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  1. Massachusetts estate planning attorney with an LL.M. in tax law = total geek Former Marine Corps Precision Weapons Repairman and likes building motorcycles = total redneck Never gone hunting and doesn't want to = total geek Active in a sport developed to improve hunting skills (Trap) = total redneck
  2. If there was a quote of the day section, this should be included.
  3. Single stack (same rear of hipbone rule). Running three single pouches and one double. All vertical and bullets forward. May switch to 6 singles bullets out, but not in a hurry to buy more stuff.
  4. Right now I live fire 2-3 times a week. I am new to the sport so part of it is still sorting out loads and equipment. I need to start dry firing regularly.
  5. I can't tell you how many times in the Marine Corps High Risk Personnel course I saw someone shoot the hood of the car that was supposed to be cover because of this same issue.
  6. I injured my shoulder last summer, and I switched from my BT99 to my 11-87. Gun ran great and it kept me shooting when my shoulder couldn't take the single anymore. After a few months of healing, I was back on my BT99, but the 11-87 was effortless. It also allowed me to try doubles for the first time which was a lot of fun.
  7. I was doing a few reloads yesterday at 7 yards and was noticing that when I tried to go fast, I was doing little more than pointing the gun in the general direction of the target on the next shot. Still in the 2.5-3 second range, so I have a lot of work to do.
  8. Short story (because I left my data sheet at home): Weather: 65 degrees, partly cloudy with wind traveling from left to right relative to my shooting position. 200gr Blue Bullet SWC seated to 1.220 in Winchester brass with CCI large primer. All shots were hand held but supported at the duct cover. The gun is a 5" Kimber Custom Target 1911. 5.0gr of 231 produced the fastest times and the largest group. The large group may have been due to subtle variances in my point of aim, so that should be taken with a grain of salt. The average velocity was about 868 fps. 4.0gr of Clays produced the slowest times and the smallest group. Average velocity was about 770 fps. 4.3gr of Clays produced times that I consider to be safe for making major. The average velocity was in the 840's and the standard deviation was 12. The group size was only slightly larger then what I had with 4.0gr of Clays, and was within 2" at 25 yards. The extreme spread was 40 fps. I am going to continue to work with this and make sure my quality control is up to snuff.
  9. Like firewood said, Zilla Desert Blend is the walnut betting you are looking for. I got a 10 quart bag, and my tumbler uses only about 1.5 quarts. I didn't try mineral spirits, but I am using the Nu finish too.
  10. I will post some early next week. What velocities were you getting? Were you using this same bullet (Blue Bullet 200gr SWC)?
  11. I went in the opposite direction with mine. I am shooting the same bullets from a 1911. I could not chamber with the OAL at 1.250. Crimp was at .469. Got an improvement at 1.235, and much better at 1.220. Based on my measurements, I could go another .010 shorter and have the shoulder flush with the case. I am also going to be trying a higher magazine catch since my problems seem to be mostly from the first round in a 8 round magazine (barrel is throated and extractor is beveled and polished). Was running 5gr of 231, and am going to try some over 4gr of Clays. Chronograph is arriving today, so I can post some numbers.
  12. I wouldn't use a modified choke in trap unless you are picking up the birds right out of the box. A good test is to set up a large piece of cardboard 40 yards from the firing line and fire a shot using the load you use and the choke you use. Then look to see if you have a dense pattern. If there are gaps that a clay can pass through, your choke is too open. I used to shoot IM, and was thinking about switching to modified. I did this test and went to full and never looked back. Mod is good in the first shot barrel in doubles because you always know where the first shot will be and you can hit it fast.
  13. Yeah, prison sucks.
  14. If you have any magazines with a welded base like the CMC Shooting Star magazines, you will need the gap magwell so that the base will hit the front strap as it is supposed to in order to limit over travel. You can still add Dawson's screw on base pads to those magazines. I just ordered three screw on pads for my CMC Shooting Star magazines and three pads for my CMC Power Mags. If you get the Dawson Ice No Gap, you will need to use Dawson's No Gap magazine base pads which will only work on magazines with a removable base (CMC Power Mags, Wilson Combat, etc.)
  15. Single stack major 78 points (8A, 9C, 1D) 15.48 time 5.0388 hf First match. I need to get a lot faster.