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  1. 40 years and counting, no DQ. The only thing that fits your statement is death. You don't even have to pay taxes as many demonstrate every day.
  2. Thanks for the info. Chuck Bradley at Shooters Connection is ordering just what I was looking for. I even have a set of scales and a box to make me good to go. Might have to buy aluminum grips but I hope not. Thanks again.
  3. Not being a CZ guy I have very limited knowledge of them. Is the compact available as a single safety or can the off side be removed. I sent an e-mail to CZ custom about a week ago but have not received a reply. Thanks
  4. I can not find language that prohibits an ambi safety. Can you explain ? Thanks
  5. I brought this very subject up in a BOD meeting years ago and was told it was not a problem. Of course things can change.
  6. Interpretation's are posted on the USPSA website. E-mails, I think, are unofficial guidance.
  7. Correct Nik. Nothing happens in a vacuum.
  8. I know for a fact that the DNROI, both past and present, has sought information, opinion, and guidance prior to issuing an official opinion. While Troy and I have strongly disagreed on particular issues, he has never exhibited a "my way or the highway" attitude. When push comes to shove someone has to make a decision. That job falls to the DNROI.
  9. Why would you even start the shooter without correcting the problem? No start=no DQ.
  10. The Para LDA also has an external thumb safety that does not have to be engaged.
  11. I believe this is part of the unfortunate migration from peace officer to LEO.
  12. Addressing a potential safety or equipment issue before the start signal is one sign of a good RO. When in doubt he kicked it up the chain for more guidance. Good job.
  13. Yes you can. Just be prepared to point to the rule that allows it.
  14. This just frustrates the heck out of me. The rules are easily available at no cost. All an individual needs is the willingness to read them. Sad.
  15. JP bolt and JP trigger assembly.