CZC Carry Optics RMR mount for Shadows

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So Matt and Rowdy both are shooting the Carry Optics (CO) Nationals on Sunday after Production Nationals. To do so they both ordered the CZ Custom dovetail mount for a RMR for their respective Shadow pistols.

Rowdy got his on first and had an issue of it coming loose in the dovetail. He thought he had just not put it in right. Matt got his and felt it was in fine, until he did a mag dump and his came loose in the dovetail as well.

Double checked the right part was ordered. This time gave them to the shop's gunsmith to install. He had to peen the base of the mount and use red loctite to get the mounts to stay in both guns. The mount also has two small set screws.

So after a full day of testing today the feelings are this:

-it is simple and looks clean on the gun

-the threads and mount for the RMR all align perfect

-the mount as is, is too loose in the dovetail. it needs a little effort to keep them in. not sure if this is just from this production run of the part or it's across the board.

Are you going to shoot CO with a Shadow? Have a RMR that you want to do it with? Don't mind a little trouble shooting for the initial installation? IF the answer is yes, then this totally is the mount for you. Once we got it solid in the dovetail all is well.

There ya go! Any questions? Post 'em up!

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You didn't want to sacrifice a top end to the gods of CNC? LOL. Cool to hear about the dovetail RMR mount, there are some folks in the area (NorCal) interested in trying CO with their CZ but not ready for a one way trip to the mill, so I'll pass that along.

Just noticed, look like we are on the same squad for Sunday, so lots of CZ in the house. Three of us from NorCal have CO CZs, milled top ends with Deltapoints. Looking forward to seeing you and Matt out there!

(We are only shooting Sunday, to your other question, other thread)

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Right on. If I had a spare Shadow slide, I'd probably have milled it. I had the RMR laying around from another project, so I didn't go out and buy some $600 optic for one match, hahaha.

This gun is my CO/IPSC/IDPA gun so if I could get a dedicated slide for CO that'd be soo nice.

See you in a couple Sundays! It should be a fun time!

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