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  1. Magazine round count critical?

    28-29 rounds is not so critical to me. I use 3 170s in my belt and If I have to reload I load them only 27 which in my mind they are most reliable. Loading them to full capacity for a 27-rnd stage without planning a reload is bad stage plan for me.
  2. Cmore RTS Battery Cover

    Im happy for you. Wish its the majority. I have had some bouts with them, the last were with aimpoint micro H1, where I easily busted 2. Went back to ol’ serendipity/slideride and shooting Open suddenly became fun again. I guess these are more reliable in 5.56/223 rifles, pcc, and the likes where recoil and volume of fired rounds are quite moderate vs open major cal. pistols.
  3. Cmore RTS Battery Cover

    What if it happens in the middle of a stage run? Cant stand that. Stuck with Serendipity/Slideride. No worries. This goes to all brand micros out there. Reliability is no. 1, next is Reliability, 3rd is...again Reliability. I thank you for field testing them for me 😊👍🏼
  4. Factory Front Serrations on 17 and 19 gen4

    More like personal preference so I want one in 19 for production div if legal. Just for fun.
  5. What you say guys? Ok for Production div?
  6. Open shotgun red dot size?

    Tried Easyhit PXS 1000 or 2000? Reddot and circle via fiber optic. Designed and made for shotgun. No batteries no wires
  7. Length of timer delay for training

    Maybe I should have said INDICATED. Even if my hand is off the pistol grip and the RO asks if im ready, i may make body signs to indicate im not. And I know ROs generally are very helpful of the shooters specially at this very critical stage of his mental readiness. As a shooter gains experience and therefore confidence in match settings, these details are just part of his mental preps. I find it unnecessary to factor it in my timer settings for practice. Its just me.
  8. Length of timer delay for training

    Random. Set 3 - 5 sec. so not to feel rushed in dry fire and live fire training. No regard for ROs individual system. I dont say READY to them until I am.
  9. Dummy rounds

    Thank you. I do. Aside from the chamber flag, safety is always ON and Trigger finger outside. I have the aluminum dummies but its rim are a bit sharp that they easily grate the small plastic teeth in my arredondo speed loader tubes disabling them to hold the shells inside the tube. Im not into duo or quads. And Im not in US so access to such is not as easy.
  10. Holstering a loaded gun with safety off is DQ in ipsc, isnt it?
  11. Dummy rounds

    Read somewhere that its ok to use live rounds as you dont chamber them anyway. Tried it with flag in the chamber. Think its safe.
  12. MEC Grabber Missing Shots

    Bought it used but universal charge bar is new. Load is 1 oz. 7-1/2 Cheddite lead birdshot. When it occurs it consecutively misses until I notice it after crimping because crimp is deeply dished. Sometimes only a few shots drops, most times non at all. Had to tap the bs bottle to drop shots again. Quite annoying and distracting to say the least. Bridging shots or mechanical issues? Should I go for larger shots? Is this common in shot reloading? I barely recall if I had this in Lee Load All also. Tia
  13. Beretta 1301 Comp

    Well now you heard it from me so never say never : ) my best guess is, the bolt was a bit open and initially thought its due to the round failing to chamber fully. But in hind sight it could be the shell rim was in front of the extractor forcing the chamber not to close. Trigger can be pulled but wont fire the round. Tried to clear the jam by pulling the bolt handle but left the round in the chamber. Closed the bolt with a new shell = double feed. Pulled the bolt again and ejected the new shell. 1301s will not feed another round from the mag tube if not live-fired. Good for me coz it ejected the new shell and closed the bolt with the previous round in the chamber.