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  1. Clean out the recesses that engage with the case rim, sometimes cleaning media, bits of lead, brass shavings and any other crap that can, will get jammed in them and limit how far the case can engage in the shell plate.
  2. Hope that the weather gods are kind to all the people at Flagler and that everyone enjoys themselves immensely. Ron and the team do a stellar job in running a great Action Pistol event. I will miss it this year, but maybe some happysnaps will creep onto the interweb for all us stay at home folk to see what we missed.
  3. Pal filler works fine for me
  4. Has anyone recently adjusted the trigger? If so make sure there is some overtravel and that the disconnector moves freely.
  5. The Hammerli P240 in .38 Special is known for its super accuracy in Bullseye circles. The barrel is slender, lightweight, has a twist rate close to 1:20" and a bore of .352" to .354". Bullets are sized .357" to .358". You will be safe so long as you don't start with the biggest bullets and the biggest charges of powder at the same time.
  6. Load a few rounds with some . 355" bullets and a mild load. I suggest a 125gn Jhp over 4.7 gns of 231 or HP38 with a oal of 1.220". That should shoot Ok and is not going to get anywhere near over- pressure. You should have a good shooter that will make bullet speed towards the lower end of the Reloading scale.
  7. Now that has a real sassy ring to it.....
  8. Things must be slow at the shop......
  9. I am sure that mine is back in the same place !
  10. They work great on my bushing barrelled 1911's. The drop-in version requires very little work to achieve solid barrel support and just a tad of polishing to fit an STI slide.
  11. I heartily recommend a SwageIt primer pocket swager. I have sized and swaged just over 8500 9mm FCNT cases in the past 4 weeks. I have two 1050's and think that the SwageIt / 650 combination is actually just as quick for case processing. Crimped WCC brass is easy load once it has been through the SwageIt.
  12. I think that the differences between Aussie Clays and Clay Dot are so minor that for all intents and purposes they are interchangeable and can perform equally well in a variety of calibers.
  13. Have you ever had any action work done or springs changed and are they Federal small pistol primers. ? Looks like a low energy hammer strike.
  14. As a protest of this flagrant rip-off, I will not be buying one.