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  1. Geoff is just too quick these days getting this info out there to everyone (thank you!!). The planning commission meets tonight and we will try and come up with 9 stages for everyone's enjoyment. Plan on a bit smaller of a match round count this month compared to last months 263. That was an experiment on seeing what we could do with the newer big back bays and the set up crew did a fantastic job. However, it was also a bit much for some competitors (one competitor only brought 250 rounds to the match.....that was fun to watch as he went and borrowed from some other folks) and the day was long. We will try and keep the flow to the match and still provide for some serious shooting. One issue that has come up is the availability of slots to our match. Many folks have made the commitment to our club by joining our club in the past couple of months. They understand that our current policy is that USPSA club members get into the match in return for their work on the set up crew and working our matches. The more folks that join will reduce the number of available slots out to the general public. That is one of the great things about our match-we expect others to just attend our match as guests while members take care of the scoring/RO'ing in general. Please show some patience with the wait list if you are on it as we have been able to get many into the match due to folks having to give up their slot due to events in life happening. So far this year, everyone has done well with the parking situation and showing up on time. We greatly appreciate that. Make sure to bring some fluids with you as it might be hot and humid this weekend. Please keep safety in mind as we all just want to have a good time. Seeing one of our fellow competitors have an ND this past weekend at another club is not the way we want to end a match with an ambulance being called. We can't wait to see you all out at the range and we wish all our US contingent of competitors at the World Shoot the best of luck! Bring home some loot and glory.....or don't come home. No pressure, right?
  2. Geoff got to this quicker than I did this week (Nice job!) so hats off to Mr. Robot. The match staff decided on 9 courses of fire for 259 rounds of fun for this month. Some stage designs had been saved for a while till we got the bigger bays. Now that they are in use, we really can do some cool stuff. Due to demand to get into the match, we maxed out our ability to host guests right at 108 from the start. So if you are on the waiting list, cross your fingers and we will see what we can do as the week goes on. We have had a lot of folks cancel in prior months due to mainly family emergencies but they have given us enough time to replace them so that has worked out for others to get in. We pull replacements right from the waiting list so don't hesitate to list yourself as that is the only fair way to do it. Cost is still the same. $20 for members and $25 for non members. We sold out in under 15 minutes this month as we have a lot of competitors pre slotted. The reasoning for this is that they are club members which means they get in first. The second group are those who volunteer to help us set up and officiate at our match. They do that at the begging of the year and make a commitment to our club matches. The remaining slots go out to the general public after that. We have actually had 4 competitors turn in membership applications this week as they realized that they wanted to be part of what we are doing and didn't want to miss out. What a great compliment to our staff & crew!!! As always, parking is going to be a bit tight with this many competitors, so don't forget to park on the right side of the road in the additional parking field before you make the right turn into our main parking lot. It is going to be warm, so don't forget to bring something to drink with you to stay hydrated. Eddie R. from Brazen Sports Watches will be back out to visit with us this weekend. I just wrote the article for Front Site on Eddie and his official partnership with USPSA as THE timepieces of USPSA. If you like cool watches (and who doesn't these days?), check in with Eddie and see his collection. They are worth it!!!! Safe Travels and well wishes for great weather this weekend. See you out at the range..........
  3. Match sold out in under 2 hours this morning........Thank you to all that signed up and followed the directions above. We do appreciate it. Don't be discouraged if you have to get on the wait list. we have fit many people in as others have had to drop out due to some crazy situations in the past. We look forward to seeing you out on the range..... Don't forget to show some appreciation to the staff by Thanking them for their hard work setting up the match and then working it. That goes a long way........ Wishing you all crisp triggers and clear sights........
  4. Just about to head off to the planning meeting for next week's monthly match at the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Club (June 25th). We should be back to our regular program of 9 field courses with a round count of 225-250 rounds. Cost of the match is $25 for non members and $20 for members. The google group invitation should go out to everyone to register on practicescore on Monday the 19th sometime in the morning so be on the lookout in your email. I am betting that we have a large waiting list for this match as many of our regular friends will be planning on coming to this match. We will be using the new big 3 bays for field courses for this match so this should be interesting to say the least. I would plan on some long shots where you have to aim on each of these so just be aware that they are not going to be hoser stages. Registration/check in starts at 8:30 (not before...give my staff some time to set up a bit please) and goes till 9:15am so that we can move things around if we have to on the nooks, so please be on time. This way we get to start on time and get you done as quickly as possible. Parking is still an issue so please remember to park on the grassy hill on the right side before you get to the main parking lot. It will be a bit warm so please remember to bring drinks with you to stay hydrated. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I will post the final round count next week here and on our website (www.ipsc66.org). We look forward to seeing you out on the range. Roy
  5. Hello from Linden, Michigan

    Welcome..........it's a great community here. Glad to add to it..................
  6. Blissfield, MI

