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  1. I hope you get off your ass and shoot some matches this year!

  2. I will talk to Nick and Nate to see if they can make an area available for you guys. They have more than plenty of room. Chris C.
  3. Chris, I sent you an email. I'm available to RO if ya'll will have me. Sorry for the late reply Sarge. I will get back to my own house tonight (been a while) and I will be back on top of things. At this day in age if work tells be to go I will go. I should be home for a long time this go around. Sarge, I will get you on the list. Chris C.
  4. Got a text earlier saying The Fomeister is the Kentucky Tactical Champ. Congratulations Mike!!! Chris C.
  5. AR-15 Long Distance Caliber

    The Hornady 6.5 Grendel ammo was suppose to be released in the March/April time frame but here it is May and no ammo yet. The wait continues..... Chris C.
  6. I am pleased to announce that Shooters Connection has signed on to be the match sponsor. They will be providing targets and pasters for the match. Also posted on the match website is some links for attractions while your in the area. Stages will be posted shortly as soon as they are approved by USPSA. Anyone interested in being an Range Officer, we are going to take care of your match fee, lodging and feed you twice a day. PM me thru this site or email. Chris C. conley270@bellsouth.net http://www.kyuspsa.com/
  7. Damn! I have to teach a CCDW class or I would be there. Will there be any others this year? Chris C.
  8. Steel1212

    What if you where cool before you started shooting? I'd rather have a .90 to 1.0 with an A hit. Chris C.
  9. Website is up and running. You can find it here: http://www.kyuspsa.com The entry form and stage diagrams will be posted there also. I am also going to keep a blog running on the site so I can post info along with pictures of what's going on with the Commonwealth Classic and Rockcastle Shooting Center. I hope you guys like it. Big thanks to Ampleworks for getting it up and running. Chris C.
  10. Match website will also be up shortly. There will be a PDF entry form there. Chris C.
  11. Will do. I'll try and get it up shortly. Chris C.
  12. Here's a link to the match application: 97-2003 2010 Kentucky State and Sectional Championship.doc There will also be a link established on the Rockcastle website and we will also use the USPSA online squadding. Any further updates I will post here. See you all in October. Chris C.
  13. Here's a couple that I got up on youtube: One really good shooter: One shooter in training : All the stages are there. The short stage with the 4 poppers was a real PITA. A bunch of reshoots..... Damn wind!!! Enjoy!! Chris C.
  14. Micah's Range Diary

    You mean Rockcastle? If so then yes, it's going to be something special. Chris C.
  15. 9mm 120 grn lead and Winchester 231

    The 4.0 grains worked like a champ. Fired about 500 rounds last Friday and no problems. Thanks fellas. Chris C.