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  1. Dave said our RO's were mean! I never said YOU were mean...but I did laugh my butt off when you told that guy at Ft Benning who was trying to keep the jeep from rolling away that he was still on the clock!
  2. Congratulations to: 1st He-Man Iron - Mike Payne 2nd He-Man Iron - Kuan Watson 1st He-Man Iron - Curtis Brotherston Top He-Man Iron Law - Kuan Watson Top He-Man Iron Military - Curtis Bortherston Top He-Man Iron Senior - Brian Moffett Top He-Man Iron Super Senior - Glenn Pointer 1st He-Man Scope - Glenn Shelby 2nd He-Man Scope - Jared Milinazzo 3rd He-Man Scope - Rich Boyes Top He-Man Scope Law - Lance Lazoff Top He-Man Scope Military - Rich Boyes Top He-Man Scope Senior - Lance Lazoff Top He-Man Scope Super Senior - Don Bednorz Top He-Man Lady - Diana Driscoll Top He-Man Junior - Maize McMurry 1st wee-man - Craig Calkins 2nd wee-man - Matt Young 3rd wee-man - David Hill Top wee-Law - Craig Calkins Top wee-Military - Joel Hatfield Top wee-lady - Amanda Hill Top wee-junior - Steven Warren Top wee-senior - Bill Lhotta Top wee-Super Senior - Phil Hinds It was a fun match and good to see all of you there. Pictures are on Facebook at: AND are uploading onto our SmugMug account at:
  3. Staff shoot starts tomorrow! Should be pretty exciting! Time limit is 300 seconds for stages 1 and 3-7. 360 seconds for stage 2 - all rifle! People probably won't take that long, but at least they will get to most of the targets! Check us out on Facebook! Will be trying to post pictures!
  4. I know lots of people shoot at their own steel and nothing bad happens. I get it! BUT, first Johnson 3-Gun, factory .308 winchester...turned out to have bimetal jacketting. Right through the targets, not a dimple, a hole. This was back in we didn't have the magnet rule, we just said steel core was a no no. The guy (a good friend and a good guy...bought new factory to be safe) knocked down the target...he was first shooter. Went down to fix it, and there were holes in ALL of our targets that he had hit. He was crushed. Got his wife to bring him some other stuff. Same thing happened with .223. You say it's the speed...well, are you chrono'ing??? USPSA doesn't even chrono anymore. So, setting a speed limit means nothing if you don't back it up. Why do we have that rule? Could it be the guy that put expensive rounds on top for the magnet??? That's why we often magnet before and after...that was steel core. There was a while that one rule set (I think Superstition or maybe USPSA when they still chrono'd) let you cut one of your bullets up...they had the tool to cut it and then you could prove what the core was made of. I think that's a waste of time. Some golf courses say you can't wear steel cleats. Do all steal cletes screw up the grass? Nope. Their grass, their rules. Does magneting the ammo save the targets all the time? Nope. People sneak by. But, if you don't shoot rounds that stick to a magnet, we have a better chance of making our targets last longer. Since we put out over 80 steel rifle targets at a match, that is a bonus for us. Our targets, our rules. It's great you're trying to experiment and see what damages targets, but in the end, be it hot rounds, or bimetal, or steel core, or tracer, or green tips, your targets re going to get shot up and you're going to have to replace them. Soft steel that is really dimpled is dangerous up close...and it totally depends on your target. Straps take the hits a little better than short action flashers (metal mans, Rocky Mountain Targets flashers) and they take the hits better than the old angle iron attachment MGM's, which take the hits better than stationary steel. It all depends on how fast the target moves to get out of the way and let the bullet deflect. We aren't going to change our rules any time soon (even if 3GN did) because we need to try to make our steel last as long as possible. We use rifle steel under 100 or around 100 OFTEN, so we know those targets are going to take a beating....especially at He-Man. (You should've seen our little pesky poppers hung up as flashers after He-Man a few years ago. They made it through the match...but they were a mess. No bullet holes either, and they were at 100 yards with tons of .308's and some .223's punching them. But, they were cracked and dimpled, and sad! Magnetting helped save us holes so they did make it through the match.) Sorry this is long. And have some fun testing steel. Shooting is always a good thing! My $.02!
