser combination for for a Kriss Vector? TIA
  3. What is the preferred caliber in Single Stack division? Why is one caliber preferred over another?
  4. Dillon 550 Case Feeder

    Great point!!
  5. Dillon 550 Case Feeder

  6. Dillon 550 Case Feeder

    I have a Dillon 550, does it speed things up if I added a case feeder? At the moment I cannot afford a 650 . TIA
  7. Slide Racker yes or no

    Now that I have ran the rts2 a few times without the racker....I am all in favor of running a racker and have put mine back on.. There is much slide to grab but the racker I feel is faster.
  8. 6moa vs 8moa

    What is the preferred Moa?
  9. Slide Racker yes or no

    I now run an rts2 and have removed my slide racker. I do still have my thumb rest which provides advantage on table starts.
  10. STI mag tuning

    ^^^worth every Penney + 1^^^
  11. Before/After Slide Ride to RTS2

    I kept my slide ride for back up till I can afford an RTS2 back up.
  12. Before/After Slide Ride to RTS2

    I switched to the RTS2 and it was love at 1st sight???
  13. Should I use loctite when mounting the RTS2 to the cheely mount?
  14. How many rounds fit in your mags

    Using Grams guts & TTI, Limcat basepads 140mm - 22 reloadable (fits 23 but won't load). 170mm - 28 reloadable.