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  1. Yes they are a legal target. But you need to make a non scoring border on de cutline. And when you cut a target you can't use the other part as a second target. So the presentation you see in the video are 2 cut up targets. Thanks for the tips on transitions! Now I have to figure out a drill and a place to practice them. I dont have modular bullettraps on my own 25m range and can't fire in the walls.
  2. DAA is the one you should get. Very good holster also for the 'not serious in competition' shooter. Using it for 2 years now and still happy with it!
  3. No wooden shows, too slow 😉 No we can use the limits of IPSC. I have 19 or 20 9x19 in mij x5.
  4. Hey guys, Here you have a medium course from the Netherlands. Any tips in how to improve my movement and getting in a good shooting position? Link is in dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c4a4g1l0sppberi/VID-20170415-WA0001.mp4?dl=0 Thanks!
  5. You are correct, I have the redesigned pouches, not milled. Ghost requires a bit of tinkering sometimes but so far no complaints about the quality. But those tensionscrews....
  6. I use the same pouches, i will check when I am at home.
  7. I use a chrony indoor and I just taped some led bars to the screens. Turned off the lights directy above the chrony and no issue with reading, front an rear sensor are fine. Costs nearly €10,- cheap fix.
  8. Thank you guys, feel welcome here! I live near Rotterdam SCinTX, not too far from leiden, less than an hour drive
  9. Hey all, just registered to this forum after reading a couple of months. To introduce myself, Im Johan from The Netherlands, 24 and shooting since Im 14. Shooting IPSC handgun for 4 years now and Im pretty hooked to the standard division. Im competing in Minor with a Sig X5 and planning to shoot Major with a STI Edge .40. Getting my rifle license in two weeks. Occupation; medic in the Royal Dutch army. What more to tell, Im here to get info for some reloading issues I experience with the .40. Bulges, powerfactor issues, OAL and finetuning my magazines for my pistol... lots and lots more. See ya around!!