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  1. TopGun has some in stock! GO! http://www.topgunsupply.com/sig-sauer-p320-x-five-full-size-9mm-nitron-adjustable-sights-dao.html
  2. Welcome Wolf! Come shoot SuperSteel at Peacemaker with us this Sat! Were all in Squad5: https://practiscore.com/pntc-may-2017-super-steel-am/register
  3. FBURG: https://practiscore.com/clubs/va14-fredericksburg-ps Lexington Park (Sanners Lake): http://www.sannerslake.org/USPSA
  4. Decent day today w/ one muck up with a NS. 13-01: Disaster Factor (5.4679/58.53%: C) 09-04: Pucker Factor (5.2356/48.93%: C) 03-09: On the Move (3.2616/33.83%: D) SUCKED THIS ONE UP w/ a NS. 99-08: Melody Line (4.8282/59.91%: C, almost B ) 06-10: Steely Speed VII (6.1728/72.84%: B, almost A!!!!) 08-03: Six (6.1947/60.73%: B )
  5. ha! Thanks. I did ok but I think was mainly due to the fact the normal good shooters just had an off day. Gonna goto AAFG for their 6 classifier this Sat. Hi-Power Jack: lots of LIVE fire practice Been going almost every week to TMGN. Usually dont dry fire too much but I do practice reloads once in a while. Wifey doesnt like it when I say.. Honey, can you run the stopwatch on the iPhone?? Though I did find the SureFire shot timer app so now I can do that solo
  6. am I going the wrong way? My brass was ejecting like 20' away so I was thinking I had to go to a heavier recoil spring, no?
  7. here is my buffer after one match (<100 rounds). That's with the stock spring that came with the gun. Someone posted above that the spare springs are 11 and 13 pounds with the shorter of the two being 11. The spring that's in the gun is actually the shortest of the 3. Anyone know if that is even lower than the 11 in the spares?? Also, has anyone changed out their front sight? Im used to something similar to my Sig Legion w/ a much larger dot (optic surrounded by green; kind of like the TruGlo TFX or TrijiconHDs). Granted Ive only shot a couple matches with the TSO, but im finding a much harder time picking up that TINY red optic. See pic for comparison. Thanks!
  8. I noticed the pinched spring as well. Was not sure if the buffer being cracked had something to do with it but was super hard to remove. I'll try using with one of the spare springs that came with the gun and see what happens tonight!
  9. Tried to search but came up empty. Im using whatever came with the gun. Havent touched the internals. Are the springs that come with the gun different?
  10. Shot my .40 TSO a lot yesterday and noticed during cleaning that the buffer on the end of the guide rod/spring was split? Shot roughly 100 rounds... seems like premature wear to me. Luckily the gun comes with a pack of spares!
  11. That be me! You know what helps me become a better shooter? Me and a few friends always make a wager for loser buys 1st round after the match
  12. Been shooting a P226 in PROD. Goal for my first year is to make "B"! Learning a lot from fellow shooters.
  13. Hi all... got started in guns when my governor at the time told me we couldnt have them anymore. Shot my first USPSA classifier this past Thursday. Having a hoot!