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  1. Thank you sir. Anybody greater than 10.1 with HS6 and 115 ?
  2. Has anybody used a load greater than 9.2 with HS6 and 115 JHP as their major load with 38SC?
  3. My bad,,,,thought I saw MG. Just trying to help.
  4. Yes. True! but there is a significant price delta between 3N38 and HS6. Lower the cost of each round=more practice time.
  5. (1). Most all 9 major loads are compressed. Having said that, I would not load that short. (2) MG bullets require more powder than other 115. I have used MG in numerous barrels. IMHO, MG bullets are harder and do not seal the barrel as tight as other bullets. The gas escapes around the bullet reducing FPS. Another indication of this was the amount of lead in my comp with MG JHP. When I switched to another JHP 115, the lead in the comp was almost nil. (3) KKM barrels (in my experience) are faster than other brands, meaning less powder needed for the same FPS. (4) If you load long (1.165) and are experiencing feeding issues--you might want to look at the feed ramp or the feed ramp fit to frame. Except short chambered barrels, 99% of the barrels used for Open guns will feed 1.165 without issue.
  6. 3N38 and HS6 in that order.
  7. 99.9% of the time you will lose on a edge hit if you call for a calibration. Speculation: If the ROs blocked his retreat, the shooter should have (1) Asked for a reshoot immediately (2) If denied, call for the RM. An ARB probably would not have been needed.
  8. RTS2 would work. It really boils down to your preference.
  9. I totally disagree with your comment on 9 Major being violent. I have both 9 and 38sc open guns. i have had many 9s and 38s. I currently shoot an extremely soft shooting 9 major gun. I have a 38SC open also. 9 major guns are just as reliable as 38 open guns.... 9s get a bad reputation because 9 major takes a little more shooter reloading experience to develop a load and a little more knowledge about magazine tuning. SVI's model has always been based on 38sc. Why should they build 9s--they can't keep up with the demand now for 38sc guns.
  10. 121 or 124s. Don't tease us with just "8.6 gr at 1.170", pf 170." and are you shooting IPSC floor of 160 PF ?
  11. Mostly true. I think some barrels and using 124s do make major in 9, but barely. I don't think you can fit enough 3N38 to safely pass every chrono.
  12. Shoot as many matches as you can. Most local matches have different stages presenting different challenges. I use local matches to push myself to go faster, evaluate where could I have saved a step, did I optimize the stage? etc....
  13. Depends on how they are mounted. Most of the mounts I've had so far, will put the dots (RTS2, Delta point) higher than a 90 degree. Having said that, the height difference is minimal. I feel a lot is gained in balance and feel of the gun going to a side mounted RTS2.
  14. And the BOD notes are recommended changes.The current rule book is still the bible.
  15. My findings also. I shouldn't say this, but I have AFTECs with 20K and work just fine.. I will add one bit of advice. You do have to clean the entire extractor every so often and that includes running a pipe cleaner in the extractor tunnel.