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  1. I took a look at it this morning and there is an adjustment on it. I just never saw it before because it is an extremely small hex head screw
  2. I didnt pay attention to wether or not it was always the same round but next time I definately will. As far as co witnessing the laser to my sights like I said im not sure if thats possible because i dont think there is any adjustment on it but if I hold the laser on my POA the same everytime it shouldnt matter as long as the laser doesnt move. At least thats my theory on it it seems to me as long as my POI is consistent than POI should be as well and where the POI is doesnt really matter to me as I dont plan on actually using a laser sight for any other situation
  3. That was my next step. I was going to shoot 15-20 rnds at 30ft(as far as my local ranges pistol side goes) and also 15-20 on the rifle side of the range at 25yds. Thats very interesting I had never heard of that before ill have to look into it. Do you have any idea why? I believe the laser I have is fixed ill have to take a look at it but i dont think there is any adjustments on it and it fits very tight on the rail.
  4. Just wanted to get a few opinions from some people with far more experience than me. So I went to the range the other day to test out the various different loads ive been working on. I was shooting from a bench with a rest and shooting 5 shot test groups. I noticed that just about every 5 shot group I shot had a flyer that was on average about 1.5" off the rest and im sure it has to do with me and not holding perfectly on my POA. So I was wondering what you guys think about using a rail mounted laser sight while shooting from a bench to keep POA more consistent and give a more accurate representation of group sizing. Ive never really used a laser sight before but do have an older streamlight one laying around that I bought years ago and never installed.
  5. Not sure if I like plated bullets Im fairly new to reloading. So far ive been sticking with coated lead which I like but figured id try the berrys cause they were on sale for about the same price.
  6. I was just about to order 1k berrys bullets from natchez shooting supplies because theyre on sale, but when I went to checkout the cheapest shipping option was $30! Is their shipping always that high?
  7. Jcc7x7 thanks for the advice looks like ill have to go buy a chronograph before going much further. Other than the burn marks the brass is all in good shape so I assume it shouldnt be a problem using it again right?
  8. Just got back from the range. All my loads shot well with the 147gr 2.7gr of TG at 1.115" being very accurate and a very nice shooting round. I did notice on most of the brass that i picked up the sides looked burnt. Ill try to upload a picture later. Is this normal when using Titegroup or am i doing something wrong?
  9. Muncie21 is that the OAL you use because thats what will pass the plunk test in your gun or is it because you find it more accurate at a shorter oal? Still trying to figure this all out like i said my 135gr rn have to be loaded to 1.130 to fit but i just did some 147gr fp and I could load those all the way down to 1.050 and they fit but I loaded the 147s to 1.115" to be more on the cautious side
  10. Thanks Mosher
  11. Hey guys im fairly new to reloading for handguns and ordered a few different weights of bayou coated 9mm bullets. I was loading up test loads last night and when I got to the 135gr RNs I couldnt find much data for them. The only thing I could find was a post from Dennis (Im guessing he is affiliated with Bayou bullets as ive seen his name mentioned in several threads about them.) I downloaded his load data PDF and found for a 135gr he was using 3.4-4.0grs of TG with an OAL of 1.150". I loaded up a dummy round at that length and tried the plunk test in the barrel of my SP-01 and it didnt pass. I seated it deeper in small increments and found that the bullet rests on the lands at 1.145" which if im understanding correctly would put my max OAL at around 1.130" So my question is if i load to 1.130" OAL should I still be ok to start with 3.4gr of TG and work up from there or do you think I should cut it down and start a little lower because the bullet is seated deeper? Sorry if this is a stupid question but im still trying to wrap my head around this OAL and exactly how much it affects pressures.
  12. I think the the kitsap range is shut down for now at least. I know the county has been trying to close them permanantly for some ridiculous reason for quite awhile now
  13. Thanks guys
  14. Thanks for all the helpful info guys. I went and shot a few of my loads the other night and most went just fine but nothing very accurate and I had one that keyholed. So i went back and loaded a few more dummy rounds to mess with different belling and taper crimp settings and think I found my problem. I think I was belling too much and then taper crimping too tight. Not sure how it was screwing it up but I put together 3 dummy rounds at 1.150" for the 147gr rnfp and with the lighter "crimp" all three seated fine on the plunk test. I put them in the clip and ran them through the gun quite a few times and all seem to feed just fine. Seems kinda long from what ive read though
  15. Hi guys, im fairly new here and trying to get into shooting USPSA production division. Anyone on here that could point me in the right direction on finding matches in the Kitsap County/Tacoma area.