Club bans FMJ in SC Matches

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Bad Targets are the biggest culprit in bullet pieces coming back at the firing line. Either beat up steel that is cupped or steel that has bullet dents are both dangerous and should be replaced by minimum AR400 plates. The worst targets are those that don't have a smooth face I.E bolts heads or hooks of any sort showing through will splatter back at the firing line. The collegiate steel challenge program has outlawed clubs from using any plate that has any thing sticking through it. They are safer. At large matches...multi day...it is best to put hay bales at the base of the plates. It stops the build up of lead and jackets at the bases from being thrown back at the line.

I honestly don't know why any club uses targets with bolts through them or hooks through them. They don't ring and they hide the bullet hits and they are unsafe. slow cast bullets are far more dangerous than jacketed. The soft cast bullets just don't come apart on impact as well as jacketed bullets

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The three clubs I shoot Steel Challenge at use GT Targets steel plates.  There is nothing exposed except the flat face of the target.  You still get hit with some splatter.

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