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  1. Thank you, PM sent!
  2. Already spent yesterday evening picking, heating, whacking, and disassembling to see if the hole went all the way through (it didn't) so yeah, gunsmith time
  3. Thank you, those are very helpful. I look forward to updating after my next match/practice session
  4. I know it. I've been running with the goal of no misses/no shoots so when I do my walkthrough and note them of course I'm going to shoot them. (Or overcompensate and miss). Kind of like looking where you don't want to drive and ending up in a tree. thanks!
  5. Ok good points. So basically, I need to move away from worrying about A and getting weirded out about white and focus on the center of the available brown and let the rest become part of the background? If so, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks, I'm still learning my way along here.
  6. Overhauling my 1911 last night, discovered the rear ejector post sheared off in the frame. I tried the simple fixes (heat, gently tapping, etc) no luck. It wont even rotate in place when torqued with a dental pick. I'm going to need a competent guy to drill it out, and fast. Any suggestions?
  7. I have run into a mental conundrum. Not sure I'll be able to explain it adequately How does one go about "ignoring" no-shoots, hard cover, etc? Better question, since they really cant be ignored as they have to be "seen" and processed to adequately assess your appropriate target area, how do you not psych yourself out in the process? There's an A zone, and that's ideally what I should be aiming for consistently, regardless of weather or not C (for example) is partly covered by a NS. For whatever reason, I have noticed when a target is partly obscured, its almost a reflex to change my point of aim slightly away from the NS, not wanting to hit it, resulting in misses or D's. Its a pretty typical mental block for me. How do you overcome it? Sheer repetition?
  8. Thanks! That's the beauty of judging your own situation rather than having it legislated to you: Some folks may need an M4, 6 30 round mags, 210 rounds of ammo, a full size combat sidearm with four mags and a layer of ballistic plate. Others may only require a 6-shot .380 and some Bermuda shorts. May even be the same person, just on different weekends. Far be it from me to say whats reasonable unless I'm in their boots/sandals at that given moment
  9. so yesterdays breakdown- 320pts 40pen in 46.96sec is 5.9625. Still middle of the pack, and that's fine for now. Eliminating the 3 mental mistakes would have given me 6.9420 (assuming the 3 shots / 4 penalties translated into 3 D hits rather than misses and a NS), which would have out me in the upper 3rd. (Also now realizing I probably should have questioned the scoring as the NS on the perf should have been one penalty, not a miss/NS and been 6.1794. My ignorance cost me -.2 hf ). Ah.. The learning continues.
  10. 3/27 - club practice match, indoors. I've spent all this time working on reasonable, consistent accuracy and found myself scoring almost the exact same points every week. been working on building a base for moving quickly and went tonight with the goal of going balls-out as fast as I can and still try to get my hits. I figured it wasnt going to be pretty but I wanted to know what how speed could affect the overall HF even taking an accuracy hit. When I got there, the stage was set up for alot of movement so it worked out perfectly. I asked the RO of the day to watch me closely and call me out on everything, including near penalties or possible issues. Ended up with an excellent time and very good HF, (for me) and it turns out with a few notable exceptions, I hit nearly exactly where I wanted to (!) I had 3 misses, they were all on the same target, and I know exactly what I did to get them. I'm pretty stoked about the results and I know now how fast I should be moving when Not Shooting, and what an acceptable sight picture is. I'll continue on training as I am. I need to work a bit on my mental game so I don't lose focus or let no-shoots worry me (just keep aiming for A, screw the NS) on a side note, new parts for the colt came in, ed brown extractor, ejector, recoil spring, backstrap and magwell. Tearing it down tomorrow.
  11. 3/24 - should have been a rest day, went mountain biking. paid for it, was worn out halfway. Don't care, weather was beautiful 3/25 - off day 3/26 - Lift#1, DF: mag change drills focusing on bringing the gun back to eye level. Tough to break the old habit of back to "workspace". Concerned I'll get confused when pressure is on.
  12. Privacy fences are a wonderful thing. I considered doing the same, I have a BB clone of my 1911. I suspect I'd scare the heck out of the neighbors. Keep us posted on the backyard drills, I'd like to know how well they work out for you. Good luck!
  13. Alright, thanks for the help folks! I guess the biggest decision now is which forum sponsor to buy from, LOL
  14. I had been looking at those and passed up on them thinking the hanger was a no-no in Single Stack. Can they be configured to meet the "front strap at or above the top of the belt" restriction? •Suitable for everyday use. "Race gun" type holster prohibited. •Must carry pistol so that the entire front strap (to the trigger guard) is at or above the top of the belt. Female shooters must carry the pistol no lower than the heel of the butt at the top of the belt.
  15. 3/22 - rest day for now. Did some white wall DF drill 3/23 - short run, worked on sprints and direction changes. thighs finally feel better, knees are improving. Lift #2