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  1. Patents are an expensive solution. Both to get and to defend. Sometimes they do not make economic sense.
  2. But we aren't the general public. WE ARE PCC SHOOTERS! in the words of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, we need "MORE POWER".
  3. I plan on getting some PCC barrels reamed. Once that is done I can use that 160 gr data.. I've got 3/4 of a case of Ibejihead 160 gr coated bullets on the shelf alongside a few pounds of HS-6. Bill
  4. Is that the JP Tactical Brake for about $60? (JPTC-9MM) What load are you shooting?
  5. PSA AR9 with 16" barrel. Bone stock except for red dot, Hiperfire 24c, KNS pin set and a bmiller aluminum magwell. Shot around 2000 rds and had my first malfuntion last weekend. It was in the middle of a stage so cleared it quickly and did not take time to see what went wrong. So far it has not repeated. I like them so much I have another on order. Bill
  6. To avoid reshoots, I've trained the ROs to hold the timer at the end of the stage slightly forward of my right shoulder. So far that's the only 100% sure method of getting those last few shots on the timer. I'm using 147 gr bullets too at 132 PF. Bill
  7. I've got my load development down but its low report does is not always read by the timer. Rather than a test to see if it helps with dot movement, lets get someone to do a test on effectiveness in directing sound back to the RO. Bill
  8. My accuracy load is 22.8 gr IMR 8208xbr under 77 gr Nosler CC JHP bullets. For hoser targets I use the same powder charge under 50 gr Nosler SP bullets. I don't remember the chrono data but it shoots 1" high at 100 yards compared to my accuracy load. Nice and soft but still functions the gun 100%. I run a stock bcg, standard carbine buffer and spring. Velocity on both loads is low enough that I can shoot my 3/8" AR500 steel at 50 yards with no damage. Bill
  9. If you reload, consider tuning your loads to your gun. Initially I tried the reloads I typically run in a Glock 17 and Glock 34. In my PCC the PF increased from 135 to 147. Recoil at apf 147 was more than in my match ARs. I dropped the powder charge to PF 132. Less recoil with great accuracy and the same aluminum framed C-More Slideride for the past 2000 rds. Bill
  10. After shooting session with coated bullets, can running a half-dozen jacketed bullets help clean out the bore? That would be pretty simple if it works. Bill
  11. Both. I still have some dot movement but not nearly as much with the reduced power loads. And recoil decrease to .22 LR levels. With hotter loads my PCC had more recoil than my .223 match gun.
  12. I carry my PCC to the line muzzle down in a Rugged Gear cart. I wait until everyone is uprange before I remove it from the cart. I have all my crap together so that once on the line, I'm not fumbling around looking for magazine or ear protection. On "make ready", I remove the chamber flag, place it in my back pocket and load. I assume the position. I keep the RO informed and I take less time than some of the pistol shooters. At the end of the stage, I've pocketed the magazine, ejected the live round and presented the chamber to the RO for inspection. On command, I drop the hammer then rack it back to insert the chamber flag. Unless commanded otherwise, I keep it muzzle up until I can safely return it to the cart. Again, it took less time than some of the pistol shooters. The first time or two, the RO may need a little coaching but I've yet to have an RO complain about me taking too long or complain about my safety. PCC is new to a lot of folks but its gaining competitors in almost every match. All the arguments against PCC just don't hold water. Many of the arguments in the past have been used against revolver shooters, production shooters and even open shooters. If anything the CO folks should be thanking the PCC folks. Everyone now has someone else to hate. PCC is here to stay. Learn to live with it or get in a different squad.
  13. I asked on another thread if they will ream a "nitrided" PCC barrel. If they respond I'll update this post. Bill Update: Patriot Defense advised they will not ream nitrided barrels at this time.
  14. Not a problem. Its a Chevy and I shoot minor.
  15. A super scientific but not always accurate method to check how long you can load a particular bullet is the dowel test. (Cleaning rods work too.) Make up a bullet silly long (no powder and no primer). Place the silly long bullet in the chamber and ease the bolt down on it. Insert the dowel down the muzzle. Let it rest on the bullet and mark how far down the barrel the dowel sits with a razor blade. Now remove the bullet and close the bolt. Repeat the measurement. The difference between the two marks on the dowel is the length of a bullet that sit in the start of the rifling. I'll repeat this several times each time with a new dummy round to try to be as accurate as possible. Decrease the OAL of the bullet a bit (I'll load .015" to .020" shorter) and give that a try. Bill