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  1. You are correct, I have the redesigned pouches, not milled. Ghost requires a bit of tinkering sometimes but so far no complaints about the quality. But those tensionscrews....
  2. I use the same pouches, i will check when I am at home.
  3. I use a chrony indoor and I just taped some led bars to the screens. Turned off the lights directy above the chrony and no issue with reading, front an rear sensor are fine. Costs nearly €10,- cheap fix.
  4. Thank you guys, feel welcome here! I live near Rotterdam SCinTX, not too far from leiden, less than an hour drive
  5. Hey all, just registered to this forum after reading a couple of months. To introduce myself, Im Johan from The Netherlands, 24 and shooting since Im 14. Shooting IPSC handgun for 4 years now and Im pretty hooked to the standard division. Im competing in Minor with a Sig X5 and planning to shoot Major with a STI Edge .40. Getting my rifle license in two weeks. Occupation; medic in the Royal Dutch army. What more to tell, Im here to get info for some reloading issues I experience with the .40. Bulges, powerfactor issues, OAL and finetuning my magazines for my pistol... lots and lots more. See ya around!!