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  1. Deleted. Posted on wrong topic.
  2. THE INVOICES ARE HERE ! THE INVOICES ARE HERE! Got my Invoice this afternoon & PAID IT !!!.
  3. Dennis:

    I have three Olympic 10mm mags (good for long-loaded 40s), and one 40 cal magazine I would love to sell. Half price!


  4. Rainer 135gr 40.

    How do you prefer payment?  PayPal?,   Postal Money Order?

    I can do what ever method you prefer.

    Thank You.

    Dennis Ford     FY-36784

    23-D Happy Hollow Circle

    Stratford, CT.  06614

  5. Thank you for all the help. Will give them a call.
  6. No, it's not the ball spring, it the toggle piece for the trigger guard (opposite the spring Can't draw an arrow to point out exactly which part I am trying to show.
  7. Greetings,


    Quick question on reloading 38 Shorts - friend has a 38 short pistol but we cannot find dies to reload for it.


    Thank you,

    Dennis Ford


    1. Dennis (CT)

      Dennis (CT)

      forgot to ask  :rolleyes::  What dies are you using?

  8. It is a Super Ghost Holster, forgot to include that.
  9. Anyone have a source for ghost holsters springs? Wore out / broke the top 'toggle' spring & it came out in pieces when i unscrewed the cover scres Also want to change the bottom steel ball spring while i have it apart too. Thanks.
  10. But deafening silence on the ride home?
  11. A-Merc brass ~ Run from it. Took me over 2 hours to load 400 pcs on a 650. Kept getting stuck on the powder drop. Thought I was changing lug nuts on a tire when trying to lift the handle back up. I was warned to stay away from A-Merc but did not listen. S&B Revolver brass - Rim too thick to fit Dillon shell plate. This I just dump in the range scrap bucket GLF - many refer to it as: Good F****** Luck that it does not rupture. I have had them rupture.
  12. What's the twist on the barrel : 1 / 9 or 1 / 7 ?
  13. Thank You all for your responses. Just miss the good old days & a lot of great NY matches.
  14. Are ALL NY matches still stuck with the 10-round maximum per mag rule/law? Don't wish to drive 5 hours each way (& hotel exp.) to shoot 10-round mags. Predominantly OPEN & LIMITED shooter. Here in CT I can only Carry 10+1, but at the Ranges FILL IT. Thanks.