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  1. PD 115s are great and cost less than MG. Used MG for years. Accuracy has many factors...barrel twist, load. 115s do not recoil any more than 124s, 115s have a snap instead of a push. Many folks like 115s because the sights return faster.
  2. If you really want help 1) What loads are you using? 2) Is the gun feeding correctly? 3) you mentioned ejected brass coming straight back ? Can be recoil spring or just light loads..... What was you intended purpose buying a 9 2011--3 gun? or just shooting Limited minor ?
  3. Sounds like you bought something without test driving. In our sport, just about every gun maker gun's can be found at local or state matches. Everybody I know would be happy to a let an interested shooter look at their guns and even shoot em once or twice. Seek the help of someone who shoot's limited and get their help to rule out any operator error and then have a conversation with your builder. Give him facts, not opinions. If you have a complaint with a new gun..take it up with the builder. This forum shy's away from complaining about builders. PM folks and your not in the open forum then. Not bashing you either, just trying to help like most of us do.
  4. It's not just open. A lot of limited shooters do it also. You cram 29 rounds in a open mag, 21 in a limited mag, and how often do you practice loading an empty start--rarely. It takes extra force to seat those mags. I learned to download one round to enable mag to seat without using gorilla force. A moving reload is faster than dropping mag in sand and retrieving.....
  5. Is the barrel ported or not? Makes a huge difference. There are better powders than WAC for 38. I know a lot of folks like WAC for 9 Major with 121/124 bullets.
  6. Were the slides tri-topped? I would bet, most ejection port cracks are due to tri-topping. The only cracked slide I've had was a tri-topped slide cut way to deep. I don't buy that powder is the culprit. I do agree that "loads" contribute. If you make 170 PF with no barrel holes and then add several popple holes, you have to increase the amount of powder to maintain the 170 PF. What was once a true 170 is now a 180 or more PF gun. You have increased chamber pressure in the hunt for a "flatter" shooting gun. Let's face it--We abuse Open guns. The old saying "Pay to play".
  7. Not to hijack the thread, but what bullet are you using? I'm a long time open shooter and HS-6 is a great forgiving powder. I would not be shooting open HS-6 loads at < 1.145. Have you chrono'd that load? 1.168 is recommended. I've never had a barrel that would not run 115-124s at 1.168 and most would go longer (1.168 works for STI mags with spacers)
  8. TRI-TOPPING a slide makes it weak. Looks cool, but expensive in the long run.
  9. Once a gun (firing pin stop) is fit to an AFTEC, you never need to revisit a smith. They don't need bending or other fitting. The little springs wear out-replace them. The extractor wears out (they all will at some point) just replace it with a new one. That is the benefit.
  10. Did you get a 9 follower? I run stock STI big sticks and 140s with grams 9 follower and plastic spacer. No problems with 9 major. What OAL are you using?
  11. Excellent info.
  12. I used MG for years in my open gun. Yes, they had excellent accuracy and they were mostly always available. MG prices kept going through the roof. New player in the game. Precision Delta. PD's new HPs in 115 and 124 are better!. They seal the gases better, extremely accurate, available all the time, and they cost less. I do not work for PD nor do I gain anything from PD by posting.
  13. If it holds a BEEHIVE do....gotta be sticky..... the old hairsprays made great flame throwers..
  14. Mine cracked also. A long time smith who built IPSC/USPSA open guns when the PF was 190 told me the crack was due to tri-topping the slide to deep. He returned the slide and when I compared it to a new untouched slide...It was easy to see why it cracked. I bet most of the cracks are at the left side top of the ejection port.......... My slide had less than 2k and was still in the white. A word to the wise..don't ask for tri-top. You don't see any factory STI guns cut that way. I would bet most cracked slides are the result of slide cuts being cut the wrong way. I sent back a comp that cracked to Brazos ( The comp had less than 100 rounds and Bob replaced the comp free of charge), Bob was quick to point out the reason for cracks in comps and slides.
  15. The "old" style open guns have won many Open Championships. I looked at the video and his website. I'm not knocking his new style guns. Shorter guns have come and gone. Granted we never had steel grips before, but I see nothing that would obsolete current open style guns. The shorter the barrel the harder to make major. Shorter barrel guns became "violent" (others words) as the quest to make them shoot flatter meant more barrel holes. The more holes the more powder. GMs today are still winning with current style open. I would not worry about getting a current style open.