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  1. My eyes are pretty messed up and I learned to shoot both eyes open initially.. now doing the tape trick while dry firing and i feel it help my accuracy and still allows me that "situational awareness"
  2. Welcome aboard! Really awesome that you fixed up his Dillon 450. These Dillon presses last forever!
  3. North Phoenix area Ive been shooting my M&P9 and VP9 for a few years now.... just picked up a used CZ Shadow from a member that has all the works done by CZC. Its a very nice weapon with roughly 6lb DA and 2.5lb SA. Looking forward to learning to shoot this beauty well
  4. Hey all, Been shooting casually for about 8 years now mostly into tactical defensive training and SHTFantasy stuff but really looking at getting into the competitive scene to hone my gun handlings skills and push myself. I bought Ben Stoegers Dryfire Reloaded and setup a mini home range to start practicing. Haven't had time to get out to a match yet. Looking forward to meeting some of you out there - Michael