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  1. My best guess is no. Since you are authorized to handle your handgun I would think that included the ground.
  2. I remember a shooter who left two very expensive Steve Nastoff guns in his bag sitting on the range and went to the hotel. Guns were found and returned to him. Good folks we shoot with.
  3. What Sarge said. Strip off gun belt and leave it on table.
  4. As I heard it, she left it in the porta potty and requested an RO retrieve it. Safety area two steps away.
  5. We had one for AD on the unload.
  6. Not just master. One down from your highest. Your an A class in one you will be B class in the rest assuming you have a classification.
  7. If there is a shooting order I always let the first shooter test the door or prop first. He/she has fewer times to play on the stage than the rest.
  8. Just noticed the X5 was added to Production, minus magwell, on May 5, 2017. Picked mine up today. Perfect timing 👍
  9. Simply ask them to show you their statement in the rules. A little knowledge is often a dangerous thing.
  10. If he shoots it into the berm, and the RO clears the gun, etc., the gun is no longer loaded so Range Clear can be called. What am I missing?
  11. When asked "Are you ready?" say no. See what happens.
  12. The COF ends when range is clear is announced. Simple process, the RO records the time, then directs the shooter to shoot into the berm. Clear gun, announce range is clear, and proceed.
  13. Darrell Wallace, NASCAR driver.
  14. How exactly would that work? You found this forum. You can google shooting sports or practical shooting, or other combinations. Many gun clubs have web pages that give updated information about match dates and other information. When I got started I searched out a club and drove 3 1/2 hours each way to shoot. It's not all that hard.
  15. That still doesn't tell me what reach out means. To your point though, if someone has such ingrained fear perhaps that is more on them than us.