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  1. So I shot carry optics for my first match and loved it. I'm currently shooting a g19MOS with a vortex venom dot. So the 19 was purchased before competition shooting was in the picture. So now I'm thinking about getting something more geared toward competitions and it got me to thinking. Usuallly one would go with a 17 or 34 for uspsa due to a longer sight radius. But I'm shooting optics! So what would me advantages be of going to a longer gun? Especially since longer mags are not an issue with glock. A slightly larger girp? Little more velocity out of the barrel? Im just wondering out loud here. I know if I decide to go production or limited I'll get a 34 or 35 (or something different all together). This isn't really glock specific. I'm just wondering, why should I buy a longer gun if I'm not using the sights anyway? caleb
  2. Thx chuckie! The rotating thing i noticed when reviewing my videos. I think part of that is the fact that I just had hip surgery 7 months ago and while fully healed I still favor it and try to avoid moving it to hard. I need to overcome that habit. I will work on getting the gun up faster and have been working on the grip. Thx for the video. Hadn't seen that one yet. Caleb
  3. Yes I had my number and gave it to the MD
  4. So I just got my new member packet. Finally was able to log into my online account. What worries me me is when I go to look at my scores there is nothing there!! I shot my first match which had 2 classifiers on 4/15 so not quite 2 weeks ago. Should I be worried? Does it usually take longer to get the updated scores? Am I looking in the right area? Thanks guys
  5. Thx for the tips guys. The uspsa site isn't working well from my phone. Maybe I need to try it from a desktop. Ill I'll try and join the Facebook deal and check it out.
  6. So I'm new to this. I've found a small local range. They don't do uspsa but rather just an unorganized pistol match each month. Then I've also found a nice range an hour or so away that hold a nice USPSA match monthly. My question is, how do you find out about other places to shoot uspsa matches? Are they published somewhere? Im an hour from St. Louis, and hour from Evansville IN, an hour from Effingham IL, and hour from Paducah KY. Surely there are matches to shoot on any given weekend. I just don't know how to find them. Thanks Caleb
  7. Good advice here. I shot my first one last week. Take food and water. You will want it. If they say 250 rounds take 500 don't be afraid to ask to be bumped down if your first. Go slow mentally. Your going to be slow physically anyway. Clean everything well before you go. I had zero malfunctions at the match and it was really nice. Last but def not least. DONT PULL THE TRIGGER UNTIL YOU HAVE A GOOD SIGHT PICTURE! You will be amazed how easy this is to forget. Shoot, my first targets of the first stage I was shooting and forgot I even had a red dot on. Never even saw it! Lol. And BTW: HAVE FUN!! Your not gonna win.
  8. I've noticed in dry fire recently that my finger tends to go in front of the guard on my g19. I always though that was wrong. Guess I'll play with it some and see how it actually works for shooting. Caleb
  9. They call it dream. It's a twist of orange sherbet and vanilla custard. In a waffle cone of course!!
  10. Reloads are looking much improved.
  11. Digital
  12. Thanks for the tip on the steel. My strategy was to shoot paper first so that if I took extra rounds on the steel I wouldn't end up without enough rounds to clear the paper without doing a reload. A lot of the steel could be engaged from multiple locations. Does that make sense to anyone?
  13. Thx for the clarification guys. Bill, I'll pass on naming the club publicly.(not that it would be hard to figure out) Like I said, first time ever shooting there. Some of us have to take what we can get for matches. Not a ton around these parts. I'm gonna have a chat with the RM about it on Monday. Just so he is aware. He's a super nice guy and I'm sure he will want to know how it went down. Maldonado I don't think it was a wife spread problem. I think these two got a wise idea and no one told them no and no one scored it right. I know the squad in front of us did it right and I know 13 out of 15 in our squad did it right. Caleb
  14. Match went great. 57 out of 80. Arm actually loosened up as the day went on. It feels fine now as long as you don't touch it!! check out my videos over in the video critique area