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  1. This is the answer I want to hear. Thank you very much, will browse through and put in an order.
  2. I suspect this could be part of it as well. the 19 trigger is extremely well worn in and could be a different pull. However no way I try to use it, other than adjusting grip, can I get even semi accurate shots out of it.
  3. That should probably do it, any suggestions? Will check them out. What one do you suggest?
  4. First post on here, shoot both a Glock 34 Gen4 and a CZ 75 SP01 Shadow. Switch off between production and Limited minor USPSA. If this topic has been beat to death, please just point me to the best thread. I have always been a die hard Glock fan, have a Gen2 G19 with probably 40-60K through it, replaced worn parts and it's still going. Love my G43 also. I recently bought a Gen4 34 to compete with and have consistent problems with trigger reach, all shots push left. Unless I rotate my grip to be significantly less supported I cannot resolve this, and once I adjust my grip my follow up shots are not as consistent. I have tried all of the back straps and am currently using none as to reduce the grip. I thought it was me making mistakes, anticipating or something, but it only happens with this gun. I also shoot a CZ and do not have this issue, I am accurate all day if I do my part and have no problem reaching and getting a good center point on the pad of my finger to press the trigger. I feel kind of stupid, my hands are not tiny and they don't seem like I should have this issue, but it is most definitely there. I see that others have used aftermarket triggers or grip reductions for similar problems, however I feel this will not be production class legal. I am looking at probably selling it if I can't find a good solution, and just keep shooting my CZ. Any suggestions?