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  1. Got it! I got clarification from Kevin. There were more than the two shooting positions. Thank you all.
  2. By the way...this controversy comes from an article posted in the NROI tab on the USPSA website I'm not sure when the article was written...may have been before the February 2014 Rules update. In which case, the article may no longer be valid since the issue was addressed in the 2014 update Rules Changes.pdf. If the article information is still valid (written after the update), I will probably need to "update" my thinking on the Rounds Per View rule. I was hoping someone would mention that they were familiar with the update of this issue and be able to set me straight quickly. I tried posting this topic in this manner, but no one's pretty boring when you look at it from this perspective. I have a call out to Kevin Imel (the author) for clarification but he hasn't gotten back to me yet.
  3. Teros135: I agree this stage is not the greatest design and I would not design a stage like this, even if it is legal. It's just hypothetical, but understanding why it's legal or not legal could come into play during a match where the "Rounds Per View" issue raises it's ugly head.
  4. For the purpose of this discussion, and for clarification, there are only the two shooting ports/positions/views available on the COF. Also check 9.5.1 and see if it plays into the ruling.
  5. teros135: So is it a legal stage design?
  6. RJH: What info am I missing.
  7. Is this a legal stage? 16 classic paper targets. Best two per target. Targets T-1 to T-15 can be engaged from the first view/location. Targets T-2 to T-16 can be engaged from the second view/location. So, to complete the stage you must shoot from both locations.
  8. Only one match under my belt at this time but it was very fun and well managed. The competitors are awesome. We had 12 shooters and everyone was very welcoming and helpful. A lot of new gun laws and a totally different gun culture than I'm used to. I was a bit freaked out at first but after that match, I feel very much at home. We shot in the jungle...literally. I expected to see Tarzan swing out of the trees.
  9. The only way to travel from the Big Island (Hawaii Island) is by plane. There are a lot of deals to be had but I'm guessing round trip will usually be around $150 (I paid $144). No hydrofoils due to the effect on the marine mammals. Then there's hotel, transportation, and food...+ match costs. I'm figuring around $600, so I won't be doing it too often. I figured I'd do two matches the first time and get the story from the locals. I'm going to shoot Limited 10 for the first time. They don't offer Limited here, which I usually shoot. I'm a Beretta shooter and I'll be shooting my new M9A3.
  10. Shooting my second match in HI (Big Island Practical Shooters) tomorrow and heading for Oahu on the 31st to shoot two matches at Koko Head Shooting Complex (Mid Pacific Pistol League and Hawaii Practical Shooters). Very new to practical shooting...started in 2014 at age 64. Going to take the CRO class in CA in July so I have some limited RO experience. Tomorrow will be my 82nd IPSC match. Just discovered this forum and am very excited about what I've been reading. Not a lot of USPSA shooters on the Big Island (around 15 or 20 active shooters, I'm guessing) so networking is limited. Hoping this forum will keep me in touch with the issues and I will be happy to share what I learn about clubs and matches in HI. Thanks for the Forum