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  1. For me, 124/125 shot better in my gun and were cheaper.
  2. Racemaster for me is the best I've found. I shoot bullets out and position my pouches the same way for both Limited and Production. I liked Ghost but the mounting bracket on the belt is a little wider and seemed to force wider spacing between pouches. The Racemaster (and I'm sure Racer also) allows tighter spacing if that matters to you. If you are not on a tight budget, the Racemaster or Racer can pretty much set them up to do nearly anything which helps if you like trying different positions as your skill changes. Can't speak to bullets forward-only but CR Speed Versa's have been the dominant brand out there for years.
  3. Love the Racemaster. Holds mags securely, can go bullets out, plenty of adjust-ability for tension and cant angle. Held my bullets out position better than my Guga Ribas pouches. Can't speak to the Racers for bullets out orientation but the shooters in our MN area clubs mostly run bullets forward and love them.
  4. For a belt, I own both CR Speed and DAA and haven't noticed a difference. They look and feel nearly identical. If I were to buy new, I'd probably go with Shooters Connection as I doubt I'd personally notice the difference.
  5. I shoot bullets-out and had used Guga Ribas pouches and switched to DAA two years ago. Best decision I could have made. The Guga pouches were well made but for me they kept shifting/rotating where the pouch tightens down to the belt clamp, no matter how tight I tightened them. This may have had more to do with my belly size than the design of the pouch assembly. Again, for me the Guga pouches worked well for years.....just not as well as the DAA once I tried them.
  6. Agree with Dr. Mitch. A 2011 is a beautiful thing regarding the trigger if properly tuned and is in a league unto itself compared to any striker trigger. For me, I'd never go back to the Glock (unless for production). Still, then I'd pick the Shadow instead.
  7. I love my Edge as a backup for my Brazos. When the Brazos SC wearsh out, I'm shooting the Edge exclusively for USPSA. As Woodsk mentioned, if not shooting IDPA, I'd go Edge without hesitation. Plus, it freakin looks so cool compared to a slim dust cover.
  8. Blade Tech DOH
  9. I love my DAA aluminum pouches. Due to my fat mid-section and simply overall preference, I've loved the ability of the DAA pouches to be switched from bullets forward to bullets out. I believe one has to practice both before determining which will work better for them (which is faster). I started bullets forward and later found that bullets out worked better for me anyway. Yes, Ghost Products pouches allow bullets out but the minimum spacing between pouches is much greater than the DAA. Starting in this sport, I don't believe you can go wrong with DAA.
  10. From my angle, the 5" Edge style is ideal for Limited competition and as it's indexing and comfort for HD, for me anyway, is not an issue, it is the ideal compromise as a weapon that can accommodate both SD and competition. If you are not overly accustomed to 2011 style pistols, you will probably notice little difference in feel initially between the two models. Most importantly, with dry and live fire practice, you will adapt to whatever you buy so consider go with what you would prefer from a feel and asthetics standpoint.
  11. change password

  12. Just go to: http://www.uspsa.org/squadding and select 2012 Wisconsin Sectionals. You'll see that there are plenty left right now.
  13. You will not go wrong getting Brian's advice and buying the press from him. About everything I've learned about progressive press reloading I've gotten from him or his videos. Video on reloading is great if you're just starting out with a progressive. Started with 550B only and later added strong mount, bullet tray and roller handle and glad I added every one. Wish I would have started that way IMHO. I sit when I reload on my Rock Chucker and my Redding Ultra-Mag but prefer to stand when running my Dillon.
  14. Use FP10 and never an issue regardless of weather (30 degrees to 110). Easy to remove when cleaning (soapwater in the sink). That said, Mobil 1 is great and bonds like nothing else I've tried but tougher to remove when cleaning. Heard great things about Militec but never tried it.
  15. BINGO!!! That was it. Won't forget that one anytime soon. Thanks a ton everyone.