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  1. Nice to see the Hiperfire folks are monitoring the shooting forums and trying to help out.
  2. You made me smile.
  3. I don't know how long it will last but Palmetto State Armory has some CCI Mini Mag in stock at 8.3 cents per round.
  4. Here is the information on ambi-safeties that will not work with the Hiperfire triggers. https://www.hiperfire.com/faq/are-hipertouch-24-series-triggers-compatible-with-ambidextrous-safeties-or-other-ambi-controls/ The Noveske/Magpul safety is not on the list but the barrel portion looks a lot like the Seekins ambi-safety. Might be a problem. Do you have a mil-spec safety available to drop in to see if it helps? FYI, I have the CMMG ambi-safeties in three guns with Hiperfire triggers and no problems from any of them.
  5. Interesting load. Have you shot any groups at 100 yards. Your load is 126 PF and I thought I would need something much hotter to knock the paint off steel at 100. Bill
  6. Hi Eric. I loaded up some dummy rounds with the MG 124 gr JHP bullets. Max length I can load them to and still pass the plunk test is 1.055". At that length, the base of the bullet pushes out the brass. Its pushed out enough that I don't know if these will even feed reliably. I can always load up a handful and see what happens. Thanks. Bill
  7. Thanks Brian. At the moment I've got enough bullets for USPSA matches (under 50 yards) to last me several months. When I need some more I will definitely give Eggleston a try. But now I need long range bullets for 3 gun
  8. I thought about the Eggleston 98 gr but was concerned they might be too light for steel out past 75 yards. I planned to continue using the 147 Xtreme RN but accuracy out of the new upper past 40 yards is terrible. Before I get drastic I'll put a scope on each of the other two uppers and see if the results are just as bad. Still hoping to shoot PCC at Dissident but not if I can't hit the broad side of a barn. I like the accuracy the MG 124 gr JHP bullets give out of my open pistols but the PSA short chamber will not cooperate. Thanks. Bill
  9. Hi Eric. I'm still running stock (unreamed) PSA barrels. Loaded up a few, checked again this afternoon and the longest I can load 124 gr MG JHP is 1,055". Anything longer sticks in the rifling and is hard to extract. Also at that length the bullet hit the taper on the inside of the 9mm case and you can see what I believe they call the Coke Bottle effect. So far short bullets do seem to feed OK. I'm just not sure how short is safe. When you shot these in Texas, had you already reamed your barrel or did that come later? Thanks. Bill
  10. I'm having a blast shooting PCC in USPSA matches and now want to give it a try in 3 gun. Under the 3GN rules, targets at the max range of 100 yards much be 12" x 12". Anything under that distance and the sky's the limit. I read here on the forum some shooters are using their PCC's to shoot plates at 185 yards and further. My aspirations are not that high but I do want to hit what I am during a normal COF. So what bullets and loads are folks using in 3 gun and what kind of accuracy have you achieved? Thanks. Bill
  11. I've got the same safety on my 3 gun 2011. Works great. Bill
  12. Glenn's too busy creating masterpiece guns to mess with a website. Give him a call directly and he will set you up. Since he will probably in the shop, leave a voicemail and he will get back with you promptly. I'm running a couple of his safeties. Good choice. Phone: 713-823-1676 Fax Number: 281-350-9841 Email: glenn@lonestarpistols.com Bill
  13. I've shot the match several times and the stages were always great. This match was at the top of my "must attend" list. Bill
  14. The Texas Open did not allow PCC initially. Three weeks before the match they opened it up to PCC. Unless the stats have changed, they had more shooters in PCC than revolver, carry optics and single stack combined. Bill
  15. I think he started having problems when he went to a heavier buffer.