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  1. Ill just use the same brand for frame and slide. Has any one used the STI frame and slide that i mentioned above? Whats the deal with JEM guns High Capacity Modular Government? I did not see any pictures of it on their site. Is it a para/caspian style double stack? For my 2011 build I will go with the standard sti grip that I will stipple.I would like to go with a steel grip but I cant justify the cost of them at the moment.
  2. My bad I meant speed shooters international
  3. I was originally looking at a sti 5.0 edge frame that shooters connection international has. They also have the sti unique slide with sight cuts and serrations. I emailed ck arms today about a stainless slide. I'm not sure if fitting will be a problem mixing brands.
  4. I'm in the process of finding parts for a 2011 build and it will be used for uspsa limited division. I'm going with 40 s&w in 5" What are the best 2011 frames available? What are the best unique cut slides? I will probably be going with a KKM bull barrel. I will be doing oven cure cerakote finish on it. This will be my first full build.