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  1. I had to take about .040 off any he bottom of my current sizing die to get my ammo to fit the case gauge.
  2. I got mine a couple of weeks ago for my Trubor. I got the stainless aggressive texture and have no regrets at all. Yes, it is a bit sharp, but I've shot it quite a bit and it is great. I also got the non pivoting grip safety to go along with it.
  3. Good job. Thanks for the pics. Did you have to releive the grip at all?
  4. I use the mold-them-yourself plugs from Radians for $12 and thet are better than any other foam plug I ever tried. I add muffs while actually shooting (open gun) or ROing an open shooter.
  5. I have a Cheely mount for mine, which works just fine.
  6. You could buy the Glock MOS plate kit and have your slide machine for the plates to work most likely. Looks like the 4 plate set is about $25 most places
  7. Instructions say do not lube bolt. I've had mine for a couple of years and never lubed the bolt ever and runs perfectly. I'm guessing I've got 3k rounds through it that way. Also check to see if tail end of extractor is rubbing inside of receiver. I had to trim one down with a file.
  8. RRA National Match trigger works perfectly in mine.
  9. Anything like this?
  10. I have the blitzkrieg and tried the JP. Blitzkreig is in my main gun right now. Noticeable difference as soon as I fired the gun. No experience with the others.
  11. I set up two carbines. One with a C-More for PCC at USPSA and steel matches. I have a 1 to 5 power scope on the one for multi gun.
  12. I thought the same thing when thinking about buying the Shockbottle 100 round case gauge ..... $100 for a case gauge? Then I thought "Really, what is $100 to make sure my $3,000 pistol is reliable at the match?", so ordered one and love it. If you think you need it, just get it. I've had good luck tuning my own mags, but seems like others aren't so lucky.
  13. I built one, but haven't gotten enough time to play with it. Seems to be a bit finicky feeding good from some mags and not from others. Mine is built on a Glock mag lower. Gas block is right against barrel nut and still have to load near major ammo for it to run. It is very nice to shoot, though. Bolt carrier had to be relieved to clear magazine feed lips and bolt face was opened up a little.
  14. I have 2 JR Carbines and installed regular AR handguards on both. Are you sure your barrel nut is not the problem? I didn't know there was any newer version. Mine are about 2 years old. What is different about a gen 2 JR?
  15. Silencerco Harvester. It's something like 13 ounces, .300 win mag rated, and $600. There are a few of them around here and they sound good.