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  1. pcc options

    JR Carbine. Simple blow back. Stupid fun to shoot especially with the big sticks. Easy ambi option too.
  2. USPA Resistance

    Our PCC Division is growing a Rio. And our dads can beat up their dads so we hear little (or no) grief.
  3. Need a new Netflix addiction...

    The husband/wife dialog while performed extremely well is beginning to annoy me....
  4. Need a new Netflix addiction...

    Yes. Ozark seems solid so far.
  5. It is...completely worthless imo.
  6. How often do you live fire practice?

    Every match I shoot is Live Fire Practice. Plus, we drill on Wednesdays
  7. First thing I would recommend is to contact this club and it's match director. Ask about new shooter orientation. Better USPSA Clubs will have them. Attend it. Enjoy, be safe.
  8. PCC in USPSA

    PCC is by far the most difficult division for me to play in. And I love it.
  9. One of my latest obsessions this year are boardgames. Wife and I like playing these instead of the boobtube in the evenings Dominion Hero Realms Pandemic Fuse Santorini Hive
  10. Beep-induced memory loss....

    This used to bother me when I was a young shooter now what were we talking about ?
  11. New Guy from AZ

    Welcome!! Where abouts in AZ are you?
  12. Favorite 9mm Loads

    Precision Delta 147gr FMJ over 2.9grs Titegroup.
  13. 9mm Major Unburned Autocomp

    When I shot Open-Major 9 I used Autocomp and Small Rifle Primers. Was able to lower the charge a 1/10 or two. Zero un-burned powder. FWIW...