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  1. Yes, i saw midway was supposed to have them in stock by April 30th. I'm trying to sell my Burris XTR II to make room.
  2. Yes, I really like the new ASTR1 reticle. Hopefully it will be more available at the end of the month. I'd like to pick one up this summer.
  3. Not carbon fiber but it's only $20...
  4. I believe the m-tac is being replaced with the new RT-6, a little extra magnification and the same reticle.
  5. I have a strike industries enhanced dust cover and it opens slowly (and yes I twist the spring to apply tensions) and it flys right off every time the bolt comes forward. So I don't have one now.
  6. I'm actually leaning toward the M3k right now over the m3000 but still doing a little more research. Thanks for all if he info.
  7. This thread is great, thanks for all the information. I'm leaning toward a Steiger but still researching.
  8. 25 yards, haven't had the opportunity to shoot anywherre with targets further out.
  9. We have a range in the area that lets you rapid fire only after taking a training course to make sure your safe about it.
  10. I use to use a spray bottle to practice squeezing the trigger for the fast twitch reflexes, practice with both hands so you can shoot off hand too.
  11. Can you use the same pin and safety from the other or is the safety wider also?
  12. Does PA timer pro have this ability also?
  13. 15 minutes a day isn't bad. I just glanced at the article but will read the details later. I also need to practice two eyes open aiming technique.
  14. This is the first time I've heard of the tape trick. I'll have to look through the forum to see if there is any two eye open training techniques.
  15. Interesting concept, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.