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  1. I was thinking the same thing about the shadow 2 in 40 would be great for limited major. Would a TS upper from CZC fit a shadow 2 with some minor mods?
  2. Does any body know when we could expect the new stock 1 in the US?
  3. What is the weight of the slide no barrel on the limited and the stock 3?
  4. I noticed replacement barrels are alot cheaper for the stock 3 too. Thats good for long term cost. Am I not realistic in hoping I can get at least 100k out of a tanfoglio? I know certain parts will have to be replaced many times.
  5. bpipe95 Both of yours in .40 cal? What is your definition by a touch more accurate? At what distance? How many rounds do you think you have through each of them?
  6. 01Deuce How is the barrel fit compared to your limited? How is the accuracy between your stock 3 and limited?
  7. I'm interested in buying a Stock 3 40 s&w 600590 I would buy it from oak hill guns On oak hills website they claim it has a bull barrel is this true? I called them and they said the same thing but the person I was talking to did not seem to know that much about the product. I asked if the barrel was the same as the limited and they said yes. I know the stock 3 9mm comes with a straight barrel. Did they change the barrels this year?
  8. So a .40 slide will work with a 9mm barrel? A 9mm slide wont work with .40 barrel? I would have no problem tuning extractors.
  9. What does it take to make a Stock 3 9mm shoot 40s&w? Is switching calibers as easy as swapping the barrel, extractor, mag, and recoil spring? Is the 9mm and 40s&w breach face the same on tanfoglio slides?
  10. Does it fit the new 2017 ccp box dimensions? The magwell looks like it helps extend the grip too. Thats the one down side for me with the CZ compact is the tiny frame or at least with my big meat hooks of hands. So much for ordering one from czc they are out of stock. Anybody have a old beat up one they would like to sell? Thanks for the pics!!
  11. How about Springer precision magwells? I did install a czc sa trigger. What are you using for mags and basepads with you magwell? Are you using a larger safety?
  12. Has anyone found a mag well for a CZ 75 compact? Is it possible to modify one to fit? I shoot this gun for IDPA CCP division
  13. I was just thinking that your 4 hr bake was a pro secret. What brand and model air brush do you use?
  14. What grit and material did you use for sand blasting? PSI? I'm going to be doing my rock island. Why did you bake at 200 degrees for 4 hours instead of 300 for 1 hour or 250 for 2 hours? Did you use h series or the new elite series? Looks great by the way!
  15. I installed a czc flat trigger and hammer in mine. The hammer made a huge difference in SA. CGW has a hammer that is great also. The stock hammer has taller hooks. If you keep the stock hammer you will need to remove the DA disconnector. Or simply not install it on the new hammer. Removing the FPB will allow you to get a shorter reset close to 1911 territory. Polish the trigger bar too. I would get a CGW trigger pin and reduced trigger spring also