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  1. I'll be your Huckleberry!
  2. Nope, the "tab" that comes up to block the bolt wasn't coming up far enough. Removing metal allows me to push the BHO in farther raising the "tab" higher. my terminology and description is probably off but I don't know how else to describe it:)
  3. Well problem solved. Replace 9nn BHO with a standard BHO, no joy still won't lock open. Took the rifle to Don at Advanced Weapons Technology for help. Don took some metal off of the back of the BHO and now I am locked back to perfection. Happy Days are here again.
  4. Arbitrations are not precedent setting, however can provide good guidance. Our sport will probably never be absolutely clear cut on some things. Probably because it is a dynamic sport always presenting new challenges. I am part of a Range Master group that discuss these types of issues. I can tell you that on very few subjects is there unanimous agreement. Unfortunately, IMO, I am often in the minority opinions
  5. I am very happy that the 10 minor vs 8 major is working just as I hoped it would.
  6. I love Single Stack, but I can't find any downside to PCC. At 70 years (young) I have an optic, minor power factor scored against other minor power factor, a three point hold on the carbine, and a 40 round magazine for 99 percent of the stages. What could be better? I've been shooting PCC since it became available and love it.
  7. Ouch
  8. Your right that is it exactly. It seems that the BHO doesn't push up far enough to get a good purchase on the bolt. It barely touches the bolt then slides off. I'll try plan A first and see how that works.
  9. After several variations and combinations I am going to try replacing the bolt catch with a regular AR 15 bolt catch. All I am losing is a hold open on the last shot. With 40+ rounds in the mag that seems like a moot point.
  10. Doesn't it just apply pressure on the original bolt hold open? As soon as pressure is released now the bolt goes forward. i'm willing to try it. Send me one and if it works I'll consider paying you for it 😇
  11. How would that help?
  12. They are not. The Colt has the mag block which apparently helps hold the bolt back.
  13. Can't one is ramped the other is not. Not compatible with the fire controls. Then I would have two guns that will not work.
  14. The problem is on Make Ready. I have to try and seat a fully loaded mag on a closed bolt. I want to lock the bolt back but can't.
  15. I have two AR 9's. Number one gun Colt works perfect. Number 2 gun is a problem. CMMG lower assembly with the forged, no block mag well. Upper is a complete RRA including the bolt. Problem, bolt will not manually lock back. Gun shoots fine, just won't lock the bolt back. i take the RRA bolt and put it in the Colt it locks back fine. I take the Colt bolt and put it in the CMMG and the bolt locks back fine. I am stumped.