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  1. EasyHit PXS1000

    After some 3gn matches, I noticed one problem I could not or simply would not want to resolve. The sight is mounted a bit high so its zeroed at a fixed distance and aiming on closer targets I have to aim above the target and on farther targets I need to aim lower. In fast paced shooting like ours its easy to miss on such situations. After missing some as close as 3-5y in matches, I tend to lose confidence on my sight picture, wandering if such would make a hit or not. I replaced it with the Easyhit Champion fo front sight and loo and behold! I can shoot better and faster without any second guessing my hits. So the fo front sight stays.
  2. Switch eye during weak hand?

    I shoot right hand right eye and left hand left eye. Ive trained it with iron sights yrs ago and still works now that Im with red dots. As said above its practice practice practice. If it feels awkward to aim left hand shooting with right eye and more natural to aim with left eye, go for it. You should have shorter learning curve with that and I think thats one big advantage.
  3. A5 Carrier Latch Spring

    About 300 rnds old. Think it has something to do with mag spring vs the latch spring. It feeds fine when in its out of the box 4 shell configuration. When I installed +9 tube extn it wont feed correctly when loaded to full 13 rnds. At 11 to 10 or less its ok.
  4. DAA wrist timer

  5. Thumb biting

    This I get. But in my place Ive seen some had been considerably shortened than factory length for the same purpose. Im into speed sticks so I dont know how its better than lengthening it. Just wondering.
  6. A5 Carrier Latch Spring

    My issue is a bit different in my sx3. When the mag tube is full at 9+4 rounds, at initial loading retracting the bolt, the shell will release to the carrier but the carrier will not lift the shell to chamber and the bolt will lock back. Depress the release button or push the carrier upwards and it will feed. But it wont jam during firing. With lesser rounds in the mag at initial loadings, its ok. Same spring issue?
  7. Winchester SX3 and The FN SLP

    Several months with the sx3 and started reloading shotshells a month or so ago. Mine will run 7/8 #7-1/2 leadshots at about 1,100 fps all day long. Its with a +9 taccom tube, arredondo chute for 6 shot sticks. But the best part is its now very reliable across any load I feed it w/c by the way is a bit limited compared to those in US and Europe. And at its price point Im not dreaming for a 1301 or m2 anymore.
  8. Shot and finished the 5 stage 3g match with the 1oz 7-1/2 1,200fps load. Very pleased with its performance. The only problem was some did not feed reliably with my speedloader sticks. The culprit was the crimp was not as good as factory. It snagged on the mag tube mouth. Anyway its another topic. My go-to load as of now is this load. It may change in the days to come as I learn this game.
  9. Sighting in Pistol

    I zero at 25y from a benchrest. However I put my hands in between the rest and the pistol so theres no direct contact between them. Also I dont put pressure on the rest. Just enough to make it stable. I assume my natural shooting grip placement and pressure on the pistol and adjust the rest so Im close or the same to my shooting posture, not haunched down, and not press down on my stomach so I can breath normally as in shooting freestyle.
  10. Counting Shots

    Counting shots tremendously slows me down. So I dont. Try it in bill drill.
  11. Mysterious overpressure

    Agree but first the head must first be proven accurate prior. Had a mysterious (again) experience on this. Not so long ago my longtime everyday-match-practice loads suddenly went tumbling and innaccurate without me changing anything in the reloading bench. Checked and rechecked everything. Tried every loose crimp adjustment for days and weeks. To confound the issue, it happened in 2 of 3 guns. Pretty expensive to change barrel i thought. So finally tried heads from different source for a cheaper solution. The tumbling just went pfffft. It was much later that i learned the manufacturer changed the materials coating the bullet that must have caused my problem.
  12. Mysterious overpressure

    What a gnarly closing remarks thank you
  13. Mysterious overpressure

    Just for the mean time. When time permits, im gonna tinker that powder measure and see how it really happened. Just too busy now prepping for a big 18stage match this weekend. Solved the problem just in time. But it took a lot out of my training time.
  14. Mysterious overpressure

    Yup. And the mystery solved. Its the damaged powder measure indeed. Thanks everyone.
  15. Now this is the game changer for me. Im gonna test the 1oz handload I picked in a local match this weekend and prove to myself it has enough power for the game at hand. Have an IC LM M chokes to work with. Then its practice practice practice!