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  1. How about just a smaller-framed gun? If you want steel, a CZ-75 with thin aluminum grips and an SA trigger is much smaller than a Stock III. Or how about a single-stack 9mm 1911?
  2. No one ever talks about whether their Tanfoglio is the large frame or the small frame. Is this just assumed? I've never held a small frame version, and I'd be curious to know if there is a big difference. Below is that video, but the guy sounds foreign and is using the metric system. Doesn't that mean he's from a country that can get the small frame version? So which one is in the video?
  3. Who is replacing the plastic trigger? Anything metal out there yet?
  4. Yes! This helps a ton! Thank you very much!
  5. So I called CZ-USA today and spoke with a sales rep and their gunsmith. I was looking for as much information as I could gather about the dimensional differences in the grip area between the Shadow 2 and the TS Orange. I can't decide which one I want, but I just sold my Tanfoglio Stock III because the grip area it was a bit too big, even with thin aluminum grips. Both the sales rep and the gunsmith agreed that even though the Shadow 2 takes the smaller CZ-75 magazines, the grip has significantly more girth. In fact, both agreed that even after holding the Shadow 2 and the TS Orange, they wouldn't be able to declare that the Shadow 2 was smaller than the TS Orange. So now I'm nervous. The original CZ-75 frame is perfect for me, but I really, really want checkering (no grip tape). I'm concerned that buying the Shadow 2 will feel like the Stock III which I don't like. I know some say the Stock III and the Shadow 2 are close cousins, but I also know that we can only get the large frame version of the Stock III. I would have assumed people would be more correctly comparing the Shadow 2 to the small frame Stock III. Now I'm not so sure. Anyone have any insight that can help me?
  6. Sorry man. I always bet on black . . .
  7. So can you elaborate on the feel of the Stock III with your TS Orange? Also, the Stock III will feel like a completely different gun with the thin aluminum grips. Did you ever try those? In short, do you think the TS Orange feels any "smaller" than the Stock III? That is really my question Thank you
  8. Bob Lee Swagger gets my vote
  9. Hmm. Thanks I would have figured the Shadow 2 would be noticeably smaller considering it uses the original CZ-75 magazines. Now i'm confused . . . So have either of you ever held a Witness Elite?
  10. I read that too, but then I read their choices for the backstrap. I would want the "Flat" option. From that description, it would seem that either adding a magwell isn't possible, or they don't actually remove the hump as much as they say they do. BACKSTRAP REDUCTION None - No backstrap reduction performed on the frame. Maintains factory backstrap angle as well as factory feel in hand. 50% - Reduction of the hump on the backstrap of the frame by half before texturing, reducing some of the overall girth of the firearm and adding to ease of sight acquisition. Flat - Reduction of the hump on the backstrap of the frame making it straight flat line from the beavertail section to the bottom of the frame prior to texturing. Reducing the overall girth of the frame and adding to ease of sight acquisition.
  11. Thanks That's the one I'm leaning toward. Just need to wait for them to stock their inventory . . .
  12. Is there a consensus on the best aftermarket charging handle upgrade for the EVO? I really need a larger size . . . Thanks
  13. Does anyone know if I can still use Zev's smaller magwell if I were to have my grip reduced by them? I would want the smallest possible dimensions, which means the mainspring housing area would be reduced as much as possible. It isn't clear from the website, but I'm afraid that chopping down the mainspring housing area would eliminate the space required to mount their magwell. Any insight would be appreciated.
  14. Congrats! What do you think of the frame size? Is the large frame an issue for you, over, let's say, the smaller CZ-75 frame size? Thanks
  15. I have Witness Elite Stock III, and even with the thin aluminum grips (EAA Xtreme), the pistol still feels just a bit to big for my hand. The dimension that I don't like is front-to-back on the grip. It's almost like holding a 2x4 for me. That said, the TS Orange is on the list. However I know this is a larger frame size than the CZ-75 series. Am I going to feel the same way with a TS Orange than I do with my Stock III? Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead and get the Shadow 2 instead? Thank you