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  1. I used to have a Detonics Scoremaster that was as loose as a goose, rattled like a tin can full of nails and galled every other time I shot it...... All the numbers matched though. You have a great gun that you were happy with until you read this thread... Stop beating yourself up over something that does not matter, you will feel much better and the gun will still be great. That is Zen.
  2. Degrease the whole thing with aerosol brake cleaner then give the de-capper a few twists with some 80 grit sandpaper where the gland nut contacts the de-capper. Tighten as required...
  3. I was going to get a coupla' soda's..... you want one Doug ?
  4. Anyone actually burned any of this stuff yet ? I was going to buy some N320 equivalent but am hanging out to see if this stuff is a contender.
  5. Bought two cases of 1lb bottles at a Gunshop closing down sale almost 8 years ago.
  6. N350 works great in my TruBor, when I can find it. Otherwise I am still burning HS7.
  7. +1. But the reamers are handy to clean-up the comp holes after a few thousand major rounds. I use one on my Bianchi guns to clean out any lead buildup from coated boolits.
  8. I use primer, but only ever put the 620 on the last 4 threads and use a set screw. So far so good with steel and alloy comps. YMMV.
  9. Shellplate tight ?
  10. Mag release spring I would say.... probably put there by mistake.
  11. If they cut out the bit that cracks does that mean that the problem goes away.... Or does it mean that something else eventually breaks ?
  12. I read somewhere that cracks in the slide may be an issue.! But then again it was on the interweb 😣
  13. With any luck it will be a VV320 substitute.
  14. Case volume is reduced quite substantially so it must be loaded with real slow powder or only light pinker style loads. On the plus side... The chance of a case rupture is pretty remote.... no more Glocked brass and no bullet setback issues. It belongs in the scrap metal bucket.
  15. Dillon used to supply a white nylon block that reduced the case feed aperture to about half its size, works great with 9mm, 38 Super, 32SWL, 380ACP.