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  1. I'll take a look at the ed brown again. Thanks!
  2. Does any body know if a Tactical sport 40 s&w slide work on the new Shadow 2?
  3. Does any of you have any sources for the act mags? gregcote is still out of stock
  4. Any idea when the new stock 1 will hit the us?
  5. I know I need a 9mm slide stop. I guess what I'm looking for is one that has the most meat on the bottom and side were it engages the follower. This way I can file and fit it.
  6. I only have one mag that will lock back the slide 95% of the time and that one has at least 6k through it. The other mags are 1-2k and some are under 500. Its not the springs. I also tried swapping springs and followers but same issues. I know the slide lock was not 100% reliable even when new. The mag release has under 10k on it and is a dawson extended. The mag release spring has been replaced also. I have also noticed in the right conditions the follower will miss the stop and hold the mag in. This happened too many times at Indoor Nationals. I know the parts on these Springfields are not high Quality but I bought it because of the Forged frame and slide.
  7. I'm starting to have problems with my slide stop. It wont lock back the slide all the time. Its a Springfield Range Officer 9mm stainless. I have been trying different Mags but came to the conclusion that the slide stop must be worn out. I do have over 12k rounds through the gun. What is the best slide stops that you guys recommend? Do some brands have more of a lip to catch the mag follower? I need 100% lock back reliability because it is my main IDPA gun and we all know the dreaded rules they have. Thanks
  8. Run your finger nail or a knife across the bottom of your feed lips to feel for burrs or roughness. All my mags had at least a burr or was rough so much so that they would scratch the brass. I guess if your concerned about polishing just use a stone or 200-300 grit sandpaper. Some 1200 grit sandpaper would leave you with a smooth but not polished surface. I have not had problems with the round sliding forward enough to cause the mag to drop free.
  9. You may want to try and reduce your front feed lip to .354 on one mag. Your rounds may have to much angle and causing your FTE pressure problems. It helps a lot if you polish the bottom of the feed lips.
  10. The Mec-gar mags are slightly shorter. I can get 19 in reliably for reloads and 20 on the oem mag. When you load the Mec-gar mags tap the back and bottom every 5 rounds to take care of the shaker problem. The spring catches in the space between the dawson base and mag. I'm using modified Mec-gar followers and trimmed wolf xtra power springs.
  11. What ever you get for parts just make sure that they are hardened barstock. Case hardened is useless. EGW makes great long lasting parts. I have also had good luck with Dawson parts too.
  12. Atlas gun works has a great video on you tube for tuning sti mags. I was also having problems with the slide not going fully into battery on the first few rounds with 19-20 in the mag all because of the mag feed lips. I used a reverse snap ring pliers to open up the front feed lips. Take your time with it. My Mec-Gar mags are tuned to .366-.368 for the rear and .371-.372 for the front. OEM mag is tuned to .346-.347 rear and .355-.356 front Lightly Stone and polish the bottom of the feed lips. Note that Mec-gar mags have longer feed lips than the original mag. Mec-gar mags say MG p16 .40 and the original mag says 40 SW made in italy
  13. I had FTF problems on mine. Do yourself a favor and replace the extractor and the ejector. The factory parts are cheap cast steel. The slides have a standard hole for the series 70 extractor. I also have a Para p-18 that has the oversize extractor hole. Oh I forgot to mention they suck! I used sti specs for tuning the feed lips on my mags. My Mec-gar mags took the most work.
  14. I was thinking the same thing about the shadow 2 in 40 would be great for limited major. Would a TS upper from CZC fit a shadow 2 with some minor mods?
  15. Does any body know when we could expect the new stock 1 in the US?