    Welcome to the Forum's.............Many great shooting clubs in Michigan..............if you ever want to come down the Detroit metro way, let me know. 5 minutes from the airport and we run some of the best matches in the Midwest on a monthly basis.
  7. Follow the directions above and get in quickly. We only have room for 91-96 people depending on staff so this fills up quick. Don't forget to bring your front sight with you as we will be using the new bigger bays allowing us for some longer shots than were possible in the past on the smaller bays. Geoff wanted to do Merle's Standards which is 105 feet/ 35 yards but I didn't want to give some folks a heart attack the first time they get to use the new bays. So don't be surprised if this is one is done this year (hint......hint......hint....). Just not this week. Just a few spots left in our July 29th/30th RO course, so if you are interested in becoming a better competitor or wanting to work a match....get a hold of me to get into this class. Remember to be kind and not take up too much space when you park as parking is now a bit more compressed. The field on the right hand side before you make the right hand turn into our main parking lot is a great place to park. It's in the shade and your vehicle shouldn't sink. Too many people are trying to park on the south side of the access road by the port a john's. In the past, that wasn't a big deal. Now it is the area where the big new bays are sloped to drain out in so it might never dry out if we keep getting the rains like we have this year. Our members and staff look forward to seeing you this week out on the range.
  8. Due to some constant requests of folks in the area, the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters club (IPSC 66)) in Romulus, Michigan will be hosting a level I RO class on Saturday July 29th starting at 9am in our clubhouse. Sunday the 30th will be the practical portion of the class out on the range. Range Master Instructor Gary Johnson will be the instructor for the class. Cost of the class is $40 for USPSA member. If you are not a member but have always wanted to take this class to get to know our rules better, please feel free to contact me about this. We can accept your membership application and payment at the class for USPSA. Seating is limited as there is only really room for 20 or so folks. My direct email is rlneal@ihghm.com for this.....................
  9. It is the right time to announce the details on our monthly match that we are putting on May 28th (Memorial Day Weekend). As in the past few years, we are having our special classifier match this weekend as it allows our set up crew a bit of a break as many of our members are shooting the Ohio Sectional on Saturday the 27 and will not be available for set up. This means that we will have 6 classifiers and 3 field courses as usual. Cost of the match is up a bit due to the costs of the classifiers. Non members cost is $30 and members cost is $25. If you are a member and you set up on Saturday and RO on Sunday, then the cost is $10 instead of the usual $5 due to the extra costs of the classifiers. Not a big deal but please do keep that in mind. So if you are trying to get classified in a new Division (lots of Carry Optics guns being built in the area I hear....) or you are just trying to move up, we look forward to seeing you at our place as we are giving you 6 opportunities to crash or burn down the stage. The big news is that we are finally able to use the new big 3 bays (bays, 10, 11 and 12). These bigger bays are allowing us to run some different classifiers than we have been able to run in the past due to the added size of the bays. It is also allowing us to run a much bigger field course in bay 11 and turn bays 4&5 into 1 big bay to run a wide field course in it as well. The match staff met last night for a dinner planning session and we planned out a match that is 9 stages and 172 rounds if you don't miss which is not a bad round count for a classifier match. Its down 50-75 rounds from our normal size so this should go pretty quick as well. We are limited to just under 100 competitors as we just don't have the match staff to go any bigger than this. The google group match invitation will go out to let you register in practicescore next Monday the 22nd when Geoff gets up after working 3rd shift so please show some patience. The match staff and most members will already be squadded so be sure to get your selections in quickly. Reminder-don't be shy about thanking the match staff for setting up this match and running it for your enjoyment. A little appreciation goes a long way. A friendly pat on the back or a handshake really does make the difference to my guys. The effort they put in to put on a great match for folks is on par with any major match in the country and they do it 7-8 times per year. As always, we look forward to seeing you out on the range. Please be on time as registration check in starts at 8:30 and closes by 9:15am so we can get all the other pre match stuff done. Parking is a bit tighter due to losing 30-40 spaces due to the bigger bays, so please remember to park on the grass field on the right side of the entrance road before you make the right hand turn into our main parking lot. Parking on the South side of the parking lot is not encouraged due to the drainage/mud issues. We have had some folks with some cars that sit a bit lower than others get stuck in the mud and have to be pulled/pushed out of the muck by friends after the match. For new shooters or folks that are new to our range, the parking lot is not a place to handle firearms. We have many designated safety area's with signs and tables set up around the facility. Please use those to bag/unbag your firearm and do not use your car. Anyone caught doing this will be asked to leave and not be allowed to shoot this match. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact myself or Geoff S. (Mr. Robot here on the forum). Safe travels and thank you for showing interest in our matches.
  10. Well Played Rumble Strip........well, played..................As soon as we get a Richard Dawson look a like to call the match for us, we can play this out.............think we can get Jessie the Body to make an appearance? FYI..............Brazen Sport Watches is making an appearance at the match as the owner is from here in the Detroit area...........Look for him and his display.........I will be writing an article on his watches for Front Site magazine. Max and JJ love his stuff............check them out at www.brazensport.com
  11. The only restriction is what Division you would be shooting. Open=no problem as long as they fit the mag gauge. Everything else has to fit the IPSC box with the magazines in them, so that is why you see guys with the 124mm's with the +2 wedge's on them to shoot Standard. Just an fyi..............
  12. Good Morning ALL, I was hoping to get this done before Geoff sent out the email about squadding but this thing called work got in my way this morning..............so forgive us as this is out of order. The good news is that it looks like the weather may finally break here in Southwest Michigan and we can get back to doing some shooting. Yeah!!!!! That means that this upcoming Sunday April 23rd we will be hosting our first USPSA match of the season at IPSC66, at the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Club...... Most of you know the drill.........9 stages, 0 classifiers........all field courses.......all level III courses ....somewhere between 220-250 rounds if you don't miss. Lots of tight shots, no shoots and hard cover (our guys seem to like spray painting targets for some reason......hmmmmmmm) along with movement to shoot on the move. Costs are the same this year at $25 for non members and $20 for members. This is the best bang for your buck in Midwest North America. I say that because we are getting many more Canadians registering this year as they get their paperwork done to come across for the match. We may have to put a cap on how many we let into the match (...naaahh....just kidding but we will see how many read this statement and react...). As usual, Geoff will release the google email on Mondays for non members to register as we try to take care of our club members and RO's first so that we can actually staff the match. That is one of the benefits of being a club member=first service for the match as it should be. Without the folks at the club working hard to build and staff the match, there wouldn't be a match. So please remember to Thank the staff for working for you...this year the cost of living expense match payment didn't go through so the members are still working for the same as last year (and the year before that and the year before that......in other words $$0). Please be gracious with your actions and words regarding the match and staff as these folks really do give their all in order to put on a good show. They have built 60 new target stands for the new bays, 3 picnic tables, 4 new safety table/area's, new walls, new range tables and refurbished all the walls from last year while working on steel and cleaning up the range. Let's talk about the new bays for a minute.........they are not done yet. It has been the wettest winter in a long time around here which has not allowed the gravel company to come in and finish the bay floors. We are hoping to have this done for the May match but if it gets any wetter out there, the swamp will have crossed the road and we will have other issues. So the stages will be our regular 9 bays and not the new ones. Once the new bays get done, we can then do the parking lot and then the road so please show some patience and slow down when driving on the road and be as careful as possible when parking. With the new bays, we lost about 30 parking spaces. Please park on the hill on the right side of the road before you make the right hand turn into our parking lot. The parking on the south side near the port a pottys is really just too wet still and cars were sinking this past weekend. Since registration is mostly done via practiscore, there is no good reason to not be on time. If you are late and have not called, then too bad......plan ahead or call to let us know that there is a problem. Your failing to show up on time so that we have to scramble to arrange squads is not our problem. It is your problem. Please be a responsible adult and we won't have any issues. If you register and don't show up, you took the slot of someone else who would have shot as we now have a waiting list. That means we expect you to pay for the slot whether you show up or not. We will just put you on a list for the following month. If you don't want to pay for the missed slot then please understand that you won't be allowed to shoot another match till you pay for the match slot that you registered for but did not show up for. That is only fair. So, registration starts at 8:30 (not before...give the staff a chance to get their stuff together first....) and will close by 9:15ish......so that we can be shooting by 10am and get out by 4pm. That is a great pace to shoot this much and gets everyone home at a reasonable time. As always, if you have questions, please let myself or Geoff know and we look forward to seeing you this summer out on the range. Roy
  13. Limcat vs SV

    There is no room at Castle De Neal........too many SV's in the gunroom......sorry Bobby, you have to face your wife on your own. Besides, you wouldn't do well up here. We have this thing that is called Winter where it snows and gets cold. You Southern Boys just wouldn't understand.......or like it.
  14. Limcat vs SV

    What DirtChevy hasn't told you is that he has already gone on gunbuilder and spec'd out an IMM gun...........He will have just taken delivery of this Limited gun and he will be building a single stack just because he can........muuuaaaahhhhh!!! I warned Bobby that this would happen. I can't wait to hear about his new heater when he gets it. I am betting that he will love it, and squeeze it and call it George!!! Or something like that.........
  15. John Wick 2

    A whole group of us from my home club are going out to dinner first and then going to see this movie as a club event since it's not really shooting weather here yet.......should be entertaining and we are all looking forward to seeing the film. I saw a British movie review that called this film Gun Porn......which means that we should like it.