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Hello there, people!!!


I just wanted to ask anyone of you guys if you know of any model of Safariland Holster that the CZ Shadow 2 would fit into it. I will call Safariland for this, but I figure I should ask here first.


I just wanted to add that I specifically am looking for Safailand brand and not currently interested in other brand of holsters.


Thank you in advance for your response!




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Posted (edited)

I have found the Safariland holster that I am looking for, for my CZ Shadow 2, and am very happy with my purchase. The fit is superb and the adjustment screws guarantee a tight grip. I found the fit to my Shadow 2 to be perfect. Overall well made. I am very pleased. All I need to do is attached this holster to a Safariland's USPSA Kit Adjustable Hanger, and I'm set for Production Division (Of course I've got the rest of the gear as well, I was just missing the holster, lol). ;-)





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