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  1. Jesse is frequent contributor on BoomerShooter,com. But that alone doesn't explain his gender transformation.
  2. Probably not. Sorry. You might want to check on thinner grips too, They may not be legal.
  3. I'm strictly a 2011 shooter but have the same problem with the stock magazine release. I added a paddle style button and problem solved. It may take a while to get used to it but in the long run well worth it. http://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/frame-parts/magazine-release-parts/magazine-releases/mag-catch-button-prod24752.aspx Hopefully someone makes these for CZ guns.
  4. This gives me a good idea for a new target. A blank 18" x 18" piece of cardboard. Two hits anywhere and you are golden. Anything less and its a miss. Probably won't fly with any of the shooting organizations or UPS. None of them would make a cent when folks start raiding dumpster behind the local mall.
  5. Too bad they don't want my old MTAC.
  6. Good to hear the Seekings safety is working for you. Its one of the safeties that Hiperfire indicated may not work.
  7. A little late for April Fools. Is it possible to shoot fast enough to get a negative time?
  8. It may be that I'm back with searches but I cannot find any info on the trade-in promotion. Can anyone share a link?
  9. The CMMG ambi-safety is one that plays well with the Hiperfire 24 series triggers. Its a bit of a pain that the trigger assembly needs to be removed but nice once the safety is installed. I'm right handed but found the ambi-safety good to have on weak hand only classifiers. Also, I find that on "make ready" its just a little simpler to flick the safety on using my trigger finger on the right side of the gun versus using the thumb on the left side of the gun. Bill
  10. I went through several different brands of electronic muffs before I bought the Sordin Pro X (in April 2008), They did go back for warranty work once when a battery connection came loose. Fast return after repairs. While in the shop, they noticed I did not have the gel cups. They mentioned it when they called to let me know they were ready for shipping. Since they were already in their shop I had the gel cups installed. They were nice without the cups but great with them. After all these years they are still going strong and are the best electronic ear muffs available. Bill
  11. Covered pretty much in another thread, but to be thorough, here it is too. After 2000 trouble free rounds, my gun doubled twice in one match. First time it happened and I was concerned that either the trigger or hammer pin holes on the lower receiver had egged out or something on the trigger had worn out. Based on comments by Hiperfire, the manufacturer of the trigger, it could possibly be too heavy a buffer and/or too heavy a recoil spring. Several on the forum also mentioned heavy springs and buffers combined with a light trigger may be a problem. Also they pointed out a loose grip could cause similar problems. The problem seems to be solved by going to a lighter spring (.223 versus .308) or a lighter buffer. Combinations of neavy buffer with a light spring, light buffer with heavy spring and light buffer with light spring were tried. All seemed to solve the doubling problem. But going lighter also increased dot movement. I settled on the heavy (5.2 ounce) buffer with the light (.223) spring as the best solution. PF on my 147 gr loads is 132. Bill
  12. I'm a member of a small private range out in the sticks. Access is down about a 3/4 mile dirt road. Completely surrounded by heavily wooded private land. Nice and isolated and often I'm the only person using the range. Today I was out experimenting with different loads, springs and buffers on my PCC. Keeping me company was the range owner. He had been moving dirt building up the berms and decided to take a break. After about 100 rds I'm changing out buffers. When I look downrange, up over the berm comes some lady with her three dogs. She see us and comes our way. Before the range owner has a chance to say anything the lady asks "why are all these piles of dirt out here?" Turns out she wanted to take her dogs for a walk. Private property signs and signs indicating she was entering a shooting range apparently do not apply to her. When it was pointed out she just walked into our 200 yard rifle bay she said "its OK, I listened to make sure no one was shooting". Bill
  13. Just a quick update. Made it to the range this afternoon. Gun was doubling (only happened twice) with the stock 5.2 ounce buffer and 9mm (.308) recoil spring. I added a standard carbine buffer (3.0 ounce) and .223 spring to the mix. Ran each combination on bill drill six times each (36 rds) to see what happens. Someone also pointed out that gripping the gun lightly may also contribute to doubling. So I kept a good grip on the gun on all runs. I was unable to get the gun to double with any of the combinations. The most dot movement was with the light buffer and .223 spring. The heavy spring with the light buffer was slightly better. The heavy buffer with the .223 spring reduced the dot movement almost to the same level I was getting with the .308 spring and heavy buffer. Going forward, I'll run the heavy (5.2 ounce) buffer with the lighter (.223) spring. Bill
  14. Made it to the range this afternoon to test several spring/buffer combinations and a few different bullets. Good news is lighter springs and buffers solved my problem of the gun doubling. Interesting news is how much more dot movement I get with 125 gr bullets versus 147 grain bullets. Did not get a chance to chrono any of the lighter bullets yet but its something to experiment with. Bill
  15. Now that you have the JP barrel, are you loading longer than before? Do you notice any difference in muzzle movement or accuracy with different OAL? Thanks. Bill