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  1. Folks with a lot more PCC experience than me have advised that with the AR platform the forces on the hammer are much greater with 9mm. Over time, they have seen the hammer hole "egg out" enough that it causes problems like hammer follow and failure to reset. Its not so much the anti-walk feature but the dog bones for the anti-rotate that help. The dog bones help spread the stress over both the hammer pin and the trigger pin. Bill
  2. This might make truncated cone bullets the new favorites for those of us running short leade PCC barrels.
  3. 18" BHW barrel 75 gr Nosler CC JHP 22.5 gr IMR 8208xbr 2605 fps very accurate load
  4. I also experimented with lighter buffers. I still have the stock one in the gun (5.2 ounces) but a lighter buffer may also help. FYI, my reloads are pretty light at 128 PF. Bill
  5. Shortly after running 2000 rds through my PCC, I started to have problems with my Hiperfire 24c doubling (or more) and solved that problem by going to a lighter recoil spring. From the factory (PSA) the gun had what appeared to be a .308 recoil spring. Changed it out to a .223 spring and that problem was solved. About the same time I started having problems with trigger reset. I thought it might be a bit of trash around the trigger so flushed it out with some carburetor cleaner. Thant solved that problem. Now when I do a detailed clean, I flush it out. I'm over 4000 rds now and all is well.
  6. Oh you have such a mean streak sir.
  7. ......
  8. I never heard of Chandler Hardwoods before Tommy's post. Pulled it up and within minutes placed my first order. Latched onto a 13" Matrix handguard (an overrun) for $39 and an upper receiver with no forward assist for $55. Not bad at all. Thanks Tommy. Bill
  9. Only cried for the first one. It was the first time I ever spent that kind of dollars for a single trigger. Saw how good they are and smiled when the 2nd and 3rd were delivered. (But the wife may cry if she ever finds the bill.) Bill
  10. I've purchased two complete 9mm PSA lowers with their standard single stage triggers. They were typical mil-spec with heavy pull weight. Those triggers had to go. Hipefire 24c triggers in both of them now. Maybe someone else has tried the EPT. (Buy Hiperfire once, cry once?)
  11. It appears that there are 3 (slightly) different PSA lowers for Glock magazines. Differences appear to be minor. #1. Model PA-X9 easily identified by three holes in the trigger guard. This lower is manufactured by New Frontier for PSA. Proprietary parts for this lower can be purchased from NFA. This is a billet lower. #2. This model does not have the three holes in the trigger guard and the ejector has less meat to it compared to the PA-X9. At first glance it appears to be the same ejector found in their Colt magazine lowers. It also appears to use the same NFA magazine catch as #1. This is a forged lower. #3. Appears to be identical to #2 but includes LRBHO. There are also differences in mag wells. Bill
  12. Thanks Scott. The low Cooper tunnel on Stage 5 was something new. I would have never thought of that. Bill
  13. My .22LR upper consists of a CMMG AR conversion and an older Taccom barrel. To avoid light strikes, the lower has a Hiperfire 24c trigger with the springs for the lightest trigger pull (which gives the hardest hammer hit). I have good reliability with CCI MiniMags and Federal Bulk ammo (the high velocity stuff with the 36 grain copper coated bullets). Most everything else is a crapshoot. The ammo with bare lead round nose bullets and anything with a Winchester logo on the box is relegated to other guns. When I do have failure to extract with the above ammo, its past time to clean the chamber. I put a .22 brass brush on a cordless drill soaked in Hoppes. Don't over do it. Just enough to get it real clean.
  14. Next time at the range, take some 6" and 9" paper plates and put them at distances you think plates and poppers are set during a match. Shoot them with your red dot and if possible also shoot with a scope. See which works best for you. In my case (old eyes), past 60 yards I do much better with a scope. I may only need 2x or 3x but it does help. Bill
  15. Where the stages ever posted for viewing? I'd like to see what I missed. Thanks. Bill