  5. I'm trying...but the weather gods don't always listen to me!
  6. Check out our Facebook page for better descriptions of the stages and lots of pictures! We also have an amazing group of sponsors! Just 2 weeks! Aargh!!!!! Can't wait to see you all!
  7. Check out our Facebook Page: For sponsors, the way the match works and LOTS of pictures!!! This match is getting closer and I think it's going to be better than last year!
  8. First stage on the ground, prizes are rolling in! Looking forward to seeing everyone! Don't forget you need a shotgun sling! :-) Check out our Facebook Page: for news, pictures, sponsors and more!
  9. Fun match! RO's were great! Squad 9 was awesome! Everyone handled the tornado watches, lightning and hail with good humor! Thanks to everyone who made it possible and all the great sponsors!!
  10. I've got just a few slots left! It's been a good year!! We have some great surprises for people!! Bwahahahahaha!!!
  11. Wanted to share our good news and our great appreciation for all our wonderful sponsors! We are so fortunate to have such great support! We have been working on stages and have some great plans for you! Thanks you so much to: Our awesome match sponsor: JP Enterprises Our other amazing and generous sponsors: 2e Publishing, 5.11, A Girl and A Gun, Barnes Precision, Berger Bullets, Bravo Concealment, Brownells, Brunos, Burris, Carbon Arms, CMC Triggers, Comp Tac, Crossbreed Holsters, Decot, Dillon Precision, Ergo Grips, ESP, Firebird Precision, Forward Control Design, GunGoddess, H&K, Hearing Protection Services, Henning Shop, HexMag, High Standard, Hodgdon, Hogue Grips, Hornady, Invictus Practical, Keltec, King of the Mountain, KNS Precision, Lantac, LaRue, LensPens, Leupold, Luth, Machine Gun Tours, Magpul, Mesa Tactical, Montana Gold, NG2 Defense, Nightforce, Nordic Components, NSSF, Patriot Cases, Phoenix Weaponry, Plug'r, ProEars, R&R Targets, Redding Reloading, Redwolf Airsoft, Rocky Mountain Targets, Rugged Gear, Sac Firearms, Safariland, Samson, Seekins Precision, Shooter's Source, Sierra Bullets, Sig Sauer, Strikeforce, TacPro, Tactical Performance Center, Thunder Beast Arms, Timney Triggers, Tooth and Nail, T.O.P, Trey Yuen, Trijicon, Troy, TruckVault, U.S. Optics, Unique Tek, Vortex, Warne Scope Mounts, Wilson Combat, XGO, XS Sights, and Zev Technologies Check out: for links to their websites for any of your shopping needs!
  12. TARGET COUNT (Targets not rounds) Steel, clays are one round...paper is 1 round A or B, 2 anywhere except for slugs which are 1 round. Stage 1 – Limited round 3-Gun – You will need (wee-men too) 2 pistol magazines loaded with 10 rounds each, 1 rifle magazine loaded with 20 rounds, and at most 11 rounds of birdshot. Stage 2 – Rifle – 30 targets – about half paper, half steel out to 400+ yards. Stage 3 – Shotgun/Pistol – 32 birdshot, 20 pistol Stage 4 – 3-Gun – Shotgun sling needed – 18 rifle out to 400+ yards, 15 pistol, 10 birdshot, 4 slugs Stage 5 – Shotgun/Rifle – Rifle sling needed – 6 slugs, 14 birdshot, 19 rifle out to 500 yards. Stage 6 – Pistol/Rifle – Rifle sling needed – 18 pistol targets, 18 rifle out to 200 yards. Stage 7 – 3-Gun – Rifle sling needed (You will sling an empty rifle after shooting it) – 16 rifle targets out to 300 yards, 12 birdshot, (maybe 4 slugs), 15 pistol.
  13. 901xracer you are correct! They are similar, but will be different. Most matches have their rules posted on their website and you should just read them first! :-)