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  1. Hello: I would get a TruBor in 9mm for what you want to do with it. A 5" gun shoots so much softer at major loads than a Stinger or Steelmaster. A MatchMaster would be better but still not as good as a TruBor. I am not sure what the exchange rate is right now but you may do better finding an open pistol in the USA. Not sure about importing one either. Thanks, Eric
  2. Hello: What kind of matches are you shooting your Stinger in? Steel Challenge type matches your Stinger will do everything the Steelmaster will do. If you are shooting IPSC get a 5" pistol. STI just changes the name of some of their pistols and adds a little bling also. Same dog less hair. Thanks, Eric
  3. Hello: From the pics I have seen of the CT206 with a C-More railway the C-More clears the laser when both are mounted on the same top rail. I think the real advantage is the really tight weak hand shot around a wall. I still don't have one but it is on the long list. Thanks, Eric
  4. Hello: Buy a good used 5" 9mm open pistol based on a 2011 platform. If you can buy local do it. If you end up liking open it will take you some time to figure out what you actually like in an open pistol. Thanks, Eric
  5. Hello: I have tried all three of the DAA Race Masters and like the last version the best with the leg pad and the magnetic block. The Alpha X has some good features but like the others it digs into my leg. Thanks, Eric
  6. Hello: After having jams on 5 out of 7 stages on Saturday I started looking for a cause of the problem. The tension was good so I started looking further. I have two other 9mm/38 super comp extractors here to see what is going on. The head on the one I am using is narrower than the other two and the length from the hook to the back groove is shorter on the one I am using. I will try one of the other new ones to see if that is the problem. I am not sure if I have the correct one or the other two are correct? The packages all say for 9mm/38 super comp. Maybe I got one for a different caliber by mistake? I hope this is the problem since I hate having a pistol that jams. This is the first Aftec I have had this much trouble with. I will report back with my findings. Thanks, Eric
  7. Hello: A Kart barrel, Schuemann or Nowlin are all good barrels. Thanks, Eric
  8. Hello: I am still having Aftec extractor issues. I am going back to a standard extractor. I think the new Aftec extractors are not as well made as the old ones were. Thanks, Eric
  9. Hello: I would try drilling it out to 0.375 or 3/8 first. That should be enough to clear any 9mm bullet. A lathe works better but a drill press will work also. Thanks, Eric
  10. Hello: I would take a look at the end of the barrel and see if the bolt is battering it. You may be able to go a little heavier on the buffer and see how that does. I think the spring you have is actually just a 308 carbine spring. At 1625fps with a 115 grain bullet that will do a lot of damage and may not be the best for a house gun load. You may want to look at some subsonic loads. Thanks, Eric
  11. Hello: The Shooters Connection backpack and the Ernie Hill are the same. I am using using the Milspec Monkey Boss for pistols and the Adapt pack for PCC. I use inserts on the inside on both and some pouches on the Adapt pack on the outside. I am going to try one of my sons old soccer backpacks next with inserts for the inside. I like the backpack to be light when empty since I can make it heavy enough with all my stuff. Thanks, Eric
  12. Hello: STI slides in the last year have been having problems whether they are factory guns or ones sold to people who modify them. STI used to stand by their slides if they were not overly lightened or had cuts to close to the ejection port. I have personally seen 3 STI slides that have cracked in the same spot near the extractor hole. The grain structure of the metal looks very poor with a very course grain. It does not look like the STI slides of the past. Will STI warranty the slide? I think they may but why would you want another slide that is going to do the same thing? I have also noticed that the 2011 frames are not as hard as they used to be as well. As shooters we shoot a lot of rounds in a year and are used to products that can take the punishment for years on end. I am not sure if STI is up to the challenge any longer? Thanks, Eric
  13. Hello: Curious that you should ask that. I did play around with moving the tungsten weight in different spots. I found that putting it in the first position towards the bolt worked the best for me. I think it has to do with the "O" rings taking up some of the shock as the buffer moves back. If you have time and like to tinker, try it in different positions to see what you like best. Thanks, Eric
  14. Hello: I shoot the C-More slide ride and have for years. My batteries last about a year shooting 3-6 matches a month. Never had any real issues with them. They just work. The RTS2 has a smaller lens and they seem to be not lasting as long as they should. If C-More would use the same lens as the slide ride I maybe a player but since it is not I am going to wait for something better. Thanks, Eric
  15. Hello: Couldn't you use your left hand to release the bolt and your right hand to install the mag? Kinda like a pistol reload. The Strike Industries has good size pads on their release. I use a Hahn mag insert that goes in the bottom and is held in place with just one screw. It works very well with Metalform 20 and 32 round magazines. The 20 round ASC mags did not work in it but the 10 round ones do. I have not tried the Metalform 10 round magazines. You may want to look at the other PCC options out there also. Thanks, Eric