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  1. Has anyone compared the GPS models to the Shooter's Connection backpack in person?
  2. I tried to run .380 bullets through mine and didn't work so well. The bullets are so short that they turn sideways in the spring chute and jams up the works.
  3. I switched to a 90° sight mount just to help eliminate the problem and it had no effect. Squeezing the mag lips tighter immediately solved my problems. Tried couple of different ejectors before that with no effect. I also had the same problem with a single stack 1911 several years ago and it turned out to be a mag issue as well. That brass getting dinged the way it is is very familiar to me.
  4. Honestly never worried much about the rear dimension. The front being .340 keeps the rounds low enough for the empty to clear.
  5. Hopefully that gets you fixed up. I know for my gun it is repeatable. If I use a mag with wider feed lips it shows back up. I have to run mine about .340
  6. What about the PDQ from Teal Blue Bravo?
  7. Check to see if it's one magazine and or all of them. I had the same problem with a trubore open gun and it turned out the mag lips had expanded too much and it seem like the empty was hitting the next round in the magazine on ejection and not letting the ejector actually kick the case out. Once I tightened the feed lips up on the magazines the problem went away.
  8. I have 2 of them. Only reason I bought the other one was it was a great deal in the classifieds on another forum. $230 with the 45 degree mount to use on 3 gun rifle. Besides those Razors I have an RTS2 and a DP Pro along with a few smaller dots like the Docter and Fastfire 3 and some Cmore slide ride/railway sights. Railway is my choice for my pcc guns. If I need to spend money on another red dot sight it will likely be another 2.5 min Delta Point Pro.
  9. I guess it depends on what sort of match your shooting. around here the only two gun match I know of is shotgun and pistol.
  10. I'm sure it would be fine on a carbine. It was fine on my open gun with minor ammo, but the major ammo is too much for it. I have had no issues on the rimfire pistol or the one I have on an AR15.
  11. The last one Vortex replaced had the same problem, so it now resides on a GSG 1911 rimfire. I'll stick to the DP Pro.
  12. The first time it happened a couple weeks ago the battery voltage was 2.80 volts, so I changed the battery. Today the voltage is 3.01 volts. Going to a match tomorrow, so I put a new battery in at 3.25 volts. All I've used are Energizer bought locally. FWIW the battery in my Deltapoint Pro was at 2.75 volts and never gave me a hint of a problem. I changed it anyway, though.
  13. First time I noticed it was a couple of weeks ago. Was blinking noticeably but would come back on. Then would shut down and I have to use the button to turn it back on. Changed the battery and it was good for a match and a couple practice sessions. Now it's doing it again with a new battery. It is the eight MOA and I verified it was the V4 by pulling the battery tray out and putting it back in and the dot came back on. Guessing I will be sending it back this week. Anyone else had an issue with the newer ones?
  14. Keep it 1 day format, please. As smoothly as everything ran I see no reason to change it personally.
  15. I just picked one up and it runs minor ammo just fine as it came out of the box.