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  1. My impression was that at the Jan 2017 review, Matt Hopkins suggested an increase, but that it was not approved.
  2. For Carry Optics, if the weight limit is 35 oz, does that mean that if you have a gun that is under that, you can add additional weights (say in the magazine) in order to increase the weight up to the legal limit? Or am I just reading this incorrectly.
  3. When you go back to irons, do you find that the training w/ the dot helps for 1 and 2?
  4. I don't mind the mag restrictions, since I (til recently) was in a 10 round state. And carry optics has the new 140mm regs. It really comes down to which sight style to go with that I'm most unsure about.
  5. Hi everyone, Maybe this is the wrong thread to ask in, but for a new USPSA shooter, would it be more beneficial to start in production or carry optics? Specifically, I'm wondering whether there is an asymmetry in crossover between learning to shoot on irons vs. a dot. I've shot lots of irons (former bullseye (only used irons) and olympic pistol shooter), but have no experience with a dot. Would learning a dot lead to more improvements in irons than learning in irons lead to shooting w/ a dot? The specific skill areas I know I need the most work in are: 1) Calling shots 2) Shooting while moving (and calling shots while doing so) 3) Indexing What differences would a carry optic versus irons make in learning these skills? Are there other core skills that are dramatically impacted by irons vs dots?
  6. Is this promotion still ongoing?
  7. What kind of work did you do specifically? And would you go with the Zev again? Or would you choose something else?
  8. For a long time I did. And then I've realized the beauty in its simplicity and reliability. My bullseye guns were very capricious about ammo and feeding and performance. That is one part I do not miss at all.
  9. Besides DK Custom, are there any other production legal triggers that are highly regarded? I'm still all very new to this stuff. But I was a longtime bullseye shooter so I'm always finnicky about triggers.
  10. I'm getting started in USPSA production using a G17 and am have a self-tuned trigger with some upgraded internals. However, I was wondering whether there are significant benefits to be had by getting a full production-legal trigger kit from someone like Vanek. Are these production-legal triggers as good as the non-legal ones? Are the production-legal triggers significant improvements over OEM? Appreciate the input.
  11. I've had good experience with their 10 rounders so it's encouraging to hear their 22 round magazines can also perform. Definitely something to put on the shopping list.