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  1. Does anyone use accurate #5 to make 9mm major with a 124gn bullet? I have access to purchasing 5 or so lbs and want to know if its worthwhile. I could only find one thread on here that shows that its been done and they liked it but wanting to hear other opinions.
  2. Does anyone know if there's a 2011 that is acceptable for carry optics division? Currently building a 5" 2011 with a bull barrel and wanted to try something different Ill have it cut for an optic so that's not a problem. Wanting something slide mounted.
  3. Where can I find 11/16 X 40 government .355 chamber bull barrels at besides KKM?
  4. Mine died on me as well but I got a replacement from vortex, should have gone with a railway from the beginning
  5. no sorry, using it on an ar-9
  6. had an rts-2, swapped it our for a vortex venom after it died a month into its life
  7. how did that happen...
  8. my vote is limited,
  9. only in certain spots on the wall in the garage, I use the velcro to move different targets in the same spot over and over
  10. I have the same app, absolutely love it
  11. has anyone paired up a SIRT pistol with a computer to make a little course at home? Saw something similar at shot show this year and thought it was interesting
  12. do you have access to tools that will allow you to make your own?
  13. I use 3m velcro, easy to take on and off
  14. I get the same thing because of my astigmatism
  15. I use a tokyo marui 5.1 hicapa with aip light weight blow back unit, runs great and is much more gas efficient. s