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  1. I love my shadow 2.
  2. Personally I use and boyts h51 hard case with eberlestock drag bags. Makes for versitle combo of you changes your rifles a lot and not having foam cut for each.
  3. Just throwing this out there. Went through a similar exercise. Ended up with a ck arms hardcore. Absolutely love it. First 2011 for 3 gun. The poly grip ones are like 2800ish. The metal grip is like 3200ish. I've only played with a dvc limited and it was nice. But the trigger on the ck is better for the same money. But they don't come with a mag.
  4. No worries. Shot it today and it's a dream to shoot. Got a great deal other wise I was thinking brazos
  5. Thanks but already bought the CK Arms Thunder.
  6. Thanks. Yea meant to link the 140mm but those 4 and 7 are kind of tricky.
  7. So I'm looking at these http://www.speedshooter.com/product_detail.cfm?id=STI2011MAG-&n=STI-New-Generation-2011-Magazines And then the grams 9mm follower and spring http://www.speedshooter.com/product_detail.cfm?id=FKS-13-&n=Grams-Follower-Kit--STI-SV/SPS-170mm I should be set? No spacer? I've looked ar mbx and might pick one it two up.
  8. Just bought my first 2011 and have a mag question. Looking at speed shooters they have 140mm .38/9mm mags. I was going to buy a few and replace with graham guts. I keep reading about the 9mm spacer plate. Do I need to buy the spacer plates for these mags? I've also seen STI mags advertised as 9mm only. Do these mags come with the spacer already?
  9. Thanks for all the responses. I decided to go with a CK arms Hardcore in 9mm. Should be here next week. Does anyone know which holsters fit these? Will the STI edge holster fit?
  10. Always good to know. I've read the magazines van be an issue but you've got a point with changes and testing that I didn't think much about. But I've read that atlas and ck are both extremely helpful should you encounter a problem.
  11. I think you said what I am getting at. Did that with bolt guns and put money into the savages and 700s that I never got back. I'm not sure what I don't like on a 2011. I've shot my cz enough to know what I'd like to change. I guess I'm looking to try something new. I've shot 1911 enough to get a general idea but think I'm gonna skip the custom. Which is why I think I wanted the SPS at first to see what I liked and if I liked it. Now I'm thinking an Atlas titan or ck that's Already built shoot it and go from there.
  12. I get what you're saying. Where I'm coming from is I shoot primarily prs. When I starated in that game I was shooting a savage, then I made changes, then a remington which I upgraded. Now everything I shoot is custom and the way I want it. So that's my thinking with the 2011, an I gonna buy then 2 or 3 months later want to upgrade. As for sticking with cz just cause I love them now doesnt mean I can't like something more. Im shooting a shadow 2 and there are some things Id like to change. And not to sound like a pompous ass but I'm lucky enough to be able to spend more then I should on guns.
  13. Thanks for the responses so far. Atlas is top of my list right now. With ck arms in second. I've been checking the classifieds pretty often but nothing has caught my eye. So far what I'm gathering is pass on the sti's and spend the money? If so now deciding if I want the ck or the atlas.
  14. I've been looking to get a 2011. I've shot them a bit at matches and liked them, but it usually takes me a couple hundred rounds to find out if I really like the gun. This brings me to my question. I've been shooting CZ's but want to try something new for a bit. This gun will be for 3 gun only. I've read through lots of posts and can't decide on which gun to go with. I originally thought I would get and S.P.S Pantera to get my feet wet and see if I really like the platform but they are nowhere to be found in 9mm and I've been looking for the last few months. Then as i went deeper into the rabbit hole I discovered Atlas and CK arms. I'm at the point now where I'm not sure if I want to go all in on this gun and spend the $4k+ with a wait of a few months and not have it or should I hold out for a S.P.S Pantera if I can ever find one? My last option is to go middle of the road and get a STI Tactical or Edge. While I keep reading buy once cry once I'm not a firm believer in this saying as my CZ's are middle of the road and I love them. So this brings me to my question, Should I go all in on my first 2011? Money isn't a huge concern, but again being new to the platform I'm not sure if I'll appreciate the $4k+ on a custom 2011. Or should I start small, plan to shoot it and if I like it go custom then sell the original? last question, where are all the S.P.S. Pantera's in 9mm? All i find is .45!