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  1. If you had a cart you needed to put it the safe area and then bring your baged guns from your car to the safe area to put them in the cart. As 25yr USPSA RO I still accidentally put my pistol on at my truck one day.Always back into parking at match to be safe .
  2. 180 trap on stage 11 when going to long range platform saw RO get DQed
  3. What is longest distance for slugs Thanks
  4. Great tough match. Club has potential ranges for major matches
  5. What is the longest distance rifle shot and would a cart be needed. this is my first mulligan nationals
  6. I see that Daniel Horner & Joel Turner are listed in squad 13, are they going to shoot the match?
  7. When and where can sign up for this match Thanks
  8. on stage 5 is it 12 buckshot or 12 birdshot? match book has buckshot
  9. Practiscore saids fri & SAT
  10. I talked to AMU boys at FN3G They said it is 2 day match with 9 stages with all stages at Kilinger(?) range
  11. I have done a post about the match after the match since 2013
  12. Were you guys really there? The match goes way down each year with few shooters returning just new shooters each year
  13. I thought the people who shot last year would get 24 hr head start to sign up first, also no senior or super senior catagory
  14. Price is same as 1by6