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  1. Auto correct drivers me crazy lol. That should have said attacked . wow. But the dremel does have a love hate relationship with polymer frames .
  2. Next question . will xd original slide fit a mod 2 frame
  3. great. my dremel attract my tactical frame . so I figure I get a service that way I will have one frame two slides.
  4. are the frames the same on tactical and service. I.e. can I put a 5in slide on 4in gun and the other way? Thanks
  5. I am defiantly becoming a CZ head since I got my sp01 shadow. what kind of parts should I have with me at matches? Thanks
  6. What is a good choice for a red dot for my Saiga. mostly will be used for 3 gun. Thanks
  7. one on GB already 1100 $ at the moment http://www.gunbroker.com/item/630321758
  8. What was shadow 2 original release date?
  9. OK what CZ Cristal ball. did you see that in . lol.
  10. well Shadow 2s are being shipped. does that mean that the P10 is coming?
  11. True . they make grate guns I would never deni that . I just do not like the latest business practices
  12. First it sound to wide with left side safety only and if it is I am sure that safety is going to get smaller LOL quick like.
  13. Thanks I was concerned about that .
  14. Exactly . Last year I used a 4in 9mm SA champion . which is now 1/8 to big. That i have $900 in to and Wilson has a perfect CCP gun. Surprise . Switching to a CZ platform . for a fraction of the cost.
  15. With such a small difference in price I regrettably agree . they make great guns. I guess I am a bit frustrated with them for changing IDPA rules to fit there guns.