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  1. He did not give me a price. Asked me to give him an offer. what is a fair price for a top end like this?
  2. No way that makes 0 sense .
  3. So does this look like it is a Caspian ?
  4. I am looking to buy a 9mm slide/upper . a guy reached out to me offering this upper. he thins it's a Caspian . all the looking that I did Caspians usually have name or logo. any help would be great on figuring out whose upper this is thanks
  5. LMBO
  6. I am not a big fan of WC. But it has nothing to do with quality. I do not think that WC quality has diminished a lot at all. The matter effect I was just shooting one of the new LV 9mm 1911. And it was a great shooter. (Not crazy about the gold dot front sight). I think that the perception of lower quality is because of so many new really good manufacturers that are building just as nice if not nicer 1911s and for same or lower price.
  7. Especially if it's from MOA . it's literally 1/3 of a M2 . Do not get me wrong M2 is a better options if money is not a consideration.
  8. Auto correct drivers me crazy lol. That should have said attacked . wow. But the dremel does have a love hate relationship with polymer frames .
  9. Next question . will xd original slide fit a mod 2 frame
  10. great. my dremel attract my tactical frame . so I figure I get a service that way I will have one frame two slides.
  11. are the frames the same on tactical and service. I.e. can I put a 5in slide on 4in gun and the other way? Thanks
  12. I am defiantly becoming a CZ head since I got my sp01 shadow. what kind of parts should I have with me at matches? Thanks
  13. What is a good choice for a red dot for my Saiga. mostly will be used for 3 gun. Thanks
  14. one on GB already 1100 $ at the moment http://www.gunbroker.com/item/630321758