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  1. 327 Yoke (or crane) and barrel nut

    HI Dave- If you can't source a nut anywhere else, I can make you one. I would need the current nut and barrel to copy the dimensions and make sure the threads fit properly.
  2. 327 Yoke (or crane) and barrel nut

    So you are wanting a 38 super cylinder, crane, barrel and nut? Any 327 or 627 crane should fit, maybe any N frame crane. The nut would be easy enough to make if you can't find one. Barrel could be made from a blank. A 38 super cylinder can be made from a .357 one.
  3. 327 Yoke (or crane) and barrel nut

    What is a barrel nut?
  4. Should I try a 929 (again)?

    My 38 Short Colt loads are 3.5 gr. of WW231 under a 160gr. Bayou Bullet. That is not the same as the 38 Super load though. What power factor are you wanting?
  5. Should I try a 929 (again)?

    One of our local guys is having good success with a 627 rechambered to 38Super. He is getting good accuracy at 50 yd. and low recoil. Maybe that would work for you. I don't know all the details, but I will try to find out if you want to know more.
  6. Youngeyes

    Happy Birthday to you!
  7. Dan Wesson revolver, any good?

    The S&W Is much better for D/A shooting than the DW for any purpose. The DW hammer and trigger are almost twice the size of S&W same parts. DW is best for S/A shooting.
  8. Dan Wesson revolver, any good?

    That's what most of the (few) revo shooters are using for Bianchi. Edit to add: I am talking about S&W L frame here. Apparently I misunderstood the previous post and thought they meant L frame. Some are using the 7 shot in case of a short stroke or misfire.
  9. Just ordered a S&W 627 Performance Center

    That's why Hogue developed their grips with the screw in the bottom, outside the grip frame. Then the spring is free to be anywhere it wants to.
  10. Nominations for July 2017 MOM Award

    Kudos for being a good sport and congratulating the winner.
  11. July 2017 MOM recipient

    Congrats, ChuckS!
  12. CZ in Open at Bianchi Cup

    The slide will have to be shorter, as it will no longer support the front end of the barrel. The barrel is supported by the new barrel bush part, and only touches the slide in the chamber/lockup area. That means when the comp pushes down during firing, the slide is free to run backward without any binding. This is the main thing that makes a 9mm with a comp problematic and finicky. In this setup the comp pushes down on the stationary bushing, which in turn pushes down directly on the frame.
  13. All 617s need reaming?

    Love your loaders, have a bunch of them, both 6 and 10 shot. You probably need a reamer.
  14. CZ in Open at Bianchi Cup

    That is the plan. I'm hoping to be able to modify the Barricade Mount to fit the TS, using the TS dust cover for the bottom half of the shroud. It's the perfect shape, small girth and very solid. The barrel bush would then be pushing down on the frame of the gun, again very solid. Just haven't had the time to work on it yet.
  15. CZ in Open at Bianchi Cup

    I got a CZ Tac Sport to make into an Open Bianchi Gun, never had time to do it yet. I think it's the best choice. Briley has super good 6" barrels for those.