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  1. That makes perfect sense, and I guess that was going out of the realm I was even thinking. In your context there, I completely agree.. thoe ladies weren't ready or able to compete. So maybe new people who are absolutely familiar with their chosen weapon may fall into the ready to compete, but may not be able to compete due to skill level. But again, I guess that's why there's the class structure. So, in my mind.. ready to compete is ; a solid understanding of the rules, and procedures, and given weapon. Where able to compete falls into having a chance to win your class. So a new person who is ready would be fine..and as I see it, wouldn't be a bad deal to go somewhere to see what it takes to shoot at a high level beyond a local club match. It could be an eye opener as to how to reset a goal structure.
  2. I'm still crazy green... and this was the course I took I went out to a match and watched. Introduced myself to a few people and they quickly set out to give me the "ins & out" of rules and etiquette (pasting, scoring, teardown) and I listened and took part. So when I showed up at the next match to shoot, I felt much better about the whole understanding of the process, I still let the folks know that this was my first match to shoot and people seemed very understanding. Would it be the same at a level 2? Is a shooter expected to know the process??
  3. This is true.. and thank you! Really, I was basically walking between shooting positions. Maybe a light trot.. I was FAR more concerned with being safe.. muzzle awareness in relation to me, the 180, and finger off the trigger to really try and build a head of steam between shooting spots.
  4. Memphis- Thanks for the guideline!! It's something to shoot for and also improve upon. Honestly, and this may sound bad, I'm a bit shocked I didn't have more misses and deltas.. lol But I don't know if it's just me.. it seemed like time slowed down a bit as I was shooting. I would dare say I could call a shot.. but I thought to myself "trigger pull" after sending a couple misses at a mini popper or two. I could kind of tell in my haste that I was pulling left.. I readjusted my finger on the trigger and *ting* down it went. I think I'm still a bit on a post match high... lol
  5. I finished 71st out of 99 and there were 6 DQ's. Now that I can sort.. I was # 23 out of 35 shooting limited, and #8 out of 18 shooting limited minor. Not bad considering zeroing my start.. and I think stage 1 is being thrown out.. it was kind of funky, and unclear about what the 180 was.
  6. 1 - Stage 1 20 43.38 58.5642 99 2.4918 39.73 Limited U MINOR PENDING 14 0 8 5 0 0 0 2 - It's Not Bra 19 0.00 0.0000 3 0.0000 7.39 Limited U MINOR PENDING 0 0 1 0 5 0 0 3 - Stage 3 23 49.01 71.0624 137 2.7953 49.01 Limited U MINOR PENDING 26 0 2 1 0 0 0 4 - Stage 4 23 50.86 73.7440 131 3.0380 43.12 Limited U MINOR PENDING 22 0 7 0 0 0 0 5 - Stage 5 23 39.07 62.5079 150 2.6610 56.37 Limited U MINOR PENDING 27 0 5 0 0 0 0
  7. They were using Practiscore. So would it then be a matter of looking the club up? All the scores were being tallied on nooks...
  8. I'm in NoVA.. I'm actually about 10 min away from Quantico. I just joined the club there and it loks like there's at least 2 matches a month. Steel Challenge, and USPSA, there's also multi-gun which is what started this whole thing for me.. A Navy buddy said he wanted to start doing that.. and I thought.. sure why not?! lol It was Hi-Power jack I believe that mention starting on the pistols.. thanks Jack!! I'm digging it for sure!! As of now.. I'm not reloading.. but I think that's going to have to change in pretty short order. I think I'm going to buy a couple thousand rounds and work through that, then hopefully I'll figure out more weights and things. Maybe get a 40cal upper and shoot limited major?? It's all still very new.. but sinc eI have access and matches almost within walking distance.. I see things progressing quickly.. lol
  9. Very excited actually... There's another match closer to me tomorrow that I was passing up because I was going to go to the track with my buddy and help him with his car.. but the weather isn't looking great... so he called it.. and I looked at getting in another match! lol I looked and it seems that it's full... whammy..
  10. I can't get a damn pic to load..
  11. So, it was roughly 40 degrees, kind of damp as it had rained the night before and below is what greeted me as my 1st ever stage in USPSA.. Results are in the title.. lol At least I didn't hit a no shoot! lol To my defense a bit.. I was told it was a tough on in general to start with.. So being cold and full of nerves.. I didn't hit crap!! lol The rest of the day went well, I guess.. After a stage I don't think could have been any worse. I calmed down.. the day warmed up, and I think all things considered I did ok. I surprises a coupld folks when I told them it was my first ever match. From one gentleman, I got a "REALLY?!?!? I thought you've been doing this for a couple years! You're doing really well!" Which he very well may have been saying that.. lol But I was kind of hyper aware of a couple things.. 1: Not trying to push and over speed 2: That even in doing #1I wasn't holding up the flow of the squad. Needless to say I had a great time.. didn't get DQ'd, and got to play all day. I will be continuing down this path for sure! One thing... I have zero idea of what my score is.. How do I go about looking that? I know it's not all that important right now.. but I'd still like to see how things shook out. It is a benchmark. http://
  12. limited minor it is.. makes it easy. finished up some dry fire stuff.. some reloads. .. now it's time to get ready for a day of fun.
  13. As I sit here and kind of going over my gear, chamber checking the rounds for tomorrow. I am ready to have a good time punching holes in targets. I do have a question.. It's division.. I have a glock 34 for now. I do have a mag well for it, but beyond that it's stock. Would it make more sense to leave it on there.. and load up the mags and shoot limited minor. OR just take the magwell off.. load up 10 per mag and shoot production? I have no delusion that this will be nothing more than going out and getting a feel for the process. But I've been told that going limited will take some of the dynamics out of it be being able to load to max capacity and just go for it and not worry too much about reloads. Since this is just a exercise, and test to see how things go.. why not work the reloads in "game conditions"?
  14. That MEME is hilarious!!!
  15. And done...