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  1. Sorry guys, but from my experience what's clear to one may not be clear to another. I still think the rule should be explained in more detail in the book. But for now I know what to do. Thanks.
  2. To my knowledge Demon, you can have your starting mag in a pocket with 11 rounds since you chamber 1 at the make ready. The rules also allow you to have them in pockets, as long as that doesn't violate the hip bone location. It just makes things slower to grab one. But if there's a stage that requires like 60 rounds or something, you can certainly have them in your pockets.
  3. Ok, so I did a dry fit of my belt, holster and 5 mag holders. I did put my gun in the holster and 5 mags in the holders to actually see everything on. I believe I've found the location on the belt that allows my holders to have a single notch angle forward and still have the butt of the mag behind the hip bones. I've probably got room to spare behind the hip bones, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I did a quick 5 mag reload and found that it wasn't too bad, although if I ever need that 5th mag it'll be a bit of a reach not not horrible. I will definitely be adding Velcro the the back of each mag holder and my holster to help keep things securely in place. The only concern I'll be facing there is the 2" requirement for the belt-to-gun distance (Appendix D4-10). I'm right at 2" now and the Velcro may make it more. I may need to swap out the factory Comp-Tac drop holster and try the Springer drop holster mount I have instead. The last thing I want is to get DQ'd for something simple like that.
  4. Chuck, to me that still leaves room for interpretation. Meaning, yes the mag holder is behind the hip bone as shown in E3, but that shows a vertical holder and mag. My question is can the top of the mag as it sits in the holder lean in front of the hip bone if using a forward can't for the holder? Or does absolutely everything, regardless of being attached to the belt have to be behind the hip bone?
  5. Do the pouches have to be behind the hip bones, or does the top most part of the magazine (at a forward angle) have to be behind the hip bones? That isn't clear in the rule book. I'm hoping it's where the base of the mag holder is on the belt, but I can't tell for sure. I'm using the Ghost360's, and will have 5 on the belt.
  6. Hey everyone, I am in the process of setting up my belt with my holster and magazine holders, and have a question for everyone. I'm going to be running in the Production division, so I have limits to where my magazine holders can be located. I found that having my holders angled slightly forward helps with quicker reloads. Does anyone else have their production setup with angled magazine holders, whether it's forward or backward? Thanks for reading and future comments.
  7. Freedom Munitions is one I hear great things about. I'll be trying them myself. I hear it's very clean ammo too, so not much build up in the gun. 124gr and 135gr HP or RNFP are between 18c and 22c per round. Plus you can get either new or re-manufactured.
  8. The rule book is a great resource. I've really gone over it multiple times, especially the Appendix D (Production) to figure out what I can and can't alter for my P320FS to run production. Actually spells things out pretty well.
  9. This is great advice and I hadn't thought about it. Being a right hander, it makes great sense to work left to right especially for reloads. Thanks for bringing that up! My first match will be mid-May, so this thread has been great. I did go to a match at the first of this month, so I got a good feel for it. I helped paste and everything, so I felt more a part of what was happening.
  10. Is the interior of the bag the same as the "full size" version, just smaller and without the seat and box? Pictures leave much to be desired on the website.
  11. This is the bag I have for range visit and such. I love the side pocket that comes with 3 separate gun/mag bags that line up (look at the tan bag for the picture of this). Plenty of space for ammo, ears, eyes, keys, etc.
  12. Having run over a dozen OCR's since 2014, I can certainly see how the workouts would benefit match shooting. The WOD's aren't about making you a hulk-sized person, but rather making you more mobile, agile, while adding strength. From what I see with match shooting, you need to be mobile while attacking a course. Plus you do need a level of basic fitness to handle the gun and the hard/fast movement. If you're enjoying the Spartan WOD's, then keep at it. They'll help your overall fitness and lifestyle, while doing nothing negative for your match shooting. But that's just my opinion.
  13. I wear Salomon Speedcross 3's for my obstacle course racing and they're awesome! I'll certainly be trying them for USPSA shooting since they have a nice and aggressive tread that I would think would help greatly in a match. I have some Asic FujiRunnegade's as well that might work too and provide a bit more cushion to the feet for all the standing around we do between shooting.
  14. I saw that for the first time last week and really liked it. Feels different, but I agree that it seems to help with the recoil and helps keep the sights on target more. I'm certainly going to keep trying it and see how it works on all my guns.
  15. Hey Kevin, Thanks for letting me bother you all day this past Sunday. It was a great learning experience and I got a lot of good information. It was a bit overwhelming to be sure, but I did learn that there are many types of shooters and many there for different reasons. It's not always about being the fastest or best or whatever. I'm looking forward to getting involved and getting my shoot on! Yes, there's a lot here to absorb. I'm trying to start out slow and read based on headings, but I can see how it might get overwhelming fast. :